Thursday, December 13, 2012

Backstage Talks Of Turning Alberto Del Rio Face

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There has been at least some talk of turning Alberto Del Rio babyface. WWE officials badly want a top Hispanic babyface. The feeling is that Rey Mysterio won't be around forever and is far from an office favorite while Sin Cara just isn't ready.
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Ted DiBiase Looking To Leave WWE?

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Ted DiBiase has put out feelers for acting gigs but reportedly is not interested in moving to Los Angeles. DiBiase is one of the names who have been talking about leaving WWE. Word going around was that he was staying with WWE until the end of the year and then would make a decision about his future.
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Talents To Leave WWE?

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, its said that a lot of wrestlers who are currently not being used are expected to hand in their notice to WWE following WrestleMania.
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News On 1-3-13 Airing On IMPACT

As seen on IMPACT Wrestling this week, a video hyping 1-3-13 aired and it is expected to be the return of Sting according to PWInsider.
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News On TNA's Booking Of Impact Wrestling

According to PWInsider, TNA officials have most of January's TV tapings already drafted out. They feel that planning a month in advance is helping their product. They are trying to draft the shows out a month ahead of time and tweak the scripts as they get closer to taping.
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