Monday, October 8, 2012

Video: CM Punk Appears To Hit Fan On WWE Raw 10/8/12

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Below is another video of the event
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Head Writer Removed From Role At Raw

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, RAW writer Brian Gewirtz has been removed from his job in a shakeup before tonight's Raw.
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Live Raw results for 10/8/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its me, the Sensational Sequel himself, Sensational Sean back from work pretty much. Its been a while since I have even watched wrestling so lets go I will be able to keep up tonight as we have a pretty stacked Raw, especially with Vince McMahon coming out to give his address to the WWE. What will happen? Will we have new General Managers? Stay tuned right here to find out.

Out first is John Cena to talk, who is still favoring that right arm, but who also got a new tattoo on his right arm. Cena asks the crowd if they missed him, and he said he missed them. He said that it took a week off to really find out what was going on in the WWE, then Cena asks AJ out, just for him to tweet him back, all the kids are doing it. Cena then says that the WWE Universe no longer has a voice, as CM Punk has taken it, as a CM Punk chant starts. Cena says that Punk needs to define his legacy, then fight him at Hell in a Cell.

1st match 2 on 1 Handicap
Ryback vs Primo/Epico
Winner(s): Ryback via pinfall after the step drop suplex

2nd match Singles Match
Brodus Clay vs ?
Result: Match never started due to R-Truth coming out wanting to dance
Mr. McMahon then comes out and tells Brodus and R-Truth to dance up the ramp as its his turn to talk.

And now its time for the State of WWE Address. Vince that says here in the WWE you have action, humor, and fun. But most of all, you need action, and you want to have the best go against the best, but then Vince is interrupted by CM Punk. Vince says that Punk disrespected him by interrupting him, but Punk says that Vince disrespected him by not mentioning him. Punk then starts going off on the WWE Universe, saying that they don't respect him, he turns to Vince and asks him if he respects him. Vince says that he respects his title reign so far, but Vince is not a CM Punk guy. Punk starts trashing Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, and then says that he will do the same thing he did last year, he will hop the rail and blow him a kiss and leave, and not come back. Vince says that Punk is no where near the caliber of Andre the Giant, Bret Hart, Shawn Micheals, or Stone Cold Steve Austin. Punk then says he worked his way to where he is, that Austin slapped some sense into Vince, that Vince has been slapping Punk since day one. Punk then slaps Vince, and both Punk and Heyman leave the ring. Vince gets up and says that tonight he will fight Punk and show him what respect means.

3rd match Tag Team match (Tag Team Tournament match)
Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara vs Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neill/Darren Young)
Winner(s): Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara via pinfall after the 619 from Rey Mysterio to move on to the finals of the Tag Team Tournament

4th match Singles match
Wade Barrett vs Sheamus
Winner: Sheamus via DQ after Tensai attacked Sheamus
Sheamus got the upper hand for a minute, before Big Show got in the ring and threw Sheamus over the top rope where Sheamus hit hard.

5th match Singles match
Antonio Cesaro vs Tyson Kidd
Winner: Antoni Cesaro via pinfall after hitting the neutralizer

6th match Tag Match
Dolph Ziggler/Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan/Kane
Winner(s): Team Hell No aka Daniel Bryan and Kane via pinfall after Kane hit the chokeslam on Dolph Ziggler.

Out is Larry King to do a piece with Miz, sorry guys, not recapping this part. Larry King then replaces Miz with Kofi Kingston.

7th match Tag Team Match (Tag Team Tournament match)
Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow/Cody Rhodes) vs Zack Ryder/Santino Marella
Winner(s): Rhodes Scholars via pinfall after Cody hit the cross rhodes on Santino.

8th match Divas Title match
Eve vs Kaitlyn
Winner: Eve via submission after Kaitlyn submitted to a leglock
Champion: Eve retains

9th match Singles match
Vince McMahon vs CM Punk
Winner: No Contest
Note: Before the match CM Punk jumped McMahon before the bell.

Punk began to beat McMahon via kendo sticks, and was ready to hit the GTS, until Ryback came out and was ready to hit the shellshock on Punk before he ran away through the crowd. McMahon got on the mic and said that next week Punk has to choose, either face Cena or face Ryback.

And thats raw, not a bad show, very good ending. See you guys later.