Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bakstage News On Survivor Series

We noted before that at least one 5 vs. 5 traditional elimination match is scheduled for November's WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view

PWInsider reports that there was a pitch recently to do the entire Survivor Series card with elimination matches but the idea was reportedly shot down.
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Hugo Savinovich Talks About Sin Cara's Problems In WWE, the CM Punk Fan Incident, Rock vs. Hogan

Former WWE Spanish announcer Hugo Savinovich joined Inside The Ropes last week to talk about his WWE career, Sin Cara and more. You can hear the full interview here. Here are some highlights:

On the big deal over CM Punk fan incident:
"It’s different times now from when I got into the business. We’re talking about times where stadiums were filled where you could bring all these big athletes that you could create these great stories even with blood with the Funks, Sammartino, etc. But it meant something, but it’s not this era where you say something and someone’s emotionally hurt and there’s a lawsuit. These guys travel over 200 days a year, pressure of performing, the mentality of a superstar of today is “we had a great match last night, but we have to do better tonight” they’re so focused. We love fans but it’s a shame that some have to ruin it for everyone and get involved with the wrestlers like that."

Biggest pop he ever heard at ringside:
"It was the Hulk Hogan against The Rock. The people turned on the Rock, Rock immediately accepted the moment and became the heel. The pop of the place when we saw this legend Hogan and this new icon Rock. They told the story of the match. Every punch that Hogan threw it was like a big pop, it became an instant classic. One of those huge matches that you see."

Thoughts on Sin Cara and his problems in WWE:
"I believe somebody like a Ricky Steamboat, one of the agents, or Arn Anderson or even Rey Mysterio, I think somebody has to be like a mentor for him. I almost blew my life and I was given a second chance. When there’s a potential, if the person wants it, if he could have a special mentor who would tell him “hey here’s what you have to do to change this about psychology, style or his life” to coach him in matches or in life, it helps. I remember the night before Wrestlemania 16 years ago in Chicago I was ready to commit suicide, Savio Vega came into this room in Chicago, Pat Patterson, Gerry Brisco were there, they hugged me, they didn't realize but they stopped me from doing something crazy. Having been in that situation, if a talent realizes he needs help with his career and life, why not take advantage? I Believe if he gets the right attitude he could be great. I preach with my wife now in churches and I say your attitude decides your altitude."
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Rumour On Batista

For what it's worth, SuperLuchas passes on a rumor that Batista is being speculated to make a WWE return at the 2013 Royal Rumble.
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Intercontinental Title Match Recives Rave Reviews

The Intercontinental Title match between Kofi Kingston and The Miz at last night's Main Event tapings received rave reviews from fans in attendance. Apparently the match went almost 20 minutes and got very physical. As a reminder, the other match for tonight's episode of Main Event will see Dolph Ziggler take on Zack Ryder.

Kofi Kingston hyped the match on Twitter:

"The night belongs to the boom squad! Regardless of what you know, trust me, you don't want to miss this match. #MainEvent. Wed @ 8 on ion."
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WWE Ask If Jon Cena Passed The Torch To Ryback This Past Monday

After the apparent endorsement from John Cena to Ryback on Monday's RAW, WWE has a new article up wondering if Cena passed the torch to the newcomer. They wrote:

"Ryback, who has been nothing short of a force of nature since his arrival in April, now carries the weight of the WWE Universe on his broad shoulders. Handed to him by Cena — a 10-time WWE Champion — Ryback also carries with him the hopes and dreams of an entire locker room. Whether it’s because Cena isn’t yet healthy enough to do battle, or perhaps because the Cenation leader sees something special in the rising Superstar, the burden is now on Ryback to answer the call.

Few have been afforded the opportunity to challenge for WWE Championship gold; fewer still have claimed it. Standing now at the precipice of greatness, when Hell in a Cell descends on Ryback and Punk come Oct. 28, will Ryback live up to the enormous expectations thrust upon him by Cena and carry that torch to a title reign?"

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Super Smackdown To Air On Election Day

WWE is now advertising a Super SmackDown special for Tuesday, November 6th - Election Day. WWE will tape from England that day.
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Jerry Lawler Makes Appearance During Smackdown Taping

One month after suffering a heart during a live episode of Raw, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler spoke to fans at Tuesday's night WWE television taping in Memphis, Tennessee, in his first live appearance since the ordeal.

Appearing between tapings for Saturday Morning Slam and SmackDown, the legendary wrestler said he hopes to return to the broadcast booth within the next few weeks. The official WWE website announced they will release footage of Michael Cole's "emotionality-charged" interview with Lawler on Wednesday.
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*SmackDown SPOILERS 10-19-12*

Dark Match:

* Johnny Curtis defeated indy wrestler Drew Haskins.

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* The Miz kicks off SmackDown with another MizTV segment. He's upset about losing the Intercontinental Title to Kofi Kingston on Main Event. Miz demands a rematch at the Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Miz is joined by Kane and Daniel Bryan as his guests. Miz predicts the champs will lose their belts at Hell In a Cell and rips into Bryan. Big Show comes out as does Dolph Ziggler. They all argue and out comes Booker T. Booker books Team Hell No vs. Ziggler and Show for later tonight. Miz will go up against Randy Orton.

* Randy Orton defeated The Miz with a RKO. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez were seen watching the match from one of the arena luxury boxes.

* Sheamus is backstage wanting a rematch against Wade Barrett. Teddy Long makes Sheamus vs. Barrett in a Lumberjack Match for later.

* Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow defeated Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd in a quick match.

* Backstage segment with Eve Torres, Booker and Teddy. Eve puts Teddy down in front of Booker again.

* Kane and Daniel Bryan beat Dolph Ziggler and Big Show.

* Antonio Cesaro beat Ted DiBiase in another quick match. A side video aired of Cesaro out in Memphis ripping the fans and Elvis.

* Heath Slater defeated Brodus Clay with help from Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. 3MB cut a promo before the match.

* Layla defeated Natalya.

* Sheamus beat Wade Barrett in a Lumberjack Match. A big brawl broke out at ringside and Team Hell No came out. The Lumberjacks continued br