Monday, October 22, 2012

AJ Resigns As Raw General Manager- Vickie Guerrero Gets New Role

AJ Lee announced on WWE Raw that she has resigned from her role as Raw's General Manager. It was announced that Vickie Guerrero will be the new Managing Supervisor of Raw.
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Live Results for WWE Raw 10/22/12

Six days to go until the upcoming Hell In A Cell PPV and Ryback and CM Punk will no doubt be saying why they will be walking out victorious in Atlanta that night. We also have to find out who Team Hell No will be taking on this Sunday as well, with the rescheduled Tag Team Tournament Final between the Rhodes Scholars and Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara. And AJ has apparently been pulled into an emergency meeting with the WWE Board Of Directors, what will their message be? Keep it right here to find out, with live results from tonight's Raw from East Rutherford, New Jersey.

We start with Rey Mysterio coming out. Looks like the Tag Team Tournament Final is coming immediately! Sin Cara is out next, followed by the Rhodes Scholars team of Cody Rhodes & Damian Sandow.

Match 1 - Tag Team Tournament Final for #1 contendership for WWE Tag Team Championships - Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes & Damian Sandow)
Decent match, Mysterio gets a 619 on both guys, and hits a splash on Rhodes. Sandow breaks the pin, but gets taken out the ring by Sin Cara. As Mysterio looks on, Rhodes rolls up Mysterio to get the win and progress to Sunday.
WINNERS - Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes & Damian Sandow)

Kane & Daniel Bryan come on the Titantron and congratulate them for winning but they should watch out on Sunday. Kane then makes Bryan 'disappear' by dragging him behind him and Kane sets off his ring pyro.

We're back and the new Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston is making his way out. They show a recap of his title win at WWE Main Event. Miz is at rinside on commentary and Kofi's taking on Michael McGillicutty in a non-title match.

Match 2 - Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty
Quick match, with Kofi getting the pinfall after a Trouble in Paradise.
WINNER - Kofi Kingston

Miz says that he'll be ready on Sunday to regain his Intercontinental Championship.

We now get a replay of last week's title contract signing. Cena will be coming out to talk about what happened last week after the break.

Cena makes his way out, pimps out the New York Jets who are in attendence, and proudly says that Ryback will destroy CM Punk and his 300+ day run on Sunday and that the face of the WWE will change. Cue CM Punk's music and he appears on the ramp with Paul Heyman. Punk says that he can claim what he wants, but he promises that he will win and his promises will always come true. Cena says that he's medically cleared and although he doesn't want to go for the title, he wants to fight Punk right now. Punk runs onto the ring apron but Heyman manages to stop him.

Another recap of AJ's tweet on the emergency meeting and Kane will be taking on Big Show later tonight.

Antonio Cesaro is now coming out and he's set to take on Justin Gabriel, a replay of last week. Cesaro starts speaking in different languages again. Gabriel body splashes him on the outside.

Match 3 - Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel
Decent match, Gabriel manages to kick him in the head on the turnbuckle and hits the 450 on Cesaro to get the win.
WINNER - Justin Gabriel

A limo arrives backstage and it's Vince McMahon and AJ is with him, not looking happy. We're going to find out what this is all about next.

AJ & Vince are in the ring. Vince says that a meeting was called and wants AJ to announce the news. AJ says that there are rumors of her fraternizing with a superstar in the locker room and for that reason, she has to resign as GM of Raw. She says that she should have been fired before, but he thinks that people still dig crazy chicks. She's understandably getting emotional about it and thanks Vince. Paul Heyman now comes out and says that she should never have been made GM but certainly punched above her weight. Heyman then decides to throw his name in the hat for the GM role as it has to be assigned immediately.

McMahon says that there will be a temporary Managing Supervisor for Raw and that person is... Vickie Guerrero. Heyman now wants the WWE Title match switched, Vickie ignores this and sets up for later on tonight, with Sheamus taking on CM Punk in Raw's biggest ever lumberjack match. She then says that AJ should be ashamed of her actions, despite them being allegations and that she'll be a much better GM when she gets the role permanently. This causes AJ to snap and she attacks Vickie. Cat-fight ensues. Vickie is angry as she leaves after what just happened.

Up next, it's Ryback taking on The Miz.

Back from break and Ryback makes his customary entrance followed by the Miz.

Match 4 - Ryback vs. The Miz
Quick squash match. Ryback wins with the Shellshock.
WINNER - Ryback

They announce the lumberjack Champion Vs. Champion match with what looks like the whole WWE talent ringside for CM Punk vs. Sheamus.

Eve backstage on the phone saying that AJ was involved with Zack Ryder, Kaitlin overhears this and says she should be careful what she says. She then brings up the blonde wig and says she went through her iPad and found an e-mail, the contents are unknown to us though. It looks as if Kaitlin is adamant that Eve is behind what happened at Night Of Champions. Another catfight ensues.

Sheamus being interviewed by Josh Matthews and says that he's not worried by tonight or Sunday. Big Show then appears and says he should take him more seriously, so Sheamus looked serious at him in a staredown.

Daniel Bryan is now making his way out for a match coming up after the break.

Back from the break and Bryan's opponent is Mr Money In The Bank, Dolph Ziggler.

