Saturday, September 29, 2012

News On Brock Lesnar's WWE Future

As reported the other day, WWE is expected to offer Brock Lesnar a new deal. The feeling is that WWE will offer him another deal but at a lower pay rate than his current deal. Unconfirmed reports earlier this year stated that Lesnar likely signed his current deal for around $5 million. At the same time, one source says Lesnar will bring a lot more negotiating power to the table this time around because he's proven that he can sell pay-per-views.
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Sara Del Ray's WWE Role Revealed

It appears as if Sara Del Ray will be joining WWE as a trainer at NXT/FCW. She appears in a video below with other trainers Norman Smiley and Joey Mercury.

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Mick Foley Comments On Raw Segment With CM Punk

Mick Foley tweeted the following:

Still can't get over the amazing reaction to my promo with @CMPunk . It's by far the biggest reaction I've gotten to anything I've done in the modern day Twitter era. Not sure where it came from, or if I'll ever do anything that good again, but I'm beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to do something of that magnitude again.

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Trish Stratus Comments On Smackdown Diva's Match

Trish Stratus tweeted the following:

"Proud of my girls @NatbyNature & @TheBethPhoenix - thanks for showing us how to #fightlikeagirl #FitFinlaywouldapprove"

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