Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FWE's Jorge Santi Coming To Headlocks's Radio

This Thursday, I will be joined by FWE (Family Wrestling Entertainments)'s Jorge Santi for an interview to promote next week's "No Limits" iPPV. The card looks stacked & details on how to order it can be found at http://www.fwewrestling.com/show-schedule/viewevent/2-fwe-returns-to-ippv. The interview will be online Thursday evening/Friday morning
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Backstage News On Bruno Sammartino Going Into WWE Hall Of Fame


The deal to bring Bruno Sammartino into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame was locked in two weeks ago after Triple H traveled to Bruno's home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The contract was signed this past Friday, February 1st. There had been talk within WWE that the deal was done but sources close to Bruno wouldn't confirm it because he had not signed yet and they did not feel it was a done deal until he signed.

Bruno's deal with WWE is expected to be more than just the Hall of Fame induction as WWE wants to use him for commentary on DVD's, an appearance on TV and some other features. Bruno will likely be involved with the big 50th anniversary DVD that WWE has been planning.

Triple H is the one responsible for the deal. Bruno had turned Triple H's offer down before but word is that Triple H remained respectful but persistent. Triple H stayed in touch with Bruno over the phone and finally convinced him to change his mind. The negotiations went on altogether for about 7 months.
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News On Raw's Voting Last Night

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The WWE App fan voting on last night's RAW was legit. RAW was originally laid out for CM Punk vs. Randy Orton in the main event. Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio was already scheduled as they didn't have faith in Rey winning the fan vote.
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Complaints grow over Hart family wrestling event

Credit: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/story/2013/02/04/calgary-hart-family-stampede-wrestling.html

Professional wrestling is well known for its dramatic story lines, often filled with battles and betrayal.

But, it’s what happened behind the scenes at last month's Hart Legacy Wrestling show that's generating some controversy.

Complaints are mounting against the organizers of the Jan. 18 event at the Stampede Pavilion last month that drew a full house.

'The show tried super hard, they just don’t know what they're doing and they got nervous and scared and then everything sort of fell apart from there'
— Ted Hart, professional wrestler
During intermissions staff got some bad news.

“There was not going to be a pay at the end of the night,” said colour commentator Jeff Jackson.

He says envelopes are usually handed out after the show but weeks later he and a few others still haven't been paid.

"I think it’s pretty shady, I think it’s pretty dirty,” said Jackson.

An online pay-per-view never aired, costing organizers, tens of thousands in profit, and disappointing fans. As well, a hotel manager says he is out $3,200 for unpaid rooms.

Hart family
Ted Hart says he lent the family name, but others managed the money.

“If you want to tarnish the Hart name, I would think you'd have to say that it was done by the Harts. All we did was, there are two Harts involved, myself and Harry, and we both were great wrestlers on the show and really the rest of it didn't have anything to do with us.”

Hart says most of the staff have now been paid and said that from what he understands the hotel rooms were to be provided for free in exchange for advertising.

"The show tried super hard, they just don’t know what they're doing and they got nervous and scared and then everything sort of fell apart from there."

Hart said he wants to make it up to fans and staff at the next show planned for later this month.
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