Match 5 - Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler
Midway through the match, it looks like Bryan has hurt his knee by taking a nasty bump to the outside. Kane's pyro and music hits and makes his way down to ringside as they cut to break. Match is still going as we return. Kane was cheering Bryan on, Bryan was unhappy with this and got up on the turnbuckle. Ziggler then rolled up Bryan for the win. Very good match.
WINNER - Dolph Ziggler

Matt Striker is out now saying that Vickie has said that she's setting up 'The Newly Tag Game', a rip-off of The Newlywed Game... their opponents tonight are also their opponents on Sunday, the Rhodes Scholars. Yes, this is actually happening after the break... wow...

Back from break, and Striker makes Bryan & Kane introduce themselves. Kane says he's a Scorpio and loves rainbows and puppies. Striker is amazed, only for Kane to say HELL NO. Bryan then says 'But you like rainbows...' First decent moment here. Rhodes Scholars now come out and say that this is all beneath them so the refuse to compete. I agree with them. Hell No wins by forfeit but then turn their attention to Striker. He flees the ring and on the ramp, he says they have no chance of winning on Sunday. Big Show then appears behind Striker and throws him across the stage. Big Show then makes his way down the ring so his match with Kane looks like it's next.

Match 6 - Kane vs. Big Show
Quick match. Rhodes Scholars come down the ramp, distracting Kane, meaning that Big Show can hit him with the WMD.
WINNER - Big Show

Rhodes & Sandow then attack Bryan and stand over them both in the ring, looking strong ahead of Sunday.

AJ backstage and John Cena appears saying that she shouldn't be bothered by the allegations that led to her resignation. She then says that the allegations that she was with him. Cena doesn't get it, saying that they only had a business dinner together. AJ thinks that Vickie is behind it and starts getting emotional again. Cena hugs her and says that he'll take care of it. Looks like another person has got on the wrong side of Cena.

Back from break and Cena catches Vince backstage before he gets in his limo, trying to get more info on the Vickie/AJ situaition. All Vince really says is that she was on probation anyway for previous actions. He says that there also was a significant piece of evidence.

Alberto Del Rio is out in his Aston Martin, ready for a match.

Match 7 - Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder
Quick match. Del Rio wins with the Cross Arm Breaker.
WINNER - Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio then says that he's ready and waiting for Randy Orton this coming Sunday.

Cena is now backstage with Vickie Guerrero. Cena says that Vickie's a liar, Vickie says that she asked AJ out on a date on Raw so technically,  he cost AJ her job. Cena looked perterbed by Vickie's comments.

The Champion vs. Champion lumberjack match is up next.

Josh is backstage with Dolph Ziggler. He's obviously suporting his manager's actions tonight, saying that it was overdue that AJ had to leave.

Ryback promo airs. CM Punk is now backstage contemplating his match tonight and ahead and Heyman giving his pep talk to make sure he focuses on the task at hand. The lumberjacks now make their way down to the ring ready for the match, coming up next.

Back from break and CM Punk is making his way out, followed by Sheamus. Looks like we're ready for the main event now.

Match 8 - Champion vs. Champion Lumberjack Match - CM Punk (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Sheamus
Very good match between these two guys. Finish comes when, behind the referee's back, Big Show hits a apron chokeslam on Sheamus, which Punk takes advantage of and pins Sheamus for the win.

Immediately after this, Ryback's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Punk tries to escape but the lumberjacks keep throwing him in the ring, allowing Ryback to hit some of his powerful moves on Punk. Eventually, Ryback throws Punk out of the ring, in turn flattening out some of the lumberjacks and as Punk crawls up the ramp, Ryback stands menacingly in the ring as we fade to black.

Some interesting developments this week (and some not so interesting stupid 'Newly Tag Games') tonight. See what happens from this next week with Hell In A Cell on Sunday and Raw the night after, being recapped here. Until then, ASHLEY OUT
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Video Trailer For New NWO DVD

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News On WWE & Mid-South/UWF Video Library


The Miami Herald is reporting that WWE has finally come to terms with the Watts family to purchase the Mid-South/UWF video library.
WWE sources this morning indicate that the deal actually went down a few weeks ago finally and everyone involved was sworn to secrecy.
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Update On Hell In A Cell PPV

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan as of the weekend is to only have one match within the Cell at the Hell In A Cell PPV.
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Details On TNA's TV Taping In England

TNA Tours The United Kingdom In January: Manchester TV Taping Announced

IMPACT WRESTLING returns to the UK and Ireland in January 2013 for 'The Road To Lockdown' Tour - promising fans a steel cage match on every show. The action-packed live events will take place in Dublin (January 21), Glasgow (23), Nottingham (24), Manchester (25) and at London's Wembley Arena (26). The show at Wembley will see two episodes of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING taped for broadcast in more than 120 countries around the globe, including on Challenge TV in the UK and Ireland.

• Lockdown steel cage comes to the UK and Ireland for first time ever
• Wembley show to be broadcast on Challenge TV and around the world
• Live events also set for Dublin, Glasgow, Nottingham and Manchester

Two episodes of hit Challenge TV show to be recorded at Manchester Arena | Booking fees waived for TNA UK event tickets bought via ‘October offer’ link | Competition launched to find the best fan signs on the TNA January Tour


Two episodes of top-rated Challenge TV show TNA IMPACT WRESTLING will be recorded at Manchester Arena on January 25, 2013 - the first time TNA has ever filmed t