Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Audio: Taeler Hendrix's First Post TNA Interview On Headlocks Radio

Taeler Hendrix ( @Taeler_Hendrix) was a guest on this week's "Headlock's Radio" hosted by Chris Kelly (@H2HCrelly) located at http://www.headlocks2headlines.com.

In her first interview since leaving TNA Wrestling, the former OVW Woman's champion spoke about leaving TNA. Taeler said she was really unhappy and added that  "alot of people" were also unhappy down in OVW.

Taeler said TNA originally sent her a re-sign papers but she felt that she wasnt getting a good experience so she was set to reject the deal before TNA informed her she was being released instead.

When asked if the  Gut Check concept is now a failure,  Taeler said " absolutely" citing  that it fails to publicizes OVW and with TNA changing the format to bracket system, TNA were putting wrestlers real names on into the public without asking most of them for permission. Taeler said the idea in the first place was a great idea as it brought in new faces to TNA and OVW but felt like TNA "dropped the ball" by releasing every person that won Gut