Monday, February 4, 2013

Bruno Sammartino inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame

As seen earlier on tonight's Raw and as reported on many websites, including WWE's own site (including it's corporate site) and ESPN, Bruno Sammartino has been announced as the fourth inductee for the 2013 Class of the WWE Hall Of Fame. Widely expected never to happen due to various reasons, including Bruno's opinion of WWE's product over the last decade or so, Sammartino is the longest reigning WWE champion in the company's history, for 2803 days from May 17, 1963 until January 18, 1971, losing to Ivan Koloff. He won a second title on December 10, 1973, which he held for 1237 days until dropping the belt to Superstar Billy Graham on April 30, 1977.
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WWE talent makes his return to Raw tonight

As seen on tonight's Raw, Mark Henry made his return to WWE TV tonight, when he appeared after a match between Rey Mysterio & Daniel Bryan. Henry proceeded to attack Bryan and then attacked both Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara.
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Live Results for WWE Raw 2/4/13

So it's time for another Monday Night Raw, this week from Altanta GA. Tonight, expect to see the fallout from Brock Lesnar's F5 on Vince McMahon, Punk 'granting Rock a rematch' for the WWE Title in less than 2 weeks, Cena's pursuit of whoever the champion is, Ryback showcasing his power, and even Bruno Sammartino getting finally inducted into the Hall Of Fame (one thing I thought I would never see). Keep it here for all the latest news from the event.

As ever, we begin with a recap of last week trailing into tonight's actions.

CM Punk is making his way out, grabbing Justin Roberts, and gets him to announce him as 'the People's Champion'. He then says that he's had a week to look back on everything. He thinks that he didn't over react  last week as he was screwed by WWE and the belt is now on someone who doesn't know what it means to be a champion. People are asking him where did the hidden footage appear from, but he asks to those people whether he was actually present in that video, which he wasn't. He adds that if Heyman says that it wasn't him in the video last week, then he believes what Heyman has said. He says that Vince could have easily set things up last week to screw Punk out of the title. He then says that Vince deserved to have his hip broken, adding that Vince had hip surgery this week. He closes that he will get back what he deserves, the WWE Title, at Elimination Chamber.

Booker T makes his way out and says that he has been asked by Vickie Guerrero to decide CM Punk's fate tonight, but instead wants the WWE universe to decide. Given that it's the Road to Wrestlemania, he gives the choices of Punk's previous opponents, Rey Mysterio from Mania 26, Randy Orton from Mania 27 and Chris Jericho from Mania 28.

They now show people how to download the app... little baby steps... The voting will take place later tonight.

They then trail an Epic Announcement to be made later tonight. Bruno Sammartino is most likely it.

Ryback is now making his way out for match which will be coming up after the break.

During the break on the WWE app, Orton made his case to take on Punk tonight.

Ryback's opponent is... Antonio Cesaro... again...ugh. It'll probably be a good match, don't get me wrong, but do we need to have this match multiple times in only a few weeks?

Match 1 - Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro
Good match here to start tonight's action. Ryback gets the win with Shellshock.
WINNER - Ryback

They now do a reminder of the choices for Punk's opponent later.

Next, a recap of Cena's annoucement of his pursuit of the WWE Title and The Shield's dominance of him and the aiding Ryback & Sheamus. Next up, an 'in depth' look at The Shield.

During the break on the WWE app, Rey Mysterio made his case for taking on Punk later on tonight.

They now recap all the major actions to date of The Shield.

Cut to Cena backstage. Vickie appears saying that she's heard that Cena's going to call out The Shield tonight, adiing that she thinks that's suicide. Cena says that he may have won the Rumble, but before he gets to Wrestlemania, he wants to eliminate the Shield.

Another recap of Trish Stratus being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame from last week. They then remind us that later on, the Epic Announcement will be made, mentioning that you may have heard it on
ESPN... yep, it's Sammartino.

They then do another reminder for people to download the WWE app to vote on Punk's opponent later.

