Monday, December 17, 2012

Ric Flair Returns To WWE

Ric Flair returned to WWE during The Slammys Awards. It appears as if the lawsuit between WWE and TNA is over.
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Live Results for WWE Raw 12/17/12 - SLAMMY AWARDS

It's that time of the year again, as WWE Raw hosts the annual SLAMMY awards. Voting will be taking place throughout the night, but we've also got some interesting developments from last night's PPV. Will The Shield make their prescence felt tonight after their victory last night? Could any titles be up on the line for tonight's event? Will Sheamus get another chance at regaining the World Heavyweight title, or will Ziggler cash in Money In The Bank before that? And how will John Cena react to AJ's actions from last night? Only way to find out is to keep it here for LIVE results!

Obligitory Slammy intro vid to start

We start with a recap of some of the things from last night, AJ's betrayal and Seth's hard bump by the Titantron.

Rey Mysterio is coming out now, lokks like for a match and that's confirmed as Justin Roberts announces that Damien Sandow is already in the ring. Cody Rhodes & Sin Cara are both at ringside as well in the corners of their partners.

Match 1 - Rey Mysterio vs. Damien Sandow
Quick little match, Mysterio winning with the 619 and turnbuckle splash combo.
WINNER - Rey Mysterio

First award is up now and the Smackdown GM Booker T is handing it out, the most shocking moment of the year. The nominations are up on the WWE site by the way but i'll list them as well.

Brad Maddox's Low Blow
The 18-Second Mania Win
Kofi's Miracle Save from Royal Rumble
Rock gets Punked

OH CRAP!!!! THE BOOGEYMAN IS BACK!!! I did NOT see this coming! And they cut to break... I need to channel my inner Faarooq now... DAMN!!!!

Back from break, Boogeyman is gone and Booker is stunned. Booker opens the envelope and Brad Maddox is already out. And the winner is... KOFI KINGSTON!!! Didn't see that coming. Kofi gives his thanks and as he heads off, we go to the ring for the next match. Kaitlyn and Eve are set to face each other.

Match 2 - Eve Vs. Kaitlyn
Not your regular Davis match, as these girls are being very vicious in their attacks. Quick match, Kaitlyn wins with her Gutbuster. It was a non-title match by the way.
WINNER - Kaitlyn

Next Slammy is the Comback Of The Year presented by ROAD DOGG & BILLY GUNN!!!!

Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho
Jerry Lawler

Back from break, and the winner is... JERRY LAWLER!!! Dare I say it, but these votes MIGHT (and I stress might) not be fixed!

Kofi Kingston's music hits and he's out now for a match. He's set to take on Tensai.

Match 3 - Kofi Kingston vs. Tensai
Quick match. Kofi ducked Tensai's charge and hit Trouble In Paradise.
WINNER - Kofi Kingston

After the match, Wade Barrett came to the ring, tripped up Kofi, wrapped him around the turnbuckle post and hit the Bull Hammer Elbow on Kofi.

Next Slammy is Kiss Of The Year (I spoke too soon for good catagories), with Vickie Guerrero handing this one out.

AJ & Daniel Bryan
AJ & Kane
AJ & CM Punk
AJ & John Cena

The winner is AJ & John Cena... AJ comes out and Vickie asks for an explanation. AJ says she doesn't need to give an explanation. It looks like it's about to go down between these two, until Dolph Ziggler comes out to separate them. AJ then proceeds to KISS DOLPH !!! Vickie is appalled as both girls leave and Dolph does the smart thing... and follows AJ.

Great Khali is now coming out for a match, accompanied by Natalya. The opponent will be revealed after the break.

We're back and Khali's opponent is David Otunga

Match 4 - The Great Khali vs. David Otunga
Quick match. Khali wins with the Khali chop.

Superstar Of The Year is up next. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! ... It sounds as if RIC FLAIR may be part of this award!!

John Cena
Big Show
CM Punk

Back from break and YES! RIC FLAIR IS BACK!!!!! Standing ovation from the crowd!!!

