Thursday, November 8, 2012

Audio: Running The Ropes 11/8/12 Archived

This week, RTR is live on the SNS Radio Network and full of crazy and shocking moments including random moments of awkwardness. Plus, in the news:

- The Survivor Series match between Team Foley and Team Punk has been changed. The guys talk about The miz quitting Team Punk as well as the major change to the angle.

- WWE to possibly host a pay-per-view event in the UK. Is WWE really following TNA's footsteps across the pond?

- Swagger asking for WWE release? Is this a good move? Would he move to TNA?

- Scott Steiner suing TNA again? What are his horribly enlarged arm veins telling him?

- EY leaving TNA? Is this the final nail in the coffin of the Knockout Tag Division?

All this plus your weekly recap of events on Running The Ropes, the official podcast of the Unchained Wrestling Network and brought to you by KJCC Real Campus Radio and the SNS Radio Network!
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Triple H High On New Superstar

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter Brad Maddox is being considered a Triple H guy because for whatever reason, Triple H has taken a liking to him. Maddox wasn't looked at as anything special in OVW or FCW. However, it is said that he improved while in Florida but was hardly one of the top stars there.
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WWE In Talks With UK Stadiums

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter
WWE officials will be meeting with officials from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales on Friday about the idea of doing a mega-show, perhaps a pay-per-view event from there. The Stadium holds around 75,000 fans.

WWE hasn't held a worldwide pay-per-view from the UK since the 1992 SummerSlam. WWE officials have also met with representatives from a stadium in London as well as Old Trafford, a soccer stadium in Manchester that holds 75,000.

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News On Announce Team For Raw

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there has been no decision made regarding the future of Jim Ross on Raw. Jerry Lawler is returning this week and there has been talks about a 3 man announce team.
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Jim Ross Comments On UK Tryouts

Jim Ross tweeted the following:

Solid day @ #WWE tryouts. Better morning than afternoon. Perhaps conditioning & focus an issue. Competition wide open."

Ross wrote the following before today's tryouts:

"Morning session @ UK tryouts going in good way. More enthusiasm & retension. Promos later & matches. #WWE"

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