As with the other two guys, during the past commercial break, Jericho puts his case forward.

Santino is now making his way out for a match now. His opponent is going to be Jack Swagger. First time we've seen him on Raw in many, many months. Booker T has joined Cole & Lawler on commentary for this match.

Match 2 - Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger
Quick little match, Swagger getting the victory by making Santino submit to the Ankle Lock.
WINNER - Jack Swagger

Voting is now open for choosing Punk's opponent later.

62 days to Wreslemania 29 promo.

Back from break, and they're apparently still taking votes, the winner will be announced after the next match.

Alberto Del Rio is making his way out to the ring, obviously minus Ricardo Rodriguez after what Big Show did to him last week. They show a recap of this as well as last week's Raw. His opponent for tonight is going to be Cody Rhodes. Rhodes has a new t-shirt saying he's 'groomed for greatness'. Very nice... i'm ordering 4 immediately. During the match, they say to vote on did the app crash super bowl style?

Match 3 - Alberto Del Rio vs. Cody Rhodes
Good little match here, Del Rio getting the submission victory with the Cross Arm Breaker.
WINNER - Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio now cuts a nice face promo saying that he did look down on the crowd in the past, but now Del Rio realises that Big Show now looks down on them. Del Rio says that he fights for everyone that has daily fights, such as the people getting bullies. Big Show then appears on the TitanTron, apparently from a secure location. Del Rio says he's a coward for not being there in person. Show says he was trying to keep his anger from breaking out and finishing Del Rio. He says that he wants a match at Elimination Chamber for the belt. He then says that he shouldn't go looking for him as what he did to Ricardo is nothing compared to what will happen if he sees Del Rio.

The results are in and being announced, CM Punk's opponent will be... CHRIS JERICHO!!!

Coming up, it's Miz TV, with special guest Paul Heyman.

Smackdown recap, with the Sin Cara & Mysterio vs. Team Hell No match.

Team Hell No beackstage, looking to be on the verge of breaking up, their strained relationship becoming even more strained. Bryan says no matter what, don't get involved in his match tonight.

Rey Mysterio is now making his way to the ring. It looks as if he'll be taking on Bryan and that is confirmed as Bryan makes his way to the ring. Kane is not accompanying Bryan here.

Match 4 - Rey Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan
Very good match here. Bryan getting a sumission victory with the No Lock.
WINNER - Daniel Bryan

As Bryan celebrates his win, MARK HENRY'S MUSIC HITS!!! Bryan looks terrified. Henry slams him into the barrier, then goes into the ring and slams Mysterio to the mat. Sin Cara tries to help his partner, only to be met with a World's Strongest Slam from Henry. Henry then gives Mysterio another World's Strongest Slam, followed by a Vader bomb from the middle rope. Henry's clearly still heel then.

Later tonight, the WWE Active match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho.

Bryan is backstage, finds Kane and asks him where was he to help him when Henry appeared. Kane says he did what Bryan said because they were friends. Bryan asked if he meant that, and Kane replied Hell No!! and walked off with Bryan looking unhappy.

They now show a recap of last week with Paul Heyman's performance evaluation and the reappearance of Brock Lesnar and the attack on Vince McMahon. They add that Vince shattered his hip and required surgery on it this week.

Cut to Big Show via satellite, asking Booker T where the contract was. Room service then appears at the door with his dinner. Big Show apparently is hungry. The guy looks for a tip, and Big Show gives him one.

Sheamus is now making his way out for a match, he will be taking on Kane after the break.

Kane is now making his way to the ring for the Sheamus match.

Match 5 - Sheamus vs. Kane
Decent match here. Daniel Bryan caused a distraction for Kane, which led to Sheamus getting the win with the Brogue Kick.
WINNER - Sheamus

Later tonight, Cena will be calling out The Shield. But up next, it's Miz TV with special guest Paul Heyman.

Raw slam of the week now, and it's Lesnar's F5 on Vince McMahon.

