Monday, January 28, 2013

Trish Stratus to be inducted into Hall Of Fame

As announced earlier on tonight's Raw, Trish Stratus is the latest inductee to be part of the WWE's Hall Of Fame Class of 2013. Trish was votes Diva Of The Decade back at Raw's 10th anniversary in 2003 as well as being a 7-time WWE Women's Champion.
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Live results for WWE Raw 1/28/13

We are 24 hours removed from the Royal Rumble, so expect a lot of Royal Rumble fallout tonight in Las Vegas.

We're underway with Punk, who is as expected throwing his toys out of the pram. He's calling last night the Phoenix Screwjob, saying that he's the victim here. He says the fans are expecting a Rock party, but Punk says that he's here to crash the party.

Vince is out, saying that he has evidence to show later that implicates Punk and Heyman in league with the Shield. Heyman tries to explain what's happened, but Vince cuts him off and adds that he'll be giving him his performance report later on tonight, and Heyman could be fired tonight.

Randy Orton is out now for our first match, he's going to be taking on Antonio Cesaro once again, but this time, with the Raw Roulette stipulation of a Special Guest Referee, who is this time The Miz.

Match 1 - Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro (Special Guest Referee: The Miz)
Good opening match. Finish comes with Cesaro constantly attacking Orton in the corner. Miz pulls them apart which displeases Cesaro. However, when he finishes with the referee, Orton hits him with the RKO and gets the 3 count.
WINNER - Randy Orton

Miz is helping Cesaro to his feet, only for Miz to give Cesaro the Skull Crushing Finale before posing in the ring.

The wheel is spinning and it lands on... Make Me Laugh? And now we see Ryback. Vickie then says that he's got to make her laugh, only for him to terrify her by snorting in her face. He's heading out to the ring. I guess he's going to do the comedy (of some sorts) next.

The Prime Time Players are here now, as well as Matt Striker and yes, it's a joke contest. PTP's first joke is something to do with that 'Ain't Nobody Got Time For That' woman on Youtube. Ouch. Ryback then comes with his joke... What has 4 eyes, 20 fingers and is about to be unconscious? ... we need not a punchline here, but more of a clothesline... Darren Young runs for his life as Titus O'Neil gets beaten down. Striker is laughing hard and declares Ryback the winner. Ryback celebrates by giving the Shellshock to Matt Striker, which has the commentary team of Lawler, Cole & JBL laughing hard now.

Bob Backlund Hall Of Fame promo, again, as I said last week, long overdue.

Coming up, Rock will be out to celebrate his WWE title win from last night.

Back from break and the wheel is spinning and it's Player's Choice, with Vickie telling us that Wade Barrett can choose his opponent. Barrett is in the ring and due to what happened during last night's Royal Rumble match, he chosses Bo Dallas as his opponent, who comes out to what seems little crowd reaction. (Clearly Vegas doesn't watch NXT.)

Match 2 - Wade Barrett vs. Bo Dallas
Quick match here. Bo Dallas counters the Bullhammer into a a pinfall and gets an upset victory.
WINNER - Bo Dallas

Cody Rhodes is now spinning the wheel, this one with the WWE superstars on it and it lands on... John Cena. Looks like he'll be facing him next.

Back from break and Cody's in the ring. They now do a tale of the Tape for Cena and Fred Flinstone, given that Cena is now the face of Fruity Pebbles. Cena's out now, with the crowd tonight being seemingly supportive of him, vastly different to last night.

Match 3 - Cody Rhodes vs. John Cena
Quickly into the match, Cody grabs a mic and says it's a waste of his time and tries to leave. Cena stops him and gives him the '5 moves of Doom' culminating in the Attitude Adjustment.
WINNER - John Cena

Cena's got the mic now and speaks on his success from last night's Royal Rumble, adding that he needs to decide who's he is going to pursue at Wrestlemania. Now the crowd are booing Cena. Cena says that he has had to choose between CM Punk and The Rock. He says that CM Punk was the man to beat over the last year or so. He then turns to the Rock, with Cena talking about how last year's Wrestlemania match left a hanging shadow on his career with Rock getting the win, despite feeling that he was the better man. Unsuprisingly, Cena says that he's going to take on the WWE Champion, whoever it may be, at Wrestlemania.

Shield is now making their way from the crowd and attack Cena. Sheamus comes out and Ryback comes out soon after, but both get taken out by Shield. They then turn to Cena and give him the Triple powerbomb. All 3 of WWE's main guys are now laid out in or around the ring. The Shield are showing their dominance.

Coming up, The Rock will be out to celebrate his title victory and Vince will be giving Heyman his performance review.

Back from break, and they do a recap of The Shield's attack from a few minutes ago.

Spinning the wheel, and it lands on Lingerie Pillow Fight... and it's Tensai and Brodus Clay... Dear... God...  Tensai isn't happy and walks off, Vickie doesn't want to act stupid with performance reviews, so they spin a secondary wheel, which spins to the dance off. Brodus is happy, but made sure that Tensai isn't told of the change. Now THIS is quality Monday Night TV... sarcasm.

Royal Rumble Fanfest recap now.

Brodus Clay is out and his Dance Off with Tensai is up next.

Brodus and Tensai are out now and Tensai has lingerie over his ring gear... God... The Dance off starts with Brodus and then Tensai refuses to dance. Lawler then says what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and Brodus and Tensai do Gangnam Style and other dances. Cut to a backstage Ron Simmons, and it's another DAMN moment.

Del Rio's spinning the wheel now and it's a Bodyslam Challenge,