Thursday, January 10, 2013

News On New TNA Shows- 6 Sided Ring, ECW Themed Show & More

As noted earlier on, TNA will be doing a series of taped "One Night Only" PPV events airing the first Friday night of months they are not broadcasting live PPV events. has confirmed with multiple sources the themes for the taped PPVs will be....

TNA X-Travaganza, featuring the stars of the X-Division (airing in April, taping 1/13).

TNA Joker's Wild Tag Team Special, featuring enemies teaming and a Battle Royal final (airing in May, taping 1/13)

TNA Hardcore Justice 2 - ECW reunion style "hardcore" show.

TNA "10 Reunion" - Stars from the early days of TNA battling inside a Six-Sided ring.

TNA Knockouts Knockdown - One night Knockout tournament with the first round being all stipulation matches and the final four in a "test of their stamina" to see who the final victor is.

TNA International Incident - One night tournament featuring talent from " United States, India, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Japan & the UK" with the winner earning a TNA title shot.

TNA X-Division World Cup Tournament - four teams of X-Division wrestlers in a one night tournament featuring singles, tag, six man and eight man tag bouts.

TNA World Cup of Wrestling - Four teams, each captained by a TNA wrestler featuring a Heavyweight wrestler, a tag team and an X-Division wrestler battling in singles, tag and stipulation bouts. The finale will be a "two ring, triple chance Battle Royal."
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Tyson Kidd Injured- Out For A Year


WWE star Tyson Kidd (TJ Wilson), who was dubbed a "workhorse" by CM Punk on his promo this past Monday, will be out of action 10-12 months.

PWInsider is still working on details of exactly when this happened but Kidd suffered a fractured knee and a torn ACL over the holiday house show loop.
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TNA Cutting Down To Four PPV A Year

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING today announced a new worldwide Pay-Per-View programming initiative for 2013.  The 52 annual episodes of IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV will lead to four, live epic Pay-Per-View events commencing with “Genesis” on January 13th, “Lockdown” on March 10th, “Slammiversary” on June 9 and “Bound For Glory” on October 13th.
In addition, seven Pay-Per-View specials that will be branded as “TNA Wrestling: One Night Only,” series will debut in April 2013 and continue throughout the year during the additional months.  The 3-hour taped Pay-Per-View specials will premiere on the first Friday of each month.  The first two “One Night Only” specials will be “Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tournament” and “X-travaganza” which will feature the X-Division.
“The Pay-Per-View industry has changed so much in the last decade,” says TNA President Dixie Carter.  “The traditional pay-per-view wrestling model needed to evolve and we believe this strategy will positively impact not only the Pay-Per-View events but the weekly television programming as well.”

The company will continue to produce TNA Wrestling’s “Unfinished Business”, which are one-hour programs available on a Video on Demand (VOD) basis.  The monthly titles continue to focus on the history of a rivalry or a specific past PPV event.  These titles are available for two months at a time.
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WWE Has Wrestling Game Pulled From Google Play


Mobile gaming has definitely been one of the big stories of 2012 as smartphones became capable of handling so much more than just games like Angry Birds. We’ve seen ports of classic titles from the last generation such as the Grand Theft Auto games and even some Squaresoft Final Fantasy games on top of a bunch more. On top of this, we’ve seen innovative new games coming out and gaining popularity, one of those games was MDickie’s Wrestling Revolution for Android and iOS.

Wrestling Revolution was a classic 2D style wrestling game that came out over the summer and has since then grown into more than just weekly updated events with the matches laid out for players beforehand. The latest iteration was a monthly subscription model that featured a fully-realized career mode that is insanely addicting. Apparently over the weekend the WWE took notice to Wrestling Revolution popping up before any official WWE apps in the Google Play store and ordered it taken down. Mat Dickie, the game’s creator, is working on a solution for players, but it is slow-going thanks to the holiday season.
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Why Alberto Del Rio Won The World Title On Smackdown

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Alberto Del Rio won the World Heavyweight Title from Big Show this week because they want to shoot Del Rio up as the new Latin babyface Superstar since Rey Mysterio isn't around and Sin Cara has been categorized as a disappointment. Cara was actually ready to work this week and was not used.

The idea is that they will push Del Rio harder than Mysterio and Cara with the hopes of making a genuine Mexican draw out of him. This was actually the original idea when WWE signed Del Rio a few years ago.

The Last Man Standing stipulation was added to the match on SmackDown so Del Rio could survive tons of punishment before coming back to win the title.

There is talk that Del Rio's title win was originally planned for Monday's RAW but he wasn't there due to personal reasons so they moved it to Tuesday at the SmackDown tapings.

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Richie Steamboat To Be Called Up To Main Roster?

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Several people were under the impression that Ricky Steamboat's angle with Santino Marella and Wade Barrett on RAW was being done to introduce his son Richie Steamboat to the main roster. However, a source reported on Tuesday that they are talking about changing Richie's name before bringing him to the main roster. Richie may be finishing up his time in NXT soon.
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Latest On The Rock Winning The WWE Title

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter , there has been talks within WWE of having CM Punk retain the WWE title then having The Rock win the belt at the Elimination Chamber ppv.
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Talks Of Evolution Reunion On Raw

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE officials have discussed doing an Evolution reunion, possibly at the RAW 20th Anniversary show next week. With Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton already in the building, the main issue would be getting Batista to come back for one night.
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