The superstar of the year is... JOHN CENA!!!! Now, this is fixed...

Cena comes out and the crowd is split, some happy but a lot unhappy. A lot of booing for a long period. Cena says it's been a tough year, but thanks the WWE Universe but says that Flair is the Superstar Of The Year and hands the trophy back to Flair and Cena goes to the back.

CM Punk comes out and is appalled by the Univese's decision, mocking Flair. Flair says he should just go because he's wasting time. Punk and Flair have a lot of good banter between each other, and Punk says he can beat him on one leg, so Flair accepts the challenge. Flair takes off his jacket and heads to the ring, goading Punk to join him.

Back from break and Punk gets in the ring. He hits a crutch over Flair but Flair grabs Heyman and puts him in the Figure Four! Heyman is no doubt in heaps of pain and Flair lets him go. Flair then grabs a mic and thanks the fans and specially thanks Jerry Lawler. As he's talking about his time in Philadelphia, The Shield's music hits and they come down from the crowd.

Back from break and Shield are in the ring and Team Hell No are already there trying to aid Flair, but get overpowered and Shield is set to put Flair through the announce table. FEED ME MORE rings out and Ryback makes the save, taking out Ambrose and failing to put Rollins through the announce table as it didn't break, so he threw him over the barrier instead. Reigns got chased off by Team Hell No. All four guys now get in the ring and as Flair leaves, Ryback asks him to come back in and thank the fans as they go to break.

Back from break and Flair, Bryan & Kane are celebrating backstage. Cue 'YES', 'NO' and 'WOOOOO' calls. The camera then pans to Ron Simmonds and it's time to add another word... 'DAMN!!!'

Back in the ring and Brodus is dancing in the ring with the Funkadactyls. He's set to go one-on-one now with JTG (he's still there?)

Match 5 - Brodus Clay vs. JTG
Quick match again. Brodus wins with his splash finish.
WINNER - Brodus Clay

Cue young WWE fans in the ring dancing with Brodus.

Next Slammy is Santino Marella & Tensai, awarding the LOL Moment Of The Year. Tensai has his head bandaged up after his match earlier tonight. Santino actually mentions he's referred to as Fat Albert. Even the writers want to bring that up.

The Rock (Boston)
Team Hell No (Therapy)
Randy Orton (Food Fight)
Vickie Guerrero (Dancing)

Back from break and the winner is... THE ROCK!!! Santino accepts it for the Rock, but Bryan protests 'NO!' and Kane carries him out of the arena.

Back to the ring and Sin Cara is ready for action, he'll be taking on Cody Rhodes. It looks like Sin Cara's special lighting is on for this match as well.

Match 6 - Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes
Longest match of the night so far (but that's not saying much). Rhodes manges to get the win by reversing a flying bulldog into Cross Rhodes.
WINNER - Cody Rhodes

Zack Ryder is out now with Layla for the Trending Now Hashtag of the Year. Oh lord...


Back from break and the winner is... Ryback. Zack & Layla are gonna take the award to Ryback in the back.

Big Show's music hits and he comes to the ring with the World Heavyweight Title and the big chair that he used last night. He says that he's proved everyone right by coming on top last night. The crowd chant 'Boring' and Big Show is offended by this as Sheamus comes out. He says he's not here to fight but to be the bigger man, say that he's still suffering from last night's match and congratulate him by shaking his hand. They shake hands but Show insults him so Sheamus spears him and hits Show with the Big Chair, leaving him out cold.

Sheamus heads up the ramp and DOLPH IS COMING DOWN THE RAMP!!! Dolph looks set to cash in the briefcase, only for John Cena to attack Ziggler before the bell could be rung, So both Show and Ziggler keep their respective titles.

3MB are coming out now for a 6-man tag team match. Alberto Del Rio comes out now, followed by The Miz. I guess the third partner will be revealed after the break.

W're back and Dolph is backstage looking for Vickie. Both are asking questions of each other and it looks like their relationship is truly on the rocks now. Dolph wants revenge for earlier tonight so Vickie sets up a mixed tag match with AJ & Dolph set to take on Vickie & John Cena.

