Monday, January 21, 2013

Live results for WWE Raw 1/21/13

Less than a week to go until the Royal Rumble, so expect things to get a little more heated tonight. Will Rock and Punk face-off again ahead of their WWE Title match? And already confirmed is a Beat The Clock challenge, with 6 of the Rumble competitors involved, with the winner getting an advantage for the 30-man match on Sunday by choosing their number. Keep it here to see what happens tonight live in San Jose!

They start with a Martin Luther King tribute for Martin Luther King day. Nice touch.

Vickie and Paul Heyman are out in the ring. Both are in the ring and are appalled by the comments that The Rock made against them at last week's Raw concert. They're recapping the Rock Concert now, with Vickie showing the one criticising Heyman and he, in return, showing the song criticising Vickie. Rock has been banned from entering the arena and if he does, he will be arrested. Rock is then at the security gate, unimpressed by this and says to the officers at the gate that they should let him through as it's what the people want. Vickie says that she won't budge... IF YA SMELLL, WHAT THE VICK... IS COOKIN! ... Yes, that happened, and it SERIOUSLY didn't work.

Coming up after the break, it's the first of the Beat The Clock matches, with Randy Orton set to take on Antonio Cesaro.

They now announce that John Cena will be addressing the WWE Universe later on tonight. I'm guessing this is about the Rumble, but we'll see.

Antonio Cesaro is already in the ring for the first Beat The Clock match. Randy Orton is now making his way out now. The man with the fastest time after all the Beat The Clock will be able to pick their own number.

Match 1 - Beat The Clock Challenge - Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton
Very good opening match. The finish came with both on the outside, Cesaro rolled Orton in the ring, Cesaro checked out his time and when he got in the ring, Orton hit his RKO and got the victory at 11:36.
WINNER: Randy Orton
TIME TO BEAT - 11:36

They now show the WWE Hall Of Fame promo for Mick Foley.

Now we're getting a nice little Shield promo here, showing their impact in the WWE over the last 2 months.

Big Show is now making his way out. They then show a recap of Show losing his title a few weeks back. Apparently Big Show will be getting his Last Man Standing rematch for the World Heavyweight Title on Sunday. His opponent tonight is Zack Ryder... oh dear Zack. And Brad Maddox is on commentary for this one.

Match 2 - Big Show vs. Zack Ryder
And before you could say 'Woo Woo Woo'... Big Show hits the Knockout punch and it's over.
WINNER - Big Show

Big Show says this is just a preview of things to come. Anyway, up next, it's Ryback set to take on Heath Slater.

Paul Heyman is backstage and is interrupted by Brad Maddox, filming for his web show. He says that he's willing to do ANYTHING to get his chance at fame. Paul Heyman this time seems to decide that Brad is worth taking a chance on, but after he's gone Heyman immediately gets his phone out... methinks somehing is afoot.

The Band are already in the ring, with Ryback coming out next.

Match 3 - Ryback vs. Heath Slater
Quick little match. Ryback gets the win with Shellshocked.
WINNER - Ryback

Ryback then cuts a promo, saying how he will be winning his first Rumble and going on to Wrestlemania.

Rock is still stuck backstage. The cops are now kind of wavering on letting him in, as one cop had to give up his night out with his family for tonight's Raw show. Vickie then shows up and tells the cops that they have to do what she says. She then turns to Rock and says that CM Punk will be addressing the crowd next, but Rock can be allowed in if he apologises to her. Rock refuses, as she's still looking horrible and Vickie leaves unhappy. Rock then says that he's got an idea to tell the officers as we cut to break.

Raw Roulette is now confirmed for next week's episode of Raw from Las Vegas.

CM Punk is out now cutting his promo. He says that he's out there so that he can make the WWE Title more prestigious and will make it even more so by beating the Rock at the Royal Rumble. He says that Rock chose to be on the side of the fans, whereas he chose the path of the champion. He says that you can call Rock many things, and he may even be the people's champion, but you can't call him THE champion and how that's not going to change in 6 days. The people don't matter, it's the Championship that matters. Fantastic promo there from Punk, my summation and words cannot do it justice.

Up later, Cena will be addressing the Universe regarding the Royal Rumble.

Back from break and Dolph Ziggler is coming out for his match in the Beat The Clock competition. As ever, he's accompanied by AJ Lee and Big E Langston. His opponent is going to be The Miz.

Match 4 - Beat The Clock Challenge (TIME TO BEAT - 11:36) - Dolph Ziggler (w/AJ Lee & Big E. Langston) vs. The Miz
Very good match here again. Miz puts on his botched Figure Four and AJ distracts the referee, while Langston pulls Ziggler to the ropes. Miz then goes for another finisher, only for Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag and get the win in 10:56. He's in the lead.
WINNER and NEW leader with 10:56 - Dolph Ziggler

They now mention about the Royal Rumble Fan Fest this Saturday with Lawler hosting a panel discussing the Montreal Screwjob with both Michaels and Bret Hart joining him. Up next, it's anger management graduation with Dr Shleby, Kane & Daniel Bryan.

Slam of the Week now, with the Kane & Bryan check up from last week.

The graduation ceremony is underway, Shelby brings out Team Hell No, all dressed in their gowns. They then disagree on who's going to talk, but they disagree. Dr Shelby then asks whether they should hug. Cue Cole & Lawler hugging and plenty of people in the crowd hugging.

WWE Rewind now, with Kaitlyn winning the Divas title and Eve quitting.

Alicia Fox is out now for a match and her opponent is Kaitlyn. Tamina is watching the match from backstage.

Match 5 - Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn gets the win here with a spear. Looks like she thinks she's Edge now.
WINNER - Kaitlyn

Punk & Heyman backstage and Heyman says that he wants to make a special message for the Rock dedicated to Punk. He thinks that, rather than being called a pipe bomb, this one should be called a 'Paul-bomb' The segment is up next.

Heyman is now cutting his shoot in the ring, Punk is in the skybox. Heyman says that Vince and the WWE wants anyone to be able to take the belt off Punk and that the flavour of the month is Rock.

IF YA SMELL!!!! Rock is in the arena, and it looks like he bought the ticket that the policeman had spare, so Vickie technically can't have him thrown out anymore. Rock says that Heyman should get out of the ring and Heyman agrees to get out, probably so he doesn't get a Rock Bottom. Rock then says that he knows Punk has held that belt for so long, but it doesn't change the fact that he'll win the title in 6 days. He channels a little Martin Luther King and says that his dream is to once again become the WWE Champion. Rock finshed his promo, another good one. The lights then go out and The Shield are attacking Rock and give him the team powerbomb. Punk then says that there's only room for one at the top of the mountain and that you need to make sacrifices to get there. Rock's bleeding from the mouth (looks to be from fake blood capsules as the red c