Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sin Cara To Miss TV Time?

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sin Cara could be taking time off soon to heal an aggravating knee injury.
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ROH Talent Granted Release

According to Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Shelton Benjamin was granted his release from ROH. He is reported to have requested this so that he could negotiate and potentially leave for WWE as they have contacted him. At the moment, he can still appear on ROH television but he is no longer under a contractual obligation to be there. Benjamin is expected back in WWE since he has gone as far as getting out of his ROH contract, many feel its just a matter of time.
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Live results for WWE Super Smackdown 12/18/12

So it's the day after the Raw after the PPV and that means Smackdown is live this week from Pittsbugh and it also means that it's live recap time! Already confirmed for tonight is another episode of MizTV featuring AJ and Dolph Ziggler. Will Big E. Langston also make an appearance tonight as well? And the main event is also set to be a good match as Ziggler teams up with Big Show to take on the team of John Cena & Sheamus. Also, will we be seeing any other surprise appearances as we did on last night's raw? Keep it here to find out!

They recap the events of TLC and Raw in the opening video.

We are underway and we're starting with MizTV. He introduces his guests AJ & Dolph Ziggler. Big E Langston is also with them. They recap the PPV and last night's Raw. Miz asks why and AJ says it's all because of Cena. She shows the clip where Cena kissed her and she thought it was true love but he was just playing with her. They then show when Vickie found those bows, AJ says she spent lots of time on them and he flat out denied them. Then she shows another clip when Cena asked AJ to stay backstage for his match against Big Show 2 weeks ago. She says it's beacuse he wanted her to be kept a secret. All that has caused AJ to have her heart broken, so that's why she helped Ziggler.

Miz mentions the 'crazy' word and Langston steps forward, Miz asks who he is and it seems like he's acting as some sort of security for AJ. Ziggler then expresses the fact that AJ isn't crazy, she's passionate adding that he stole the show and his girlfriend at the PPV last Sunday. Miz then says that they're a great couple and  she's had a string of poor choices of guys. Dolph then gives the nod to Langston and he attacks Miz and hits his finisher on him. AJ then simply says 'Show Off' to Miz and leaves.

Backstage now and Booker T & Teddy Long are there, Teddy asking Booker if he's willing to give someone an oppourtunity. And that person is... Brad Maddox. Oh god... anyway, Booker isn't happy given all the scandal that Brad's been involved in, but teddy says that everyone deserves a second chance. Booker agrees, but Brad won't find out who his opponent until later tonight. Brad thanks Teddy for the opportunity.

Damien Sandow is out now, looks like our first match is coming up. Cody's coming out with him. Sin Cara is his opponent and Rey's music hits as he's going to be in Cara's corner, but Rey doesn't appear. The match starts up without Rey in Cara's corner.

Match 1 - Damien Sandow (w/ Cody Rhodes) vs. Sin Cara
Sin Cara jumped to the outside onto Sandow & Cody, got back in the ring and The Shield interfered from the crowd, the ref distracted by Sandow. Sandow then hits Terminus on Cara and gets the win.
WINNER - Damien Sandow

After the match, The Shield continue to beat up and attack Sin Cara. Shield looking dominant. It looks as if Mysterio was taken care of backstage by them.

Next up, Santino is coming out for a match, his opponent is out next, Tensai. This all started from last night's Slammy awards when Santino made fun of Tensai.

Match 2 - Santino Marella vs. Tensai
Quick little match. Santino wins after Tensai misses his splash senton and Santino immediately covers him.
WINNER - Santino Marella

They now do a recap of last night's Slammys with Flair and CM Punk, the involvement of The Shield and the saves by Team Hell No & Ryback.

Kofi is backstage with Team Hell No, praising their efforts last night. Kane says they should be careful as they know the Shield is present. Bryan is still angry at winning no Slammys last night, but he calms down when he says they partied with Ric Flair last night. Kofi then riled Bryan up further however, when Kofi said Flair's 'WOO' was the best catchphrase, cueing Bryan to say 'NO!'. Kane shepherds

Next match is up and Wade Barrett is coming out, followed by the Prime Time Players (with their 3rd or 4th different entrance music in as many months). Their opponents are the guys we just saw, Kofi Kingston, followed by Team Hell no, first Kane appears and finally Daniel Bryan.

They then give an update on Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara, Mysterio apparently suffering an injured neck and Sin Cara received an injured knee, both from the Shield's attacks.

