Monday, February 18, 2013

Photo: The Rock Debuts New WWE Title

On WWE Raw, The Rock announced that he would be replacing the current spinner belt with a new belt. The belt has a giant W on the front with brahma bull side plates.

 Below is a picture of the new WWE title.

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R-Truth returns to WWE

As seen earlier tonight on Raw, R-Truth made his return by helping out Kofi Kingston as he was being attacked by Damien Sandow. R-Truth has been out of action ever since last year's TLC PPV, when he suffered a nasty gash to his knee during the United States title match with Antonio Cesaro.
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Live results for WWE Raw 2/18/13

Tonight, the Road to Wrestlemania 29 truly begins, with 7 weeks until the big show. Expect a lot of fallout from last night's Elimination Chamber. Jack Swagger pursues his American Dream (no, not Dusty Rhodes) of claiming Alberto Del Rio's World Heavyweight Championship. Who will the Shield interfere with next and how will Ryback and Randy Orton recover from their losseslast night? Will Brock Lesnar appear or even Triple H? How will CM Punk react to losing his cance at the WWE title? And the build up starts to the Wrestlemania 28 rematch, as John Cena looks set to take on The Rock, this time for the WWE Title. Keep it here for ALL the info from tonight's Raw, live from Lafayette, LA.

Show starts with 'Previously on WWE... stuff happened'

John Cena makes his way to the ring. He says that after last night, we now have the beginnings of Wresltemania 29 taking shape, with theWWE and World Heavyweight Championship matches. Cue CM Punk making his way out, Paul Heyman alongside. Punk asks Cena if that what he wants, adding that he always takes the easy way out. He says that Rock beat him last night... after hitting the referee and Punk having him out for an 18-count. Punk then say that Cena has never beaten him. Cena says it's about Wrestlemania, not wins and losses. Punk begs to differ, saying that Cena got the easy way to a Wrestlemania match by winning the Royal Rumble. He's sick of seeing Cena vs. Rock again, and wants Cena to walk away from WWE, it seems.

He doesn't, but praises Punk's honesty, adding that he's not going to give away his chance. He says that Punk wants the WWE title and that he wants it as well. So he says that he'll put his title shot on the line tonight against CM Punk, the winner going to take on the Rock at Mania 29, adding that whoever wins deserves to go for the WWE title. Punk talks with Heyman and says that due to being screwed last night, the match is on his terms, so he wants to face him next week. Crowd isn't happy with this. Cena agrees to let the match happen next week, as he wants Punk to rest up and be ready to lose next week, cos the Champ Is Here. Nice opening promo.

Rock's having a WWE Tilte celebration party later.

Little insert for President's Day.

Matt Striker is backstage with Sheamus, discussing last night's loss to Shield. Ryback comes in and it looks as if the two guys are about to go at it. Chris Jericho stops them and says that The Shield is winning by destroying WWE, like the NWO and Nexus did, by making the WWE turn on itself. He says that he's wrestled only for WWE since 1999, and he'll only ever wrestle for them. He then says that they should take them out, so being in the good graces of Vickie apparently due to being resigned by her he'll set up for tonight The Shield vs. Ryback, Sheamus and Y2J. Jericho heads off and Ryback gets in Sheamus's face and says FEED ME SHIELD!

Sin Cara is in the ring now, he's going to be taking on Mark Henry.

Match 1 - Sin Cara vs. Mark Henry
Squash match. Henry wins with the World's Strongest Slam.

Post match, it looks as if Henry's going after Cara again, only for Great Khali's music to hit. Khali comes to the ring, but Henry leaves the ring, mocking Khali's dancing as he goes.

They replay last night's DQ in the Miz vs. Cesaro match. Up next, Cesaro defends his US title once again against The Miz, only this time, it's a no DQ match. I smell a title change. They also show a tweet from Vickie, saying the Shield vs. Jericho, Ryback & Sheamus is confirmed for tonight.

Another Fandango promo. Yawn.

Antonio Cesaro is in the ring, as is The Miz and they're showing a replay of Cesaro's attack on Miz on last week's Raw.

