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Live results for WWE Raw 12/3/12

The road to TLC continues with tonight's Monday Night Raw taping. Punk's title reign continues on, the Cena & AJ 'affair' will probably pop again tonight and The Shield will no doubt be making their presence felt. Even Vince McMahon himself is reported to be making an appearance tonight by WWE. Will we see any other matches added to the card for the PPV in less than 2 weeks? Only way to find out is to keep it here for all the live updates from Greensboro, NC.

As ever, we start with a 'Previously on Raw...' video package. And we get underway with Kane's pyro, so it looks like we're starting right off the bat with a match. Kane & Daniel Bryan are making their way down to the ring. They then cut to the Shield, who are stood in one of the skyboxes. Kane & Bryan call them out, wanting for them to come down to the ring, but the Shield don't budge. The Prime Time Players are coming out now as Team Hell No's opponents.

Match 1 - Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O'Neil)
During the match, it appears as if Rollins & Reins have left the Skybox as Ambrose is there alone a few minutes into the match. They also mention an interesting statistic, that this match is Kane's 899th televised match. That man has been truly been a workhorse for the company. Just as they go to comercial, Ambrose & Reins are both gradually making their way through the crowd to the ring. No sign of Rollins. Later on after the break, the 2 shield members are at the walls. Daniel Bryan manages to get a quick rollup on Young for the win.
WINNERS - Team Hell No

As soon as the match ends, the 3 members of the Shield beat down firstly Kane and then Daniel Bryan. They then leave quickly, nowhere to be seen.

Sheamus backstage with Cena. Love the fact that Sheamus references the Father Ted UK TV series, with a mention of 'kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse'. Seriously, that TV series is damn funny in my opinion. Anyway, they talk about how they have to be ready for Big Show, building up to their big tag match later on, taking on Big Show & Dolph Ziggler.

Looks like AJ is going to be wrestling next.

Back from break and Tamina Snuka is already in the ring. AJ then makes her way down.

Match 2 - Tamina Snuka vs. AJ Lee
For a Divas match, they're giving this match a lot more time than usual. Good move by WWE. End comes with Snuka going for the splash, only for AJ to pull her from the ropes and roll her up for the win.

Punk's music hits and he, along with his manager Paul Heyman, make their way to the ring. Punk's gonna be talking after commercials.

Heyman is on the mic, talking about the WWE Encyclopedia and how there's not enough of CM Punk in it, but they do refer to Punk set to surpass Cena's record of 380 days as champion, and how he deserves to now be on WWE's version of Mt. Rushmore. Punk says he's unhappy with having to face Ryback at TLC when he's already beaten him at Hell In A Cell and Survivor Series. He adds that The Shield are nothing to do with him in match interferences, like with Brad Maddox a few months back.

Miz now makes his way out cutting his face promo... FINALLY!!! He says that he did scheme and cheat to keep his WWE title, but the difference is that he admits it. He then invites Punk to appear on his MIZTV show and take a lie detector test. After initally refusing, Miz adds that this is what Punk wants... a live mic and a chance to clear his name. With this, Punk accepts.

The tag match with Cena & Sheamus taking on Big Show & Ziggler is up next.

Back from break and Cena is making his way to the ring. Sheamus is out next, followed by their opponents, Dolph Ziggler and finally, Big Show.

Match 3 - John Cena & Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big Show
Very good match here. The finish comes with the legal Cena hitting the Attitude Adjustment on the legal Ziggler, while Sheamus hits White Noise on Show.
WINNERS - John Cena & Sheamus

They now give a recap of Punk from earlier denying his relationships with Shield & Maddox and Miz's lie detector test offer.

Back from break and Damian Sandow is coming out with a mic rubbing up the fans the wrong way. He's giving another person the chance to be his apprentice. The guy got 2 questions right, but got the third question wrong. Santino comes out asking a question of his own, but Sandow beats him down when Santino tries to attack him.

