Friday, November 2, 2012

Results For TNA Impact Wrestling 11/1/12


Joseph Park is in the ring to start the show, and he said from day one that he is an attorney and not a wrestler, but after the civil violations commited upon him by Aces & Eights, he decided that it doesn't matter if he's a wrestler or attorney because he's a man and he's going to stand up for himself when his rights are violated. He asked Hulk Hogan for a match with Aces & Eights, but Hogan has yet to give him an answer, but through his own legal work, he discovered a loophole in Open Fight Night. So with that being said, he challenges any member of Aces & Eights to fight him right now. He kind of gets his wish, because four members of Aces & Eights come out and surround the ring. They climb into the ring and prepare to attack Park as Kurt Angle comes running out to intervene. Park cowers in the corner as Aces & Eights beat Angle down, but then Sting runs in as well and chases Aces & Eights off with a baseball bat. Sting and Angle ignore Park's cowardice as Sting mentions how Devon said the masks mean everything to Aces & Eights, but says that someone is going to lose their mask tonight.

Tonight: ODB takes on Jesse from Big Brother, Devon battles Bully Ray, and Christian York comes back to TNA after a decade to try his luck in the Gut Check!

The Mystery Cameraman is backstage asking Magnus about Aces & Eights, and Magnus says he's not concerned with them because he's going to unmask someone else who is a fraud.

Jesse is backstage complaining to Tara about having to fight ODB, and he has her rub some hand sanitizer on him before he has to touch her.

Brutus Magnus comes out to the ring and says he's calling Samoa Joe out for a TV Title match because, even though they have a long and storied history, he has an issue with Joe being the TV Champion since he's not the image we're looking for at Impact Wrestling for a TV Champion. He's like Howard Stern because people like him, but he has a radio face, while Magnus does not. Joe's music hits, and it looks like we have a (rem)atch.

TV Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Brutus Magnus

Joe goes right after Magnus, tears his shirt off, and then tears into him with chops. Joe whips Magnus into the corner and charges in with a forearm and connects with a leaping enziguiri. Magnus gets his boot up on a charge, but comes off the second rope right into an inverted atomic drop from Joe, who follows up with a running boot and a senton for 2. Magnus finally gets some offense by connecting with a flying knee, but Joe kicks out before even a 1 count. Magnus takes Joe's head off with a hard clothesline and covers for 2, then we hit the chinlock. Joe escapes and they go toe to toe in the middle of the ring, Joe gets the Kokina Clutch, Magnus escapes and tries a charge, but runs into the STJoe and gets clotheslined out to the floor. Magnus looks under the ring apron and reaches for something, but Joe grabs him before he can get ahold of it and rams him into the ringpost. Magnus goes down, but this time he manages to get ahold of a wrench and he sneaks it back into the ring as Joe argues with the referee. Joe finally rolls back inside and goes after Magnus, who smashes him in the head with the wrench right in front of the referee, who immediately calls for the bell.

Winner: Samoa Joe by DQ

Magnus seems pleased with his handiwork and strolls off to the back as Joe is out cold in the ring.

Hulk Hogan is in his office with Sting and Joseph Park, but Kurt Angle barges in with Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff demanding Devon in the ring tonight. Hogan says Bully Ray has Devon tonight, but he can have whatever's left at Turning Point. Angle says he still wants to fight tonight, and Sting says that since everyone's ready to fight, that the four of them should go rip off some masks.

Samoa Joe is backstage icing the lump on his forehead, and screams that Magnus made a huge mistake, and that it's time to throw out the rules and the DQs because Joe is gonna kill him.

We look back at last week when Austin Aries jumped Jeff Hardy, announced that he's cashing in his rematch at Turning Point, and stole the original World Title belt. We then go backstage to an intense video of Jeff Hardy...painting his face as we are once again reading his thoughts. He says that since it's Open Fight Night and anyone can call him out, he needs to stand out because Austin Aries is nothing but a thief and his overconfidence will kill him.

Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels come out to the ring and say that the biggest frauds around here aren't Aces & Eights, it's Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. They came out here last week and did what they always do by telling the truth and looking good doing it, but some folks in the back got muy caliente over it. They're getting their rematch at Turning Point, but tonight is Open Fight Night, so they're calling out two men who are fiercely proud of their heritage: a member of the famous Guerrero wrestling family, and the other is renowned for his size, so they call out...Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina. They're the Spanish announce team, in case you weren't aware. We'll see what happens after the commercial.