Match 2 - United States Championship - No Disqualification - The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro (c)
Decent match. Mis gets the win and the US Title with a Figure Four Leglock on Cesaro.
WINNER and NEW US Champion - The Miz

They replay Miz's win and then touch on Swagger's win in the Chamber last night. Swagger's state of the Union address will be later, but they show Zeb & Jack's views on immigration on Youtube. Nice vid putting their views over, even though I'm not a fan of the angle.

Next week, Cena vs Punk for a WWE title shot at Mania 29 and later tonight, Rock's title celebration.

More President's Day quotes.

Kane & Daniel Bryan backstage. Bryan was unhappy with Kane upper cutting him, so he set up a match with Swagger and doesn't want Kane to help. Kane says he might set up his own match then, without Bryan in his corner, saying that he doesn't like snakes. Randy Orton appears and asks him to clarify his comments. Kane says he stomps on the heads of snakes. Orton says in the past, he would be afraid of what Kane said, but now, after his anger management he sees him more like Barney the dinosaur. Bryan laughs, which Kane isn't happy with, looks back and Orton is gone.

Vickie backstage and Heyman walks in. She congratulates him on the failed stipulations for Punk. Vickie says she has big news, but will tell him when he goes to the ring. Heyman says he doesn't like surprises.

Dolph Ziggler is making his way to the ring, accompanied by AJ Lee and Big E Langston. He'll be taking on Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match next.

Back from break and Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio, both of whom make their way to the ring.

Match 3 - Dolph Ziggler (w/AJ Lee & Big E Langston) vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez)
Great match here, lots of back and forth action. Del Rio getting the win with the Cross Arm Breaker.
WINNER - Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Big E Langston attacks Del Rio. Ziggler then goes to cash in the briefacase, only for Ricardo to grab it and run off with it, pursued by Langston. AJ then picks up the briefcase, dropped on the ramp and gives it to Ziggler, which gives Del Rio long enough time to recover and knock Ziggler out with a kick. He then celebrates in the ring.

Rock Celebration is coming up later, as well as Randy Orton vs Kane.

Back from break and Wade Barrett is in the ring, showing everyone the trailer for Dead Man Down, coming out in the US theaters on March 8. Actually looks good, from the director of the Swedish Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Noomi Rapace, Terrence Howard, Dominic Cooper and Colin Farrell. Plus the trailer is using a cover of Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond. EPIC!

Seamus cuts him off on the video screen and says that Wade isn't the star, but before Barrett can reply, the time is over... why did Wade have to come to the ring?

Cole & Lawler playing with the WWE play figures that sponsored last night's PPV.

Brodus Clay, Tensai & the Funkadactyls are coming to the ring for a match, only when they get to the ring, their music is cut off by the entering Primo, Epico & Rosa.

Match 4 - Brodus Clay, Tensai & Naomi vs. Primo, Epico & Rosa Mendes
Quick match. Tensai getting the win for his team with his back splash on Epico.
WINNERS - Brodus Clay, Tensai & Naomi

Cue dancing in the ring.

Promo of the Wrestlemania 30 announcement for New Orleans. Set the date: April 6, 2014.

Swagger's state of the Union address is up next.

More President's Day quotes.

Swagger & Coulter are in the ring, Swagger proclaiming his victory as a victory for America. He then gets to the State of the Union address, except he isn't giving the address, it's Zeb Coulter... anyway, he says America needs to be fixed by stopping the illegal immigrants from defiling the USA. He then talks the World Heavyweight Championship match at Mania, obviously playing the 'immigrant' card with Del Rio. He says that Swagger will get the belt and America back at Mania. Cue Swagger repeatedly saying 'WE THE PEOPLE!!!'... Even Ryback has more of a vocabulary than that now...

Daniel Bryan's music cuts off his chanting though by making his way to the ring for their match, set to take place after the break.

Match 5 - Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Coulter) vs. Daniel Bryan
Very good match here. After injuring Bryan's knee, Swagger gets the win with The Patriot Act submission.
WINNER - Jack Swagger

Later tonight it's the Shield vs. Jericho, Sheamus & Ryback. Paul Heyman looks like he's heading to the ring next, so it looks like Vickie's announcent will be next as well.

