Monday, February 11, 2013

Identity Of Jack Swagger's Manager

The person who debuted tonight as Jack Swagger's manager was Dutch Mantel,a former TNA Booker, under the name Zeb Coulter.
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Live Results for WWE Raw 2/11/13

It's time for another LIVE Monday Night Raw recap, this week from Nashville and it's also the go-home show for WWE before heading to the Elimination Chamber. Rock is returning to be on the show live after being away last week, so expect to see more of a build between him and Punk. It also seems that Shield Vs. Sheamus, Ryback & Cena will be taking place in the Chamber now, so expect to see build up for that. Plus, will we see any more Hall Of Fame Inductees announced and could we be seeing a return of the Undertaker? Keep it here to find out...

As ever, we begin with a recap leading into tonight's show.

Paul Heyman is out to start, with a message saying that tonight will be the last night you see him. He says that for years, he's been pursuing his passions ahead of everything else. He says that he saw a great new talent 11 years ago and turned him into The Next Big Thing... Brock Lesnar. He then says that he also met the future of the WWE and the man who should still be WWE Champion, CM Punk. Heyman says that something bad is going to go down on not only him, but also on CM Punk. Punk needs to focus on being WWE Champ, and as Heyman has become so embroiled with Lesnar & the McMahons, he has offered his resignation from managing Punk. Heyman says his farewells and of course, the crowd is pleased.

CUE Cult Of Personality, and Punk makes his way to the ring. Punk asks him what he's doing. Heyman then explains with all the Shield, Brad Maddox and Lesnar issues. Punk says the people are inspired by him, but Heyman says 'Perseption is reality' and wants Punk to remember him as a friend, not a Martyr. Punk is hesitant, saying that the bad dream goes back to normal on Sunday when he gets his title back. Heyman is so  swayed by Punk's certainty that he reverses his resignation and they hug. Punk however has a weird looking smile on his face, kinda like a grimace as well. Could something be afoot in upcoming months? We shall wait and see...

Raw tells us now that Rock will be appearing later, but it looks like Mark Henry is heading to the ring next.

Back from break, and Great Khali is dancing in the ring with Natalya & Hornswoggle. Mark Henry makes his way out and they recap his return from last week, attacking Bryan, Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio, and his Chamber qualifying victory over Orton from Smackdown.

Match 1 - The Great Khali (w/Natalya & Hornswoggle) vs. Mark Henry
Quick squash match, Henry getting the win with the World's Strongest Slam.
WINNER - Mark Henry

Henry then pursues Hornswoggle and gives Hornswoggle the World's Strongest Slam as well. Friday's Smackdown will see Orton take on Mark Henry again.

Later tonight, Ryback, Sheamus & John Cena will be teaming up to take on 3MB in a 6-man tag match.

Back from break and Booker T and Teddy and discussing the Chamber, but are then approached by Chris Jericho. Jericho says that being a 6-time World Heavyweight Champ, he is deserving of being in the Chamber and Teddy agrees. Booker says that he needs to impress so asks him to take on a person who's already qualified for the Chamber, Daniel Bryan. Jericho then says that he'll beat Daniel Beard-an and he'll soon get a chance to become the '7 time, 7 time, 7 time' World Heavyweight Champ. CAN YOU DIG THAT... SUCKA!!!!!!!!! ... My God, I love Jericho.

Cut to Vicke Guerrero backstage, and Heyman is asking her to add a stipulation to the match. Mr McMahon then rings her and she puts him on speakerphone. Heyman starts to grovel to Vince, so Vince tells him to shut up and give him his proposal. Heyman asks for there to be a no DQ, no count-out clause to be added to the WWE Title match. Heyman says he's willing to do anything and McMahon says that paperwork needs to be put forward for it, before giving his approval to that and hangs up as Heyman tries to grovel further.

Daniel Bryan is out now, his match with Chris Jericho is up after the break.

Fandango Promo. This makes Tensai in lingerie look like Chris Jericho's light up jacket...

Speaking of Jerichio, he's now making his way down to the ring for his Chamber qualifying match.

Match 2 - Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho (If Jericho wins, he is entered into the Smackdown #1 contenders Elimination Chamber match)
Nasty looking bump may have happened as Bryan jumped from the ring to Jericho by the barrier. Anyway, a great match here, with some great submissions and reversals. Jericho eventually gets the win with a not-brilliant looking Codebraker. Jericho is in the Chamber match.

The Shield will be out later talking about their match on Sunday, but up next it's 6-man tag action as 3MB take on Sheamus, Ryback & John Cena.

Back from break and 3MB are in the ring already. Sheamus makes his way out first, followed by Ryback and finally, John Cena.

Match 3 - 3MB (Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal) vs. Sheamus, Ryback & John Cena
Quick little squash match. The Big three lift up 3MB for simultaneous White Noise, Shellshock & Attitude adjustments. Jinder was pinned by Cena for the win.
WINNERS - John Cena, Ryback & Sheamus

The guys then cut a face promo ahead of their match on Sunday against The Shield.

They now do a recap of Smackdown, with Del Rio taking the wheels off and covering Big show in orange paint. Cut to earlier tonight, and Alex Riley & Yoshi Tatsu are backstag