Friday, November 30, 2012

WWE NXT Talent Released Following Arrest

Thomas Latimer, who worked in WWE developmental as Kenneth Cameron of the Ascension tag team, has been released from the company after being charged with battery of a law enforcement officer and disorderly intoxication in St. Petersburg, FL on 11/22.
Latimer was signed to WWE developmental in January 2010 and had been placed in the Ascension over the summer of 2011. The team was one of the top acts for developmental and had held the FCW Tag Team belts. Since developmental was re-branded as NXT, the team had been regularly featured on TV, including a program against the Usos.

Latimer had previously been arrested in January 2011 for a DUI charge.
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News On Backstage Feeling Within TNA

According to PWInsider, Morale behind the scenes at Thursday's Impact Wrestling was great, with talent feeling better about the company's creative direction than they have in a long time.

TNA has been focusing on long-term booking as of late, mapping out creative plans several months in advance. Television scripts are being written weeks in advance, with tweaks being made when necessary.
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TNA Cutting Back On PPVs


TNA moving Lockdown 2013 to March is a sign that the company is planning to cut back on their PPV calendar. Sources are indicating that the February Against All Odds PPV has been scratched. The company will go from January's Genesis PPV to Lockdown in March. March is usually Victory Road, but that title can always be used for another month. There may be 1-2 other PPVs removed from the calendar as well. Dixie Carter has talked publicly about wanting to cut back on PPVs because there was not a need for running them monthly, but contractual obligations and deciding the right balance of PPVs for the company had been an issue
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