We're back and Daniels & Kazarian are throwing all kinds of insults at Urbina and Guerrero, and Urbina is trying to calm Hector down until Daniels shoved Urbina down. Guerrero nails Daniels, but Kazarian blindsides him and they beat down the Spanish announce team until Chavo and Hernandez run in and make the save. Daniels and Kazarian beat a hasty retreat as Daniels gets a microphone and continues taunting them from the entry ramp.

We take another look at this month's Gut Check contestant, Christian York, as he talks about how this may be his last chance to make something out of his career. We'll see him in action next!

ODB is backstage telling Eric Young to get to the Impact Zone because she's fighting Jesse, and that he better not forget the fried chicken.

Christian York comes out to the ring and looks like a million bucks, then Jeremy Borash introduces his Gut Check...

Gut Check: Christian York vs Zema Ion

York takes Ion's spray can and throws it out to the crowd, then unloads on Ion like a huse of fire. Ion tries a flying headscissors, but York cartwheels through and nails Ion. York gets the boot up on a charge by Ion and catches him with a forward rolling kick and a half nelson suplex. York with a charging cannonball in the corner and then goes to the top, but Ion rolls out to the apron. York gets him by the hair and Ion snaps York's throat down on the top rope, then he floats between the ropes into a tornado DDT. Ion starts putting the boots to York and goes to his eyes, but tries a springboard moonsault and comes down right onto York's knees. York takes Ion's head off with a clothesline and hits the Mood Swing for a very close 2. Ion goes to the floor and dodges a baseball slide, but York rebounds off the ropes and catches Ion with a tornado DDT. Ion kicks the middle rope into York's groin on his way back into the ring and then gets York in Submission Impossible and York calls it quits.

Winner: Zema Ion

I have not seen anyone come through the Gut Check who looked like they deserved the contract more than Christian York, he came in looking to be in great shape, and he worked his ass off and did terrific.

The Mystery Cameraman asks Austin Aries about taking the title belt, and Aries says he still considers himself the champion and not a guy who hides behind facepaint like Jeff Hardy. He's all about being the face of the company, and he excuses himself to step into Robbie E and Robbie T's locker room to discuss some business.

Garett Bischoff comes up to Bully Ray and says that Devon stabbed him in the back like he did everyone else, and if Bubba needs anything, he's there. Bubba says he appreciates it and shakes his hand, but...wait a second, Aces & Eights is outside and we need to go fight. Bubba and Garett go out into the parking lot and fight five of the masked men as Devon taunts Bubba into chasing him away. The brawl continues as Sting yells that the night is still young and someone is losing their mask tonight.

ODB vs Jesse Godderz

Jesse tries to get the jump on ODB with a clothesline, but she ducks and starts unloading on him until he bails out to the floor. Tara comforts him until he gets back in the ring...and continues getting beat up. Jesse holds onto the rope as ODB tries to whip him across the ring, but she kicks him in the gut and goes up for some right hands until Jesse shoves her off. He stops to pose and tries an elbowdrop, but ODB rolls out of the way and Jesse connects with nothing. He tries to escape to the outside again, but ODB chases Jesse and Tara around the ring and back inside where she flattens Jesse with a wheelbarrow into a faceplant. Jesse whips ODB to the corner and tries a charge, but ODB gets her boot up and sits on the top rope and repeatedly rams Jesse's face into her crotch. She tries a double flying knee out of the corner, but Jesse collapses out of her way out of sheer luck, then goes to get a kiss for good luck from Tara. Jesse with a slam and he stops to pose for the crowd and make out with Tara, giving ODB plenty of time to get up, nail Jesse, and put him over her knee to spank him. Tara gets onto the ring apron and ODB goes after her, but Jesse rolls ODB up from behind and gets the win.

Winner: Jesse Godderz

ODB looks pissed off, and I can't blame her since her husband and co-Knockouts Tag Team Champion Eric Young wasn't there to watch her back.

Mike Tenay takes over for Todd as we enter Hour Two, and they wish the folks in the Northeast (like Taz) the best in dealing with the damage that resulted from Hurricane Sandy. Yep, it's a mess up here! Tenay and JB discuss the battle we're going to see tonight between Devon and Bully Ray, but first, we've got more action going on in the ring!

Robbie E and Robbie T come out to the ring, and E says that the most memorable part of this year's Bound For Glory Series was him beating Jeff Hardy, so he's calling out the World Champion tonight so he can get beat a second time.

World Champion Jeff Hardy vs Robbie E

E jumps Hardy on his way into the ring, but Hardy barely breaks a sweat turning the momentum around and pummeling E. Hardy comes off