Monday, November 19, 2012

Raw results for 11/19/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its time for Raw, whats going to happen tonight after a huge Survivor Series? Will Punk debut a new title after holding the WWE Championship for over 365? What will Ryback do after being attacked last night? Stay tuned to find out, also don't forget to join myself and all the others at for a live chat during Raw.

Out first is Ryback talking about the 3 attackers from last night, telling them they need to come down there and face him, or he will tear apart the place until he finds them. Instead, out comes Vickie, who says that if Ryback causes any chaos, he will be suspended. But she has someone for him to fight.

1st match Singles match
Ryback vs Tensai
Winner: Ryback via pinfall after hitting the shellshock.

2nd match Singles match
Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall with a huge elbow to the face

Backstage we see Paul Heyman walking with a huge picture of Punk holding up the WWE title. Heyman knocks on Punks door, and out walks Punk with a, "Im a Heyman Guy" shirt. Heyman says that tonight is going to be huge. Striker walks up and asks what is Punk going to do about Ryback, when Heyman says tonight is all about celebration, and even Ryback is invited.

3rd match Divas match
Kaitlyn vs Aksana
Winner: Kaitlyn via pinfall after a huge knee

4th match Singles match
Brodus Clay vs Antonio Cesaro
Winner: Antonio Cesaro via pinfall after hitting the Neutralizer

(Note: They are doing a segment about AJ/Cena's supposed affair. Sorry, not going to cover this.)
The segment ended with AJ and Cena pretty much making out, and Ziggler came out and attacked Cena.

5th match 2 out of 3 falls match
Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton
1st fall: Randy Orton via DQ
2nd fall: Alberto Del Rio via submission
3rd fall: Randy Orton via pinfall
Winner: Randy Orton via 2 to 1 falls

6th match 2 on 1 Handicap match
Great Khali vs Epico/Primo
Winner: Great Khali via pinfall after hitting the big chop and double hand chokeslam

7th match Singles match
David Otunga vs Miz
Winner: Miz via pinfall after hitting the skull crushing finale

8th match Singles match
Damien Sandow vs Sheamus
Winner: Sheamus via pinfall after hitting the brogue kick

Backstage AJ walks into the male locker room and starts berating Dolph Ziggler, but Ziggler stops her and tells her he has seen girls like him his entire life, and she is trash. AJ starts punching on Dolph, until Cena runs in and pulls her away, until Dolph starts attacking him. Dolph starts going after the injured leg, and ends up putting Cena through the walls of the bathroom stalls.

9th match Tag Team match
Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio vs Team Hell No (Kane/Daniel Bryan)
Winner(s): No Contest due to PrimeTime Players interfering

Out comes Punk and Heyman, talking about how he has surpassed so many people. They then show a video package based on the 365 days. Punk talks about surpassing Bruno Sammartino in 2018 as he is still champion. Heyman talks about all the guys that could not beat CM Punk. Punk talks about what his biggest challenge to date has been, and it was last nights triple threat with Ryback and Cena. Out comes Ryback, but before he gets to the ring, he is jumped by Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose from last night. And again for the 2nd night, they put Ryback through the announcers table. Punk looks on confused as all 3 men slide in the ring.

And theres Raw, pretty dang good Raw. Catch you guys next week.
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Tamina Snuka Comments On WWE Return

Tamina Snuka tweeted the following:

I never lied I did say I was steps closer to the goal #HardWork #Dedication #ChaoticExoticTamina Has seen Her inner reflection"

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