Thursday, October 11, 2012

Audio: Running The Ropes 10/11/12 Archived

This week, the guys talk about a ton of controversy from all around the mainstream wrestling world! CM Punk strikes a fan when WWE security just wasn't around. Also, Hulk Hogan's python makes it's sex tape debut despite it being in bad timing with TNA Bound For Glory. Also your weekly recap of WWE Raw and a preview of TNA Impact. Plus BFG predictions and more on the official podcast of the Unchained Wrestling Network, Running The Ropes! Brought to you by the SNS Radio Network!

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Edge Responds To Fan Suggestion He Should Join TNA

On Twitter, retired wrestler Adam "Edge" Copeland responded to a fan remark advising him to join TNA Wrestling. 

The remark read, "Since they offered you such an insulting Legends salary at @WWE, you should join TNA."

The WWE Hall of Famer responded, "Don't believe the hype kid."

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More On Brian Gerwitz & The Rock

We noted before that Brian Gewirtz was being kept around as a consultant mostly because he writes material for The Rock. There's a feeling that Gewirtz being demoted may affect WWE's relationship with The Rock as the two are very good friends.

When Rock first left WWE years ago, Gewirtz was the one who kept in touch with him and the one who wrote most of his promos when he would come back for special appearances. Gewirtz had been working from Stamford for some time but was brought to TV tapings just to work with The Rock when he was there. Often The Rock would work exclusively with Gewirtz on his segments and promos.

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Why Hasn't Ric Flair Rejoined WWE Yet ?

Regarding Ric Flair's status, WWE still won't touch him until the lawsuit from TNA is settled. There's a policy right now to not hire anyone who was under a TNA deal at the time the lawsuit was filed or in Flair's case, near the time of the suit since he and TNA had already parted ways. It's said that Flair would already be back in WWE if it weren't for the TNA lawsuit.

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WWE Expected to Bring Back Attitude Era Stars, More on Backstage Scene with Vince

We noted before that a top WWE star recently spoke out to Vince McMahon about the quality of the product and how everything is going downhill, putting the blame on Vince to his face. Other sources have confirmed this went down but details are sketchy because so few people were in the room. Word is the talent let Vince know that he is a big part of WWE's problems and blaming others and trying to intimidate people into fearing him doesn't change that fact.

To help boost ratings, expect to see several Attitude Era stars brought back to WWE TV over the next few months going into WrestleMania 29. A TV angle between CM Punk and Steve Austin to promote WWE '13 will likely happen.
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Cena Hell In A Cell Status Update

John Cena has very limited usage of one of his arms because his recent surgery was more extensive than expected. Cena is doing everything he can to be ready for Hell In a Cell but several people in the company note that it is far from a lock. The decision will be made this week whether Cena will be ready or not.
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Brian Gerwitz News

One of the reasons Brian Gewirtz is being kept around as a consultant is because he writes creative for The Rock.
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News On Velvet Sky & A Possible Return To TNA

Velvet Sky is negotiating with TNA Wrestling officials to return to the organization. According to the Wrestling Observer, she may have either agreed to a new contract, or both sides are close to reaching an agreement. Many people in the company expect her to return.

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WWE Main Event Results 10/10/12

Both Mikes are in the ring. Miz mentions that he is a network television star and Wednesday nights just got awesome. Cole mentions the main event of Randy Orton versus Big Show. Miz mentions that they have held twenty-eight titles between them. Miz says that Big Show is one of the most dangerous people in the WWE.

Cole mentions the contract that Big Show signed earlier this year and the path of destruction that has followed.

We go to a video package for the Big Show. He says that they saw him right away and saw dollar signs. Pat Patterson talks about how he is an attraction. Arn Anderson says that he has size and talent.

Show talks about the characters that he did. He says that he is fat and he is fed up. For eighteen years, he has been told to pull back to try to entertain people. He doesn’t care about being liked. He is not going to hold back or worry about anything. He is not an entertainer or someone who makes you happy.

Giants are might men of devastation. He is a giant.

We go to the locker room where Josh Mathews tries to get comments from Big Show about his match with Randy Orton. Show says that people t