Monday, January 14, 2013

Eve Torres Quits WWE- Why She Left The Company

According to the WWE App and Matt Striker,following her defeat to Kaitlyn, Eve Torres quit WWE. It was reported earlier by PWInsider that Eve was leaving due to her contract being up and she decided not to renew her deal.
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New WWE Divas Champ

Tonight on the 20th Anniversary of Raw, Kaitlyn defeated Eve for the Diva's Championship.

She won with a spear.

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Live results for Raw 1/14/13 - 20th Anniversary Show

So it was 20 years ago today, that Sgt Pepper taught the band to play... oh wait, that's the Beatles... anyway...

Make sure you keep it here for all the goings on of tonight's live Raw from Houston, Texas, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Monday Night Raw show. Expect to see a list of faces both past and present appearing tonight, and possibly, with the Eve Torres rumors circling, a new champion?

We start with a montage of all the old Raw intros since 1993.

Vince McMahon is in the ring, going over some of the history and significance of Raw. He then setsup John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Steel Cage match and The Rock will be performing tonight. Vince then thanks the fans, but Big Show's music cuts him off. Show gets to the ring and says that the celebrations will have to wait, due to what happened on Friday. Vince is not impressed by his approach. Show wants to discuss the loss of his World Heavyweight Title to Alberto Del Rio from Smackdown and Vince shows the footage. Show says he wasn't prepared to be in a Last Man Standing match and he wants Del Rio to be stripped of the belt.

Del Rio's music hits and Ricardo, carrying something, introduces him. Del Rio says he's willing to let Big Show have his rematch tonight, but Big Show refuses and suggests the Royal Rumble PPV instead. Del Rio calls him a fat jackass in Mexican and Big Show is less than impressed. Ricardo's present for show is a bucket of confetti. Big Show then tries to attack them, but Del Rio sees him off and, with assistance from Ricardo, manages to even perform a HURACUNRANA on Big Show! Vince then announces Del Rio as the champion. Very good opening segment.

We then get a reminder of the Cena/Ziggler cage match and the Rock concert later on.

Classic Raw Moment now, this one being THE PRICE IS RAW

Wade Barrett is out in the ring now, looking like he's ready for a match. His opponent is going to be Randy Orton... looks like a very strong opening match tonight. They also remind us that Orton will be taking on Antonio Cesaro on Wednesday's Main Event.

Match 1 - Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
Good strong opening match here, Wade Barrett getting the victory with the Bullhammer finisher.
WINNER - Wade Barrett

Reminder of the Rock concert and the first inductee to be announced for the 2013 Class of the WWE Hall Of Fame later on.

Back from break and Eve is backstage. Booker T & Teddy turn up and after discussion with Vickie Guerrero, a special stipulation has been set. If Eve tries to be counted out or disqualified, the belt will be stripped from her.

Dr Shelby's now doing his 4-month evaluation with Kane & Daniel Bryan now. Bryan says Kane's a good dancer and Kane says Bryan wears women's clothing. He then calls Rhodes Scholars in to try to antagonise Team Hell No, but Rhodes & Sandow keep disagreeing with Shelby on his methods, causing Shelby to get angry... that's kinda ironic. Team Hell No take Rhodes Scholars out and all 3 chant Yes! in unison.

Cut to the arena and Kane is making his way out for a match against Damien Sandow that's coming after the break.

Back from break and Sandow is already in the ring. It looks as if both Bryan & Cody are in their partner's respective corners. They then also announce that Team Hell No will be defending their WWE Tag Team Titles against Team Rhodes Scholars at the Royal Rumble in 2 weeks.

Match 2 - Kane (w/Daniel Bryan) vs. Damien Sandow (w/Cody Rhodes)
Kane wins this match pretty quickly with a clothesline.

The first inductee for the 2013 WWE Hall Of Fame will be announced next.

We now get a reminder of the Big Show/Del Rio segment from earlier.

The first inductee is now coming out to speak and it's MICK FOLEY!!!

But before Foley can even address the crowd properly, The Shield's music hits and they appear from the crowd. Just as they enter the ring, FEED ME MORE strikes and Ryback sees them off, followed by Randy Orton & Sheamus assisting in taking out The Shield. They successfully see them off to the back. They then replay the action.

Ryback then says to Josh Matthews, who randomly appears, that he's unhappy with the Shield's action over the past few months and then... FEED ME SHIELD!!!

More Classic Raw now, with classic Gimmicks, showcasing the Goon, Duke The Dumpster Droese, Gillberg and Goldust amongst others. WILLIAM REGAL FTW!!!

After the break, it's the Divas Championship match with Eve defending against Kaitlyn, with Eve being stripped of the belt if she's DQ'd or counted out.

Back from break and Kaitlyn is already in the ring for the match, with Eve coming out last.

Match 3 - Divas Championship - Kaitlyn vs. Eve (c)
Decent match here. Eve threw Kaitlyn over the crowd barrier and tried to get Kaitlyn counted out, not being aware that Kaitlyn had already got back in the ring. Kaitlyn then spears Eve and gets the 3-count. NEW CHAMPION!!!
WINNER & NEW champion - Kaitlyn

The hometown girl celebrates with her family as they cut to the back, with Brodus Clay talking to Josh Matthews. Josh shows Punk's comments on Clay from last week and Clay is pissed by this. It looks as if that Clay & Punk are going one on one next.

Classic Raw Moment - Donald Trump facing of against Vince McMahon.

Apparently on the WWE app, Eve has just announced that she's quit the company after tonight's result. All I have to say is the best of luck to Eve in all her future endeavors.

Brodus Clay is coming out now, accompanied by the Funkadactyls. Punk is out next, as ever with Paul Heyman in tow carrying his belt.

