Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Timing Issues At WWE Raw Last Night

As reported earlier, Justin Gabriel revealed that his match was nixed from Raw due to lack of time

Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that there were lots of timing issues at last night's RAW from Oklahoma City. Word is that several segments were nixed and the backstage mood felt rushed. The opening segment with Kane, Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee, CM Punk, Paul Heyman, Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler apparently went around 7 minutes too long.
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More Legends Set For Raw Appearances

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Expect more WWE Legends to appear on RAW to encourage WWE Champion CM Punk to face John Cena at Hell In a Cell. The idea is that the Legends will convince Punk to face Cena so he can earn the title of "Best In the World.
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Match Cut From Raw

Justin Gabriel tweeted the following:

30 seconds before I was supposed to step through the curtain my match got cut. Got to love live TV! Anything can happen!
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Mick Foley Comments On Damien Sandow

Mick Foley tweeted the following:

Did I just become a fan of @TheDamienSandow ? YEP! Wish he was here, so we could do karate in my basement! Very impressive, creative showing Read more at
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Results For WWE Raw 10/1/12


We begin this week’s show with a look back at Mick Foley’s comments to CM Punk and his attempt to convince Punk to accept a match against John Cena at Hell in a Cell. Then we see the stare down between Punk and Ryback.
We are live from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and your announcers are Michael ‘Why aren’t there any Sonics in this town’ Cole and Jim ‘How much of this show will be seen on Smackdown’ Ross.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring and he is adorned in a grey hoodie this week and he is with Paul Heyman who holds the belt over his head. This is day 316 of CM Punk’s title reign so it is time for some Punkweisers.

Punk says last week, John Cena attacks him with a pipe while his back is turned. The crowd cheers that and Punk says those are noble actions in this city. However, in Chicago it is an act of cowardice. Punk says that he was looking for a doctor a few minutes later and he sees Mick Foley in the back.

Mick shoots a disrespectful look at him and Mick muttered something and he could not figure out what he said because Foley is a coward, just like Cena. Punk put Foley down, like the dog he is and he showed Foley that he is the WWE Champion.

Punk asks if Foley would have had the gall to say anything derogatory to Cena or to Dwayne? Punk says that these are rhetorical. He asks if Foley would have said anything derogatory to Steve Austin? This is the lack of respect that Mick Foley shows him. Some refer to him as Mrs. Foley’s baby boy, but he wishes that his mother would have shown him some respect.

Punk says that he listened to what Mick Foley said. Mick is a lot of things. He is skuzzy, scatterbrained, and borderline at times, but there were some things that connected. He thought about the decision not to face John Cena at Hell in a Cell. Punk says that he thought about the legacy. Punk says that he is here to announce to everyone, at Hell in a Cell . . . CM Punk/John Cena is still not going to happen.

Paul takes the mic and he says that the WWE Champion, the Best in the World CM Punk and Paul Heyman want to deal with another piece of business.

We see the footage of Paul Heyman’s marriage proposal from last week.

Paul says that everyone saw something that both him and Punk noticed. AJ never said no. Paul says that what AJ did is that she violated an edict of the Board of Directors. Paul says that he is not one to quote scripture but he has a memo from the Board of Directors.

AJ Lee’s actions have been juvenile at times and she is not to put her hands on anyone ever again.

Paul says that it means that AJ Lee must be removed by the Board of Directors as the General Manager of Raw effective immediately. Paul says that he knows why the people are booing. That means that there is a huge power void. Who will lead the flagship show of the WWE? The answer is Paul Heyman. The man with all of the experience as General Manager. . .

Vickie Guerrero interrupts and excuse mes her way down the ramp and she says that if anyone has been the victim of the actions of the General Manager, it is her and Dolph. Dolph almost lost his briefcase and Vickie says that she does not have the full range of motion after AJ’s a