Monday, November 12, 2012

*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact Wrestling 11/15/12


Impact opens with a James Storm promo. He talks about the PPV win, thanks his supporters and haters. Bobby Roode interrupts with two bottles of beer. He offers some cheers on pinning Styles not Roode and using his hard rock. Roode cheers him, drinks beer and Storm nails him. Roode offers to fight him and put his title shot on the line. Storm says no at first but then changes his mind when Roode insults Storm's daughter.

*Kid Kash is introduced, but is interrupted by an Aces & 8's promo. They take Gallows' vest. Devon throws the dart to destroy someone else.

*X-Division champion RVD defeated Kash with 5 Star Frog Splash.

*Eric Young & ODB promo. ODB says she's gonna become TNA Knockouts Champ again. They kiss.

*Backstage Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco offer to be Kurt Angle's tag partner tonight. Kurt picks Garrett.

Jesse Godderz defeats Eric Young with a modified stunner, after a distraction from Tara/ODB.

*Dixie Carter promo, talking about AJ Styles not being able to compete for the title until Bound for Glory.

*Magnus comes out to face Joe. Aces and Eights come out and take out his knees with a hammer. Agents and Bully Ray stop Devon from hitting him with a bat. Stretcher job.

*Kurt Angle & Garrett Bischoff vs Devon and masked man (pretty sure it's Mike Knox).Pre match, Angle says he doesn't need a dart to know whose ass he wants to kick. Angle with schoolboy on larger member. Luke Gallows tries to interfere with hammer, Briscoe makes save.

*Tara & Godderz go to Brooke Hogan's office. She is with Bully Ray and it was sort of intimated something was going on with them.

*They held a Knockout Battle Royal with Mickie James winning.

*AJ Styles cut a promo. He wasn't thankful for anything this year or the people that doubted him. Out came Daniels and Kazarian, who ripped him. Daniels challenged Styles to face him one more time next week.

*Bobby Roode vs. James Storm for World title shot. Roode wins after throwing Storm into an exposed turnbuckle and uses a school boy with tights.


*Samoa Joe beat Kazarian.
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Live Results for WWE Raw 11/12/12

So it's the final Raw before we head off to Survivor Series, and it's also the launch night for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, so with only six days to the PPV, who will enlist in Team Foley as he makes his pick for the 5th member? Will Sheamus need a care package in order to take down the Big Show? Will Ryback's killstreak be further tarnished as Brad Maddox goes for a contract? And will Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero keep up their camping campaign as they target John Cena & AJ every week? Find out here with LIVE results!

We start with a special package for Veteran's Day. as ever, a nick package from WWE.

As last week, we start with a recap of last week with a 'Previously on WWE...' TV-style trail.

Randy Orton is making his way out to the ring. Cole & Ross announce the main event, being a non-title match between John Cena & CM Punk, 6 days before their Triple Threat. Orton's opponent is Dolph Ziggler, so it looks like we're gonna have a very strong opening match.

Match 1 - Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler
Short but sweet. Despite a distraction from Del Rio, Orton managed to reverse the Zig-Zag into a roll-up.
WINNER - Randy Orton

Del Rio, Ricardo & Ziggler now beat down Orton and Kofi makes the save. Teddy Long then comes out and given that Vickie is busy obsessing with Cena, he and Booker T set up a tag match between the four guys in the ring and it will re-start immediately!

Match 2 - Randy Orton & Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez)
Another quick little match, Del Rio getting the victory with a running enziguri on Kofi.
WINNERS - Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler

Vickie Guerrero is backstage and looks like she's walking to the ring for our next segment.

Vickie is now in the ring and Ziggler is still in the ring and defines what a scandal is. Interesting to note that Ziggler refers to Vickie as his FORMER manager... looks like he's finally solo. We see the hotel footage again from last week. She reminds everyone that she is the Managing Supervisor. She calls out AJ to explain herself for her actions. AJ comes out and asks whether she's happy, but Vickie rebuffs this saying that AJ should admit her affair with Cena. She reminds her that she's the boss and can fire her and asks her to admit it once again. She admits.. that she and Cena are just friends. AJ then asks her to admit that Vickie wanted power over AJ for AJ humiliating her in the past.

Vickie then starts playing voicemails that seem to prove that Vickie is right. AJ gets frustrated by this and Dolph then speaks, saying that she must be frustrated that Cena isn't talking to her anymore. Cena then comes out, looking very angry and Aj stops him from attacking Ziggler, only for AJ to slap him and then Cena attacks Ziggler. Up next, it looks like we're having a continuation of the Sheamus vs Show feud. Before they go to break though, they go a video package in support of soldiers and veterans who have seen action in Iraq &