Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TNA Reach Out To Ric Flair

TNA Wrestling officials reached out to Ric Flair to speak about Sting at Saturday's Hall of Fame ceremony, but he declined the invitation.

Though Flair remains listed as a member of the TNA roster on the company's official website, his contract was terminated in May after he failed to appear at events he was scheduled for.
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Possible SPOILER on Survior Series Match

The official WWE Survivor Series synopsis from InDemand confirms a 5 vs. 5 match for this year's pay-per-view and begins speculation that CM Punk may be involved in the match. The synopsis:

"This year, the act of survival turns into an all-out quest for total domination...and respect! Don’t miss an incredible event featuring your favorite WWE Superstars competing in a classic five-on-five match."

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CM Punk To Write A Comic Book ?

We noted earlier that WWE Champion CM Punk is writing the forward to the new Avengers vs. X-Men comic. Punk told USA Today that he may be writing his own comic in the future:

"We've kicked around a couple of ideas. You might see something like that in the future. It was nothing I ever really thought about until they approached me. It was very matter-of-factly like, 'Hey, you should write a comic book.' It was pretty cool."
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The Reason The #1 Contenders Tag Title Match Was Postponed

Delayed one week due to Rey Mysterio having the flu, Mysterio and Sin Cara will face Team Rhodes Scholars next Monday on Raw in the Tag Team Tournament Final. The winners will then face WWE Tag Team Champions Kane and Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell.
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