Match 3 - Wade Barrett & The Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O'Neil) vs. Kofi Kingston & Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan)
Update comes during the match about Mysterio, upgrading the neck injury to a severe one. Decent match here, Kane gets the win for his team with a chokeslam to Darren Young.
WINNERS - Kofi Kingston & Team Hell No

JBL, Cole & Josh then recap the opening of tonight's show with Miz.

Sheamus & Cena are backstage and Sheamus wants to celebrate, but Cena wants them to focus on their match. Sheamus agrees but asks Cena what actually happened between him and AJ. Cena whispers in his ear and Sheamus looked completely shocked. As Cena leaves, he says he was just joking.

CM Punk's music hits and he and Paul Heyman are making their way to the ring. Punk tells the Universe that he wasn't happy with their choice of Superstar Of The Year last night with John Cena getting the gong. He then talks about winners and losers, winners like him and Heyman and losers like everyone else. He says that Cena knows that Punk should have had that trophy, not Ric Flair from last night. He says that he never loses, clearly shown by his near 400 day run as champion. He says that he's the man that carrying this company on his own back and that no-one will take the belt from him.

'FEED ME MORE' rings out and Ryback is coming to the ring with a microphone. Heyman reiterates that Punk is not medically cleared to compete. Ryback accepts that but knows that Punk will be healed soon and says that the first of Raw in 2013 will see him crowned the new WWE Champion.

Ryback is staying out for a match it seems as Antonio Cesaro now comes out, so it looks like we're getting a replay of a match from last night's event.

Match 4 - Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro
Better match than last night, Ryback getting the victory with his Meathook clothesline and Shellshock finshing combo.
WINNER - Ryback

Kaitlyn is backstage and bumps into AJ, Kaitlyn gives her a look and AJ asks what it was for. Kaitlyn says it doesn't matter as she wants to focus on her Divas Title match next rather than freindship with a lunatic. Bad move by Kaitlyn as she gets attacked by AJ. The refs have to split them up backstage.

Eve is coming out now putting her title on the line, followed by Kaitlyn, with another recap of the fight that just broke out backstage.

Match 5 - Divas Championship - Eve Torres (c) vs. Kaitlyn
These two are being more aggressive than usual like they were last night on Raw. Kaitlyn looking strong but Eve on the mat managed to drag the referee down, causing a DQ. Eve keeps her title.
WINNER by DQ - Kaitlyn

AJ, Langston & Dolph are backstage talking about Kaitlyn and how she's jealous of AJ. Big Show then comes and says that he wants no shenaningans like they did last night or someone's going to get taken out.

We now get a recap of last night's meeting with Sheamus & Show, Ziggler's run-in and Cena stopping Dolph.

Brad Maddox is out now saying he'll be remembered forever as he comes to the ring for his match. His opponent is Brodus Clay... ugh, thank god the apocalypse is in 3 days... anyway...

Match 6 - Brad Maddox vs. Brodus Clay
Relatively quick match. Maddox does get some offence in, but Clay ultimately wins with his splash.
WINNER - Brodus Clay

The Shield immediately come in, attack Clay and even manage to work together to powerbomb Clay. They head off back into the crowd, once again showing how their strength and power.

Dolph Ziggler is out now, accompanied by AJ & Big E. Langston so it looks like our main event is next. They once again show a recap of last night's main event from Raw, with Cena, AJ and Ziggler and the emergence of Big E. Langston. Big Show is out next. Their opponents are now on their way, firstly Sheamus and last to come out is John Cena, as ever to a mixed recpetion from the crowd.

Match 7 - Dolph Ziggler & Big Show (w/AJ Lee & Big E. Langston) vs. Sheamus & John Cena
Decent match. Finish comes with Sheamus & Big Show brawling from the ring to the back, Ziggler hits the Zig Zag but Cena manages to kick out. From that, Cena managed to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Ziggler, only for Langston to attack Cena once again.

Langston then hits his finisher once again and stands over him, AJ skips in circles and Dolph looks on. Ziggler & AJ then passionately kiss and the show fades to black with AJ skipping round the ring again. Yes. They practically did the same finish as last night's show. Great story progression WWE... all 4 inches of it...

Anyway, that's all for this recap. Hope to see you again soon for another LIVE recap. Until then, ASHLEY OUT.
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