Monday, October 29, 2012

Beth Phoenix Fired On Raw

It was announced during Raw by Vickie Guerrero that Beth Phoenix has been fired.
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Live results for WWE Raw 10/29/12

Lots of fallout from last night's PPV event. Who will Punk and Big Show face next for their respective titles? Will the referee for last night's WWE Title match face any repercussions? Will Team Hell No still be able to co-exist as a team? And what is the 'incriminating' evidence that Vickie Guerrero has with regards to the alleged AJ and John Cena relationship? Keep it here to find out. But, make sure you're safe when you're checking this out if you're in the path of Hurricane Sandy and the superstorm.

We start with a replay of last night with the referee low blowing Ryback and fast counting Punk's pin, meaning CM Pun retained his WWE title against all the odds, as well as Ryback reaction to it.

Justin Roberts announces CM Punk to the ring and CM Punk comes down hobbling, still suffering from last night's hard hitting match, as ever accompanied by Paul Heyman. He says that he proved everyone wrong last night and over his 344 day reign as WWE Champion, and beyond that, mentioning Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and 'Superman' John Cena, who is also affected by Kryptonite. Nice one Punk. He then clarifies that he had nothing to do with the referee Brad Maddox getting involved in last night's match and he only took advantage of what Brad did.

He then says that he can't be erased from the records as the Best In The World and that Ryback won't get a rematch. SCREECH! ... Mick Foley is here!! And he's making his way to the ring. Punk makes his cheap jokes at Foley in relation to the storm and Foley says that last night Punk wasn't laughing when he was fighting Ryback and adds that his legacy was ruined that he didn't make the choice he should of made. Punk says that he's already cemented his legacy as the champ. Punk then proposes a match for Survivor Series, Team Foley Vs. Team Punk. Foley agrees to it. Punk starts to speak, until Ryback's music cuts him off. Ryback comes to the ring but Punk flees with Heyman through the crowd. Ryback gets the 'FEED ME MORE' chant going as we head to break.

Back from break and Ryback is set to be facing, thanks to Vickie Guerrero,... JTG. From title matches to jobbers.

Match 1 - Ryback vs. JTG
Squash match. Ryback wins with Shellshock.
WINNER - Ryback

Josh Matthews interviews Ryback in the ring asking whether he's looking for revenge. Ryback says that revenge means he's hurt, but he isn't, he still hungry for Punk. FEED ME PUNK chants coming now.

Coming up next, we've got Randy Orton set to take on Wade Barrett.

Back from break and Randy Orton is making his way to the ring. Wade Barrett made his way there during the break.

Match 2 - Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett
Very good match. Orton manages to hit his RKO out of nowhere once again and get the victory.
WINNER - Randy Orton

Vickie Guerrero is backstage with AJ, and Vickie is asking some very dubious questions to AJ in order for her to be kept on as a WWE superstar such as 'are you crazy?' and 'what is your biggest weakness?'. Nice manipulation here from Vickie.

Back from break and Daniel Bryan and Kane are making their way down to the ring. They are set for a tag team match with the Prime Time Players.

Match 3 - Daniel Bryan & Kane vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O'Neil)
Decent little match, focusing on Team Hell No not gelling together. Team Hell No wins when Daniel Bryan locks on the No Lock on Young.
WINNER - Daniel Bryan & Kane

They kept arguing after the match. Vickie Guerrero is now making her way to the ring after the break.

Back from break with a replay of Punk's ref denial and the face-off with Foley setting up the Survivor Series match. They're now showing a recap of Maddox's previous referee mistake from last month's Raw as well as last night's moment with Ryback.

Vickie now comes down to the ring and brings out John Cena. Cena says that he wants to see Vickie's proof of the AJ relationship, which firstly has Cena jokingly asking AJ out and then from last week, when they were embracing. She then shows a photo of them together at a restaurant, Cena explaining that it was a business meeting. She then shows Cena & AJ going in an elevator together last week after Raw. Cena gives his reasons, but Vickie objects to them. Dolph Ziggler comes out and says that he and the WWE Universe now know who Cena really is given his relationship with AJ. Cena then gets in his face saying that he doesn't want his and AJ's name to be mentioned in the same sentence and pushes Ziggler down. Cena leaves, Ziggler looks a little unhappy but Vickie has a big smile on her face.

Coming up next, we have a Champion vs. Champion non-title match between Antonio Cesaro & Kofi Kingston.

Back from break and as Miz is on commentary, Antonio Cesaro is out cutting a Halloween themed heel promo. Kofi is now making his way to the ring.

Match 4 - Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston
During the match, Cole takes Miz to task on what he's done recently in WWE. The tables have turned. Anyway, Miz grabbed Kofi from the ring apron, causing a disqualification.
WINNER by DQ - Kofi Kingston

Miz & Cesaro were attacking Kofi after the bell, only for R-Truth (plus possibly Lil' Jimmy) to make the save.

It looks like both teams for Punk & Foley for Survivor Series will be announced later tonight.

AJ backstage again with Vickie. Vickie wants AJ to admit that she has feelings for Cena. AJ refuses, but Vickie gives her a job anyway and AJ's first match will be later on against Beth Phoenix. AJ's happy with this, which irks Vickie.

Next we see... 3MB: Behind The Music... a stupid VH1-style interview thing, clearly trying to put the guys over. Wasn't impressed by this at all.

Santino & Zack Ryder make their way down to the ring as they're having a match next with the 3MB.

Back from break, and Team Co-Bro will be taking on Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal from the 3MB.

Match 5 - Team Co-Bro (Santino Marella & Zack Ryder) vs. 3MB (Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal w/ Drew McIntyre)
Quick little match. With thanks to a Drew McIntyre distraction, Heath manages to hit his new finisher on Santino, looks kind of similar to Elix Skipper's Overdrive from TNA.

Later on, we've got the Survivor Series team announcements, but up next it's AJ back in ring action against Beth Phoenix.

Back from break and they announce that Jerry Lawler will be returning to Raw again in 2 weeks time. Great to hear that positive news.

AJ is now making her way down to the ring. Beth is already in the ring.

Match 6 - AJ Lee vs. Beth Phoenix
Quick match, which AJ manages to win with a quick roll-up.

Vickie then comes out and isn't impressed, which leads to Beth attacking AJ from behind, so she asks for the match to be restarted.

Beth then hits the Glam Slam on AJ and covers AJ for the 3-count.
WINNER - Beth Phoenix

Vickie now looks happy that she's got her way. If that was Beth's last match... THANK YOU BETH!!!

Coming up next, it's Sheamus, most likely reacting to his World Heavyweight Championship loss last night.

Another recap of Punk and Foley from earlier as well as the referee's actions from last night.

Sheamus is now making his way down to the ring. Sheamus admits that he doesn't have the title anymore, but he still has a smile on his face as he can admit that Big Show was the bette