Wednesday, February 27, 2013

News On Undertaker Vs CM Punk At WrestleMania

According to PWInsider, The Undertaker's television return is imminent and could take place as soon as Monday's "Old School" RAW.

The long-rumored Undertaker vs. CM Punk match at WrestleMania will in fact be taking place. The match was confirmed about a week ago, when the Undertaker told WWE he'll be physically ready to compete on April 7th.

Now, WWE's creative team is rushing to fast-track the feud with just over 5 weeks until the pay-per-view. One big issue with Punk's match against The Undertaker is that he's now lost 3 high profile matches - against The Rock at the Royal Rumble & Elimination Chamber and against John Cena on Monday's RAW. Punk remains one of WWE's top draws, but there is concern that another big loss could affect his perception with fans
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News On Who Might Induct Who Into WWE Hall Of Fame


There are plans to have 1-2 more inductees for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class. Ivan Koloff and Kamala's names have been discussed. The company has reached out to at least Kamala about being inducted.

Bruno Sammartino's induction will headline the ceremony. The company hopes to have Arnold Schwarzenegger induct him, something Bruno intends to talk to Arnold about when he is inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame during the Arnold Classic.

In regards to the other scheduled inductees, it's expected that Terry Funk and/or Jim Ross (possibly both) will induct Mick Foley. The company is considering Maria Menounos for Bob Backlund as the two are friends and obviously, WWE would love for the celebrity rub. Sgt. Slaughter's name has also been brought up for Backlund as has, interestingly enough, Roddy Piper.

In speaking around to those in the company, it was believed Donald Trump would most likely be inducted by a member of his family, possibly Ivanka Trump.

There's no word on Trish Stratus' inductor yet, although Lita and/or Dave Finley would make the most sense. They could also go with Edge as they are both from Toronto and were trained by Ron Hutchison at the same school.

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WWE Explains How Social Media Will Work On Taped Smackdown

WWE released the following.


NEW YORK -- February 27, 2013 – Syfy and WWE (NYSE:WWE) today announced Social Media Smackdown, a live social media event which, for the first time ever, will include live social media content, interactive fan polls, WWE Superstar and Diva tweets, Touts and more. WWE announcers Jerry “The King” Lawler, Michael Cole and Josh Matthews will provide live commentary throughout the night, which airs on Syfy Friday, March 1 at 8PM (ET/PT).

The Friday night special will feature WWE’s biggest Superstars and Divas, including World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio®, Randy Orton®, Big Show®, Daniel Bryan®, Kaitlyn™ and Sheamus®.

Smackdown is the second longest-running, weekly episodic program in U.S. primetime TV history, behind only Monday Night Raw.
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News On WWE Using Managers

According to PWInsider, the idea to bring in Dutch Mantel as Zeb Colter came from Vince McMahon and the WWE writing team. There has been a feeling that some guys just can't talk to get themselves over and need managers who can talk for them. This was discussed a few months ago and at the time, Dutch and Jim Mitchell were brought up in WWE creative meetings. Dutch ended up being brought in for Jack Swagger and it's said that Mitchell still could be used in the future.
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Update On Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio has been taken off previously advertised appearances on RAW events leading up to WrestleMania. CM Punk, who was scheduled to wrestle Mysterio, will now be wrestling either Kofi Kingston or The Miz.  As reported before, Rey has been off dealing with a family situation.
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*Spoiler* Results For WWE Smackdown 3/1/13



Alberto Del Rio beat Damien Sandow.  Again, of course.

Jim Ross is hear and will interview Zeb and Swagger later.

Daniel Bryan and Kane have a rematch with the PTP tonight.  This time Bryan has one hand tied behind his back.  Kane is going to be blindfolded.  They are arguing.

Antonio Cesaro beat The Miz 2-1 in a best of three falls match. Miz was not happy.

Randy Orton will face The Big Show later.  Sheamus said he has his back.

JR brought out Swagger and Zeb.  JR talked about their Oklahoma roots and JR recruiting him out of college.  Swagger said OU had no heart.  Ross asked Swagger what happened to him and Zeb stepped up and did an anti immigrant rant.  They said Alberto isn't American and needs to leave.  It led to Swagger taking a swipe at JR, which led to Alberto coming out.  Swagger said JR isn't a real American and left.

Next up was the tag match. Bryan put a goat face on Kane's mask.  The story was that Kane had the win for the team but tagged in Bryan and Bryan then lost.  After the match Kane took off the mask and saw the goat face and hit Bryan.  He then left.

Sin Cara beat Heath Slater (who was with Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre).

Fandango did a promo saying he is trained in the art of the dance, or something like that.  Matt Striker said his name wrong so he will debut when Striker can say it correctly.

Randy Orton beat The Big Show after The Shield ran in and attacked Orton.  Show didn't want their help and KO'd Roman.  After the match, Sheamus came in and kicked Show.
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