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Live results from TNA's Genesis

Whatsup guys and gals, tonights the night for TNA's Genesis. Whats going to happen on first TNA ppv of the year, who knows. But stay tuned right here to find out. Also don't forget to join us over at for a live episode of Sunday Night Showdown and a live chat.

1st match Tag Team Title match
Team Sleaze (Joey Ryan/Matt Morgan) vs Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez
Winner(s): Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez via pinfall after Chavo hits the frog splash after Ryan got dropped from a massive powerbomb.
Title: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez retain
Note: Team Sleaze is of my own design.

2nd match Singles match
Ken Anderson vs Samoa Joe
Winner: Ken Anderson via pinfall after the distraction from Mike Knox

3rd match Singles match for a shot at the X-Division title later in the night
Christian York vs Kenny King
Winner: Christian York via pinfall with a quick rollup

4th match X-Division Title match
Rob Van Dam vs Christian York
Winner: Rob Van Dam via pinfall from the 5 Star Frog Splash
Title: Rob Van Dam retains

5th match Singles match
Joseph Park vs Dvon
Winner: Dvon via pinfall after hitting a rollup with the tights

6th match Knockouts Gauntlet match for number 1 contendership
Ms. Tessmacher vs Gail Kim
Result: Gail Kim via pinfall
Gail Kim vs ODB
Result: Gail Kim via pinfall
Gail Kim vs Mickie James
Result: Gail Kim via pinfall
Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky
Winner: Velvet Sky via pinfall
Velvet Sky gets a shot at the Knockouts title

7th match Singles match for Number 1 Contendership for the TNA Heavyweight title
Christopher Daniels vs James Storm
Winner: Christopher Daniels via pinfall with his feet on the ropes

8th match Singles match
DOC vs Sting
Winner: Sting via pinfall after the reverse ddt

9th match Triple Threat Elimenation match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title
Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries
Bobby Roode elimenated
Winner: Jeff Hardy via pinfall with the swanton bomb
Title: Jeff Hardy retains

Well that is TNA's Genesis. I will catch you guys for WWE's Royal Rumble.
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Edge Comment On Trent Baretta's Release,

Edge tweeted the following:

Disappointed to hear @trentylocks released. Über talented kid who'll land on his feet(he's agile)"

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Latest Name For WWE's Hall Of Fame

According to sources, the late Bam Bam Bigelow is being considered for induction into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.
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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact Wrestling's X-travaganza PPV 4/5/13

Match Number One:

James. X Division Xscape Match: Matt Bentley versus Alex Silva versus Sam Shaw versus Lince Dorado versus Puma versus Jimmy Rave versus Christian York

The match is an elimination match until the final two when it becomes the first to escape the cage.

Christian York wins the match by escaping the cage. The final two were Jimmy Rave and Christian York.

The order of elimination was:
1. Lince Dorado
2. Puma
3. Sam Shaw
4. Alex Silva
5. Matt Bentley

They announced that Samoa Joe will face Austin Aries on this show.

Match Number Two: Kid Kash and Douglas Williams versus Tony Nese and Rashad Cameron

Williams and Kash get the victory after Williams hit Chaos Theory on Nese.
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Match Number Three: Robbie E versus Chavo Guerrero

Before the match, Robbie says that he invented the X Division and is the greatest X Division champion of all time.

Chavo comes out and says that the X Division came from the Cruiserweight Division which came from lucha libre which was created by Gory Guerrero.

Chavo tells Robbie he has a guest referee and it is Joseph Park.

Chavo wins with a frog splash.

After the match, Robbie hits Joseph and the switch goes off and Park with a shoulder tackle to Robbie.

Match Number Four: Ultimate X Match featuring Zema Ion, Rubix, Kenny King, and Mason Andrews

Kenny King wins the match. Rubix grabbed the X from the cables but when he tried to get to the mat, he landed on King's shoulders. King took the X and hit an Electric Chair drop.

Before the match, it was announced that the winner had to have the X and have both feet on the mat.

Match Number Five: Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels versus Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams

Daniels and Kazarian get the victory after Kazarian hits Fade to Black and Daniels hits the BME on Dutt.

After the match Kazarian accidentally clotheslines Daniels when Dutt moves and Williams gives Kazarian the Canadian Destroyer.

Match Number Six:  Rob Van Dam versus Jerry Lynn in a No Disqualification Match

Rob Van Dam wins with a Five Star Frog Splash.  Before hitting the frog splash, Van Dam kicked Lynn off the top turnbuckle and through a table on the floor.

After the match Rob and Jerry hug and each man raises the other's hand.

The locker room comes out to the stage to salute Lynn.

Match Number Seven: Samoa Joe versus Austin Aries

Austin Aries wins the match after countering a muscle buster with a rollup

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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact Wrestling Joker's Wild 5/3/13

Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme are in the ring with a giant check and drum of 24 balls with the names of the participants in the tournament.

The winners go into a gauntlet with the winner earning $100,000.

Match Number One: James Storm and Christian York versus Gunner and Crimson

Storm and York win after Storm hits Gunner with Last Call.

After the match, Christy interviewed York and Storm. York reminded Storm it is every man for themselves in the gauntlet. Storm pointed out how much beer he can buy with $100,000.

Match Number Two: Jessie Godderz and Mr. Anderson versus Douglas Williams and Kid Kash

Anderson and Godderz win after some tension between the partners. Anderson gave Godderz a Mic Check and then pinned Kash with an inside cradle.

A lot of comedy in this match.

Match Number Three: Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe versus Chavo Guerrero and Rob Van Dam

Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels win after Joe gives Van Dam a muscle buster when he stops Van Dam from hitting a Five Star Frog Splash.

Match Number Four: Robbie E and Zema Ion versus Bobby Roode and Joseph Park

Park says that he is honored to team with a former World Champ and he suggests they be called Law and Order.

Roode hates the name and he tells Tons of Fun to sit in the corner and watch. He doesn't need Park's help

Park and Roode win when Park freaks out and takes care of Robbie and Ion. He 'goes back' to Joseph and Roode tags in and covers Ion for the win.

After the match, Park wants a hug but Roode refuses.

Match Number Five: Hernandez and Alex Silva versus Devon and D.O.C.

D.O.C. and Devon win after D.O.C. gives Silva a chokeslam.

 Match Number Six:  Robbie T and Matt Morgan versus Joey Ryan and Al Snow

Morgan and Ryan made sure not to face each other until Al Snow and Robbie T conspired to get Morgan and Ryan in the ring.  Ryan with feeble forearms and then Morgan with the Carbon Footprint for the three count.

The 12 men in the gauntlet are:

James Storm
Christian York
Jessie Godderz
Ken Anderson
Christopher Daniels
Samoa Joe
Bobby Roode
Joseph Park
Matt Morgan
Robbie T

Match Number Seven:  Joker's Wild Gauntlet

The six winning teams were in a gauntlet for $100,000.

Order of entry:
James Storm
Bobby Roode
Jessie Godderz
Christian York
Joseph Park
Ken Anderson
Christian Daniels
Samoa Joe
Robbie T
Matt Morgan

The last four were Roode, Devon, Storm, and Morgan.  Storm eliminated Morgan.   Mike Knox came out to help Devon and he pulled Roode through the middle ropes.  Storm eliminated Devon when interference backfired.  Roode tries to eliminate Storm but Storm skinned the cat and he hit a Codebreaker on Roode that sent him to the apron.  Storm eliminated Roode with the Last Call superkick.

Roode was presented the big check by Christy Hemme and So Cal Val.  Storm then went into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.
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