Back in the ring and Miz and Del Rio's thrid partner is introduced and it's TOMMY DREAMER!!! Great pop from the crowd!

Match 7 - 3MB (Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre) vs. Alberto Del Rio, The Miz & Tommy Dreamer
Decent little match, but started to get a little tedious towards the end. Dreamer got the win for his team by hitting the DDT on Slater.

Sheamus is out now for the newcomer of the year award. He also mentions that he's happy in slamming the big chair into Big Show.

Antonio Cesaro
Brodus Clay
Damien Sandow

Back from break and, unsuprisingly, Ryback wins. Ryback comes to the rostrum and says that like Owen Hart said 'Enough is enough, and it's time for a change!' Ryback then starts a Feed Me More chant and heads to the ring. His opponent is the current United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro.

Match 8 - Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro
Quick little match. Ryback is ready to hit his Spear but Cesaro rolls out of the ring. Ryback tries to put him back in but Cesaro rolls out again and walks up the ramp as the ref calls for the count out.
WINNER by count-out - Ryback

Mean Gene Okerlund is out now! And so is RICKY STEAMBOAT!!!! AND JIM ROSS!!! Damn, surprises galore tonight! They're out for the Match Of The Year.

Undertaker vs. HHH (Wrestlemania 28)
Lesnar vs. Cena (Extreme Rules)
Sheamus vs. Big Show (Hell In A Cell)
The Rock vs. John Cena (Wrestlemania 28)

Back from break and the winner is... Undertaker vs. Triple H!!! Triple H is out to a huge reaction from the crowd with a crew cut. Triple H mentions how he was Slammy award winner for Best Hair in 1997. Crowd wants Undertaker. HHH says it was a great moment and match to be a part of, thanking both HBK and Undertaker. He then mentions that you haven't seen the last of The Undertaker as he leaves the stage.

We then cut to The Shield attacking Tommy Dreamer backstage. Ricardo appears but he gets attacked as well. Referees and backroom staff order The Shield to leave the arena.

Back to the arena and AJ is coming out for the main event. She talks to the ringside crew and they fetch a ladder for her and place it in the middle of the ring. As we go to break, J is climbing to the top of the ladder.

Back from break and they announce the main event for tomorrow night's Super Smackdown, with John Cena & Sheamus teaming up to take on Dolph Ziggler & Big Show. AJ is still at the top of the ladder and says that everyone is asking her Why? She's about to reveal why but Vickie interrupts her. AJ & Vickie face off at the bottom of the ladder but before anything happens, Dolph Ziggler is out next followed by John Cena.

Match 9 - AJ Lee & Dolph Ziggler vs. Vickie Guerrero & John Cena
Both AJ & Vickie walked out on their partners. Match ends when AJ returns with BIG E LANGSTON FROM NXT!!!!, and Langston hits Cena with what looks like a Cross Rhodes into a Powerslam.
Winner By DQ - John Cena & Vickie Guerrero

Langston stands over a prone Cena on the mat with AJ skipping around them with Ziggler lying by the ropes wondering what has happened as we fade to black.

Lots of thrills, spills & surprises tonight. We'll have to see what happens tomorrow for Super Smackdown Live AND commercial free. I'll be here again for that giving the live recap & results, so I hope you can make it for tomorrow. Until then, ASHLEY OUT!!!
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WWE Looking At Getting Scott Hall Into Rehab

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Word going around is that WWE officials are trying to get Scott Hall to return to rehab. Hall was reportedly hospitalized again in the last two weeks for complications with some of the medications he had been taking. At last word, Hall had not re-entered rehab but WWE officials were working on it. WWE has spent more money on Hall's rehab than any other former or current talent.
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Backstage Feeling Towards To Fans Reaction To Ryback At WWETLC


There was a lot of concern among WWE officials over Ryback receiving a mild reaction from the Barclays Center audience for his entrance Sunday at WWE TLC, reports PWInsider. Management is blaming this on vocal fans who rooted for the heels, thereby drowning out his supporters.
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