Sunday, January 27, 2013

John Cena wins the Royal Rumble

Earlier tonight, John Cena managed to win the 2013 Royal Rumble match, guaranteeing him a World Title match at Wrestlemania 29. Cena eliminated Ryback in order to be victorious, which means that he now joins Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels in having the honor of being 2-time Royal Rumble winners.
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New WWE Champion crowned at Royal Rumble

The WWE Championship is now in the hands of The Rock after defeating Punk for the belt at tonight's Royal Rumble PPV. The match originally ended in victory for CM Punk, with apparent assistance from The Shield when the lights were out. Vince McMahon then came out to strip CM Punk of the belt, only for Rock to ask for the match to be restarted instead, which Vince agreed to.
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Suprise returns at the Rumble

All suprise entrants will be put here.

For a possible Royal Rumble only return Chris Jericho returns
Santino Marella back from injury
Goldust returns tonight
Rey Mysterio returns
Godfather makes his return
Sin Cara returns from injury
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Live results from WWE's Royal Rumble

Stay tuned right here guys and gals for live results from WWE's Royal Rumble. Also don't forget to join us over at for a live chat during the PPV, and a live episode of Sunday Night Showdown.

PreShow match
Singles match for the US Title
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Miz
Winner: Antonio Cesaro via pinfall
Title: Antonio Cesaro retains

1st match World Heavyweight Championship, Last Man Standing match
Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio (c)
Winner: Alberto Del Rio via ref count.
Title: Alberto Del Rio retains
Note: Ricardo Rodriguez ductapes Big Shows feet to the ropes as ADR has Big Show in the cross armbreaker.

2nd match Tag Team Title match
Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes/Damien Sandow) vs Team Hell No (Kane/Daniel Bryan) (c)
Winner(s): Team Hell No (Kane/Daniel Bryan) via submission when Damien Sandow taps to the No Lock
Title: Team Hell No retains

3rd match Royal Rumble Match (I will try to keep up with entrants and elimenations)
1st Dolph Ziggler
2nd Chris Jericho
3rd Cody Rhodes
4th Kofi Kingston
5th Santino Marella
6th Drew McIntyre
7th Titus O'Neil
8th Goldust
9th David Otunga
10th Heath Slater
11th Sheamus
12th Tensai
13th Brodus Clay
14th Rey Mysterio
15th Darren Young
16th Bo Dallas
17th Godfather
18th Wade Barrett
19th John Cena
20th Damien Sandow
21th Daniel Bryan
22th Antonio Cesaro
23th Great Khali
24th Kane
25th Zach Ryder
26th Randy Orton
27th Jinder Mahal
28th Miz
29th Sin Cara
30th Ryback

1 Santino Marella (by Cody Rhodes)
2 Drew McIntyre (by Chris Jericho)
3 Titus O'Neil (by Sheamus)
4 David Otunga (by Sheamus)
5 Goldust (by Cody Rhodes)
6 Brodus Clay (by multiple people)
7 Tensai (by Kofi Kingston)
8 Darren Young (by Kofi Kingston)
9 Kofi Kingston (by Cody Rhodes)
10 Godfather (by Dolph Ziggler)
11 Heath Slater (by John Cena)
12 Cody Rhodes (by John Cena)
13 Rey Mysterio (by Wade Barrett)
14 Great Khali (by Kane)
15 Kane (by Daniel Bryan)
16 Daniel Bryan (by Antonio Cesaro, caught by Kane, and then dropped by Kane)
17 Zach Ryder (by Randy Orton)
18 Antonio Cesaro (by John Cena)
19 Jinder Mahal (by Miz)
20Wade Barrett (by Bo Dallas)
21 Bo Dallas (by Wade Barrett, who was already elimenated)
22 Damien Sandow (by Ryback)
23 Sin Cara (by Ryback)
24 Miz (by Ryback)
25 Chris Jericho (by Dolph Ziggler)
26 Randy Orton (by Ryback)
27 Dolph Ziggler (by Sheamus)
28 Sheamus (by Ryback)
29 Ryback (by John Cena)

Winner: John Cena elimenates Ryback to win the match.

4th match WWE Title match (If the SHIELD interfere, CM Punk will be stripped of the belt)
CM Punk vs The Rock
Winner: CM Punk via pinfall after the light went out and the Rock was found through the announcers table
Title:CM Punk retains

Vince McMahon comes out, and says that CM Punks reign as champion is over with. Punk is yelling that you couldn't see anything. Vince starts up saying that he is about to take the title, Rock pipes up says that the night will not end that way, and Vicne restarts