Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Billy Gunn Re-Joins WWE

As first reported by WrestleZone.com, Kipp "Billy Gunn" Sopp has indeed signed a contract to re-join WWE as a trainer in NXT
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Talks Of Two Former WWE Talents Returning To The Company

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As reported before,familiar faces could be returning to WWE in the coming months as there has been a push from several top talents for the organization to bring back some "solid hand" wrestlers that were previously released. Two specific names in mind are MVP and Shelton Benjamin as organization officials have discussed bringing the former Superstars back to the fold.
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Backstage Concerns Over TLC Ticket Sales

According to PWInsider, there is some concern over the number of tickets sold for Sunday's WWE TLC PPVAat the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York - WWE's first show at the new arena. The feeling is that it will likely sell out on the day of the show.
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News On Ryback Vs CM Punk

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE officials are still planning on doing Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title. In an update, that match is currently scheduled for the January 14th RAW from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. WWE will be celebrating RAW's 20 anniversary that night so they are giving Ryback vs. Punk a big stage.
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Randy Orton Injured At WWE Event

According to PWInsider, Randy Orton suffered some kind of wrist injury whilst wrestling at WWE's Tribute To The Troops. No word yet on how serious the injury is.
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