Match 4 - Brodus Clay vs. CM Punk
Decent match here, Punk getting a submission victory with the Anaconda Vice.

Punk then gets on the mic, stating his facts compared to Rock's 'entertainment' later on. He then adds that at the Rumble, it'll be a fact that he will still be WWE Champion.

Another reminder for the Rock concert and the cage match coming later tonight.

More Classic Raw moments now, featuring the best moments featuring vehicles, including the beer truck, Zamboni and various limos being smashed.

Foley is backstage talking on the phone to his kids only for the Rock to appear. Rock & Sock are back in Houston!!!! Rock does a nice little promo here for Foley. Vickie then appears complaining about the noise... more irony. She leaves and Foley's miffed that Rock didn't rip on Eve, but Rock says to make sure he checks out the concert.

Shemus is now coming out, apparently for an over the top rope challenge match, which will be up next.

Back from break, and Sheamus's opponents are 3MB. This may be a 4-way match but their approaching it like a 3-on-1 handicap. I smell a Sheamus win here...

Match 5 - Over The Top Rope Challenge - Sheamus vs 3MB (Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal)
Jinder & Drew get eliminated and Heath is on the ropes, Sheamus on the outside apron, but gets attacked by Jinder & Drew and gets eliminated.
WINNERS - 3MB (apparently)

Their reward for winning, a celebration in the ring... followed by Brogue kicks to all of them.

Cena is backstage with Josh talking about his match tonight, but mainly about the 20 years of Raw. He says tonight he'll do to Ziggler what WWF did 10 years ago... GET THE F OUT!!!

The Miz is out and he's apparently got another episode of MizTV tonight. He then teases his guest as we head to break.... WOOOOOO!!!!!!! ... I think it's Gillberg... :p

Back from break, with a reminder of Foley, The Shield and the faces seeing off The Shield.

Miz TV is on now and he introduces his guest, Ric Flair... WHO KNEW??? :p

Mis asks him what his favourite Raw moment is and he says it was the Raw after his retirement in 2008, but Flair wants to focus on the future and how Ryback needs to take out The Shield. Miz & Flair then have some sort of a strut-off in the ring. Miz then intros a Classic Raw segment on some of the great guys on the mic over the years.

They then remeniss some more over the history of Raw until Antonio Cesaro interrupts them, saying that America is like Flair, being old and past it and how he earned $10m but lost $20m. Flair corrects him by saying it was $30m. Nice. Miz then tries to get Cesaro in a fight, but Cesaro tries to leave, only for Flair to give him a chest chop and then Miz puts on the Figure Four Leglock as Flair takes of his jacket and elbow drops it. Miz then pushes Cesaro out of the ring and Flair & Miz celebrate together.

Another Classic Raw moment now, Mike Tyson coming face to face with Stone Cold.

Daniel Bryan is coming out now, with Kane accompanying him, for a match. I'm guessing this is going to be the opposite of earlier on and so it is, as Cody is quickly checking on his moustache before his match at ringside.

Match 6 - Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes
Quick little match. Bryan gets the win with the Yes/No Lock
WINNER - Daniel Bryan

They now show the footage from the WWE App with Eve quitting.

Another recap for cage match and the Rock's concert later on.

Smackdown will be having a championship fiesta for Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown on Friday.

AJ & Big E. Langston backstage with AJ introducing some more classic moments, this time featuring weddings. Edge & Lita are mentioned first, then Triple H & Stephanie and then Langston introduces AJ & Bryan's failed wedding, when she was made GM. AJ is pissed by this blaming Cena once again. Ziggler then cuts a great promo regarding his match tonight.

Jim Ross is coming out!!! It looks as if he'll be joining JBL, Lawler & Cole on commentary for the main event match between Cena & Ziggler, which is up next.

Back from break and Ziggler is already in the ring. It's also worth noting that Cole is no longer on the announce table, JR has replaced him.

Match 7 - Steel Cage Match - Dolph Ziggler (w/AJ Lee & Big E Langston) vs. John Cena
Excellent match here. Early matcy of the year contender for 2013. Finish came with AJ climbing up the cage and Langston trying to use Ziggler's briefcase on Cena, only for Ziggler to kick the briefcase into Langston and then give the Attitude Adjustment to Ziggler to get the win. WOW! Catch this match if  you missed Raw this week.
WINNER - John Cena

AJ is clearly upset on top of the cage.

Next up, it's the Rock concert.

Rock is making his way out now, and it appears that Cole has rejoined the broadcast team.

Rock thinks back to his first appearance on Raw, saying how he looked like an escaped mental patient. They put the picture up to prove it. He then starts singing 'Heartbreak Hotel', dedicated to Paul Heyman... nice little tune here. Next up, Rock wants to sing a song, especially to Vickie Guerrero. Eric Clapton's classic... ' Horrible Tonight' LMAO... this is a great segment so far.

However, it looks as if business may be about to pick up, as Rock is now calling Punk out as he wants to speak with him man-to-man. Punk appears on stage and Rock gives him facts... for 421 days, no-one has stopped Punk, Paul Heyman has Twinkie Tits (apparently) and that in 13 days, he''l be Champion, not Punk.  Punk then runs down to ringside and Rock meets him and it's BREAKING DOWN!!! Officials and Security are trying to break the two guys apart now as Raw goes off the air. Excellent end to this week. To all those who doubted why Rock should be back, the past 2 weeks have shown it on the mic certainly. Hopefully we see him in a match before the Rumble.

Anyway, that's all for this recap. Make sure you're here next week for the Raw before the Royal Rumble, when no doubt more Rumble entrants will be revealed. Until then... ASHLEY OUT
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