48 days to Mania 29.

Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman are in the ring. Vickie is announcing that she will be having an assistant, who is... Brad Maddox. Maddox says this is his award for revealing Heyman's fraud. Heyman says that isn't a surprise, only to be cut off by Mr McMahon on the TitanTron. Heyman starts sucking up, but Heyman brushes it off. They then reply the clip from last week, where Heyman asks for anything to get the stipulations for Punk. McMahon then teases firing Paul Heyman, but says it's too good for him. Instead, next week, he'll be in the ring with his crutches with Paul Heyman, and they'll have a fight! Heyman looks stunned and petrified by this.

Up next it's Jericho, Ryback & Sheamus vs. The Shield.

A reminder now to register for the Wrestlemania Reading Challenge.

Recap of the opening with the set-up for Cena vs. Punk next week.

Jericho is making his way out first, followed by Sheamus and finally Ryback. The Shield then come to the ring through the crowd, as usual.

Match 6 - Chris Jericho, Sheamus & Ryback vs. The Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns)
Great match. Ambrose gets the win for his team as Ambrose pins Jericho after Rollins hits a knee to the head of Jericho, while he had Ambrose in the Walls Of Jericho. Sheamus and Ryback were taking care of the other Shield members outside, not realising what was going on in the ring.
WINNERS - The Shield

Next week, McMahon confronts Heyman and Cena vs. Punk for the WWE Title contenders role.

Later tonight, Rock's WWE Title Celebration party.

More quotes for President's Day. Nice job on all these clips by WWE.

Kofi Kingston is in the ring ready for a match, his opponent will be Damien Sandow. Sandow says he is a fan of President's day, saying that many members of his family have been advisors to US presidents, so he advises the fans to be quiet. Before the bell can ring though, Sandow just attacks Kofi. CUE R-TRUTH'S MUSIC!!! R-Truth runs in and makes the save for his tag team partner.

Cut to the same two stars from GI Joe who were at the Chamber PPV last night, talking with Josh Matthews before showing a GI Joe: Retaliation short trailer. It didn't work last night... so why would it work tonight, WWE? Anyway, Rock's celebration is coming later.

Another Fandango promo... really getting tired of these.

Cue Randy Orton's music and he makes his way down to the ring, it looks as if the match with Kane may be tonight's main event. Speaking of Kane, he's coming out next. So it's another Mania rematch here, with the two facing off last year at Mania 28.

Match 7 - Randy Orton vs. Kane
Daniel Bryan came to ringside, which distracted Kane, leading Orton to hit the RKO on Kane to get the win.
WINNER - Randy Orton

Up next, it's The Rock's Celebration Party!

The University Of Lafayette Louisiana marching band is on the stage and the ramp, with a grand opening to Rock's celebration event. Cue Rock's music (with accompaniment from the band's drums) and Rock makes his way down to the ring, as ever a big reaction from the crowd. It looks as if there's a plinth in the ring... new title design?

Rock gives his grand introduction as he does every week. Fans are pumped. He says it's 48 days until Wrestlemania 29, but it won't be with the currently designed belt. He says that when that belt was unveiled 8 years ago, some people thought it worked and others didn't. Rock feels that it should not look like a toy, nor should it spin. He hands it to the ring crew, saying to make sure it goes in the Hall of Fame. He says the title should represent the history of the belt and it's significance. He unveils it and it's the long teased design, with Brahma bulls on either side. A picture will be posted up later.

He then turns his attention to next week and who will be taking him on at Wrestlemania. He says that there's one guy he really wants to face at Mania, but Cena cuts him off before he can say the person's name. He stands on the stage, only to be hit by CM Punk with the old title belt. Punk then throws the spinner belt down and points to Rock and says 'I want that one' and walks off stage. Rock stands in the ring and Cena's on the ramp floor as we go off the air.

Very interesting end to this week's show, clearly acting as a build-up to next week's big Cena vs. Punk and McMahon vs. Heyman matches. Make sure you're back here next Monday to find out. Until then... ASHLEY OUT!!!