Miz introduces his guest, but Heyman cuts him off, saying that he's here to prove he is still a good man of character. He then says that he was not aware of Brock's presence last week and tried to stop Lesnar from attacking Vince. Miz commends Heyman for being the most convincing liar that he's met. Heyman then says that Punk deserves to be WWE Champion after the screwjob last week. Miz says that he's changing the subject. Vickie then appears and says that the bickering needs to be stopped. She says that she brought Brock in last week, as she wanted a figure of controversy on the show in order to help her cause to become the permanent Raw GM. Heyman comforts her as she's getting emotional. Heyman asks for a moment of silence, but Vickie says they should pray.

Miz thinks that both of them are lying throught their teeth and says that both will be gone from the company soon. HERE COMES THE PAIN!!!! ... Brock Lesnar is now making his way to the ring. Miz and Lesnar go face to face and Lesnar attacks Miz and throws him out of the ring. He then proceeds to clear the furniture out the ring, only for Miz to attack him. Brock then F5's Miz, partially on one of the leather sofas left in the ring. If Lesnar keeps injuring people for real when he does stuff, he's gonna need a serious talking to, or else by Wrestlemania, they'll only be 15 people left on the roster.

Back from break, with a recap on Lesnar's attack on The Miz.

Randy Orton is making his way out now for a match, his opponent will be Wade Barrett. Before the match starts, they do a recap of Wade Barrett and Bo Dallas's feud from last week's Raw & Smackdown.

Match 6 - Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett
Decent, relatively short match, Orton getting the win with the RKO
WINNER - Randy Orton

Jericho vs, Punk is up next.

Fandango promo now. Yes, he's back it seems... dear GOD!!!

Jericho is making his way out now, looks like this will be tonight's main event. CM Punk is now making his way down to the ring.

Match 7 - Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk
Fantastic match here, full of great moments, including Jericho reversing a GTS into the Walls Of Jericho. Punk eventually managed to get the win with a successful GTS.

It's worth mentioning that CM Punk was being tended to by WWE medical staff after the match.

Now the announcement of Bruno Sammartino to be inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame. Well deserved and as I mentioned at the start, something I thought I would never see.

Cena calling out the Shield will be up soon.

Matt Striker interviews CM Punk backstage and says that he's pissed that Rock stole his belt and that he'll be getting it back at Elimination Chamber.

Recap of Rock's championship victory and all the media attention that it was getting.

Josh Matthews now interviewing Cena, asking why he's calling out The Shield alone. Cena says that it's all about making the impossible possible, he's sick of The Shield pushing everyone around. Tonight, he's gonna push back. Looks like that will be up next.

Big Show is chowing down his dinner. The contract arrives at his door and he signs it, but the guy keeps trying to tell Show something but Show stops him. He opens the door and Del Rio's there. They fight in the room and the corridor and Del Rio is beaten hard, but eventually comes out on top with thanks to a fire extinguisher to the gut. The lift door opens, Del Rio saying he's had too much Mexican food and exits via the lfit.

Brad Maddox is out, saying that he's innocent, he was manipulated by Heyman, so he provided the fottage for Vince last week. It looks as if he's trying to goad Cena out, but he then turns to call out The Shield himself. Shield come down and say that Brad deserves to be beaten down. They then process to enter the ring and take him down. Cena's music hits but doesn't appear on stage. He then appears from the crowd. Ryback's music hits and he appears from another position, Sheamus' music hits and he appears as well. They get to the barrier, only for the Shield to attempt to flee up the ramp, only to be cut off by everyone else who the Shield has interfered with over the past few months. They are forced to go back to the ring, where they are eventually set upon by Cena, Ryback & Sheamus. Shield then manage to escape back into the crowd and the three faces celebrate in the ring as Raw goes off the air.

Good show once again this week, with a fantastic match from Punk & Jericho and no real negative moments like the Tensai one from last week. Looking forward to next week, so make sure you're back here in 7 days to see what goes down next on the Road To Wrestlemania... until then, ASHLEY OUT
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