Back from break, and it looks like the scrap has built into an impromptu match.

Match 4 - Damian Sandow vs. Santino Marella
Quick little match, Sandow gets the with the Terminus.
WINNER - Damian Sandow

Ziggler backstage with Vickie, asking her to set up a rematch between him and Cena at the TLC PPV. It looks like she accepts this, but stops Dolph from kissing her as she doesn't want to give any ammunition to AJ. She then walks into her office and in there she finds Brad Maddox, who once again makes sure that he wants everyone to remember his name.

Back from break and it looks like Brad wants a contract again. Vickie accepts as long as he defeats his opponent in a match later on tonight. Looks like they're teasing that Great Khali will be his opponent.

Sin Cara is coming down the ramp now, followed by his opponent, Alberto Del Rio.

Match 5 - Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio
Good match here. Del Rio wins with the Cross Armbreaker.
WINNER - Alberto Del Rio

Vince McMahon is backstage and asks one of the crew to get Vickie as he wants to talk with her in the ring now. Looks like that's coming up next.

Back and another recap of Miz's lie detector test offer and MIZTV coming up later.

Vickie comes out and announces Vince, who makes his way down to the ring. Vince asks what matches are being added and she mentions Cena vs. Ziggler. Vince then manipulates Vickie into setting up the match as a ladder match for Ziggler's Money In the Bank briefcase. He then mentions the lie detector test for later on. Again, McMahon manipulates Vickie to his liking, with the stipulation that if Punk lies during the test, then Paul Heyman will have to face Ryback next week. During this, he also says to Vickie not to keep bringing up the AJ-Cena affair thing.

Brad Maddox is backstage making his way to the ring. His match for a WWE contract is up next.

We're back and Brad Maddox is coming out for his match, his opponent is... RANDY ORTON

Match 6 - Brad Maddox vs. Randy Orton (If Maddox wins, he gets a WWE contract)
Quick squash match. Orton wins with the RKO
WINNER - Randy Orton

As soon as the match is over, The Shield appear and attack Orton, culminating in a triple man powerbomb.

Back from break and Vickie is backstage with Ziggler, who thinks that she's now no better than AJ Lee was and walks out on her (the beginnings of a face turn?), Heyman comes in next and just has a stare down with her and finally Cena appears to thank her for setting up the match for TLC.

We've now got a tag team match on the way with R-Truth & Kofi Kingston taking on Antonio Cesaro & Wade Barrett. Before it starts, however, Teddy Long comes out and changes the match to a Fatal 4-Way title match, with the WWE Universe to decide whether it will be Kofi's IC title or Cesaro's US title.

Back from break and the vote results give 83% in favour of the US title being on the line.

Match 7 - United States Championship - Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth
Very good match. Cesaro just about managed to retain with his Neutralizer finisher on Kofi. Very interesting and hectic match finish though with all 4 guys having a chance of winning.

Another recap of Punk's lucky wins with thanks to Maddox & The Shield. MIZTV, with the lie detector test, is up next.

The lie detector test is up now. Miz starts asking Punk a few test questions, such as whether he's been champ for 379 days and whether Rey shaved his head bald at Over The Limit 2010. It then moves onto the question of whether Maddox and Shield were working for Punk, but before Punk could answer, The Shield destroyed the set and attacked Miz. Team Hell No then came out to try and stop them but to no avail. Cue 'FEED ME MORE' and Ryback comes to the ring. With the numbers now even, the faces manage to deal with the Shield. Punk then is in the ring and pushes Miz out and celebrates in the ring. Cue the reappearance of Ryback who grabs a full set of TLC weapons and uses the ladder and chair on Punk before powerbombing him through a table. He does his FEED ME MORE taunt over the laid out Punk as we go off air.

Good show for Raw this week, hope that this consistency continue in the weeks to come. Make sure you're here next week for another Raw recap. ASHLEY OUT
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