Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MVP Done With New Japan- Open To Returning To WWE or TNA

MVP tweeted the following:

I would like to thank New Japan for allowing me to realize a dream! I LOVE Japan & will forever be grateful! I left on good terms as always."

“I WILL return to wrestling eventually. The door is open for a return to WWE, NJPW & even TNA. However my focus now is developing my TV show
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Vince McMahon Upset With Punk/Cena For Piledrive Useage

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Vince McMahon reportedly "blew a gasket" backstage at RAW last night during the CM Punk vs. John Cena main event. Word is that Vince got upset when Punk hit Cena with a piledriver, which is a banned move when done the way Punk did it. Vince was upset with Cena and Punk but because it was them, there will likely be no serious punishment.
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Darren Young Wrestles Despite Internet Reports Of Injury

It was reported last week that Darren Young would be missing ring time due to injury but he wrestled last night on Raw. Young then tweeted out

#DYoung out of action? #aintnobodygottimeforthat @WWE #RAW #millionsofdollars.
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