Tuesday, September 25, 2012

News On Sara Del Rey & PAC Joining WWE


WWE has finalized their contract agreements with Sara Del Rey and PAC. Both independent wrestling standouts will report to the company's developmental base in Tampa, Florida shortly. Both contracts had been waiting approval after they took mandated physical and mental exams.
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TV Rating For WWE Raw 9/24/12

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter , The 9/24 edition of RAW did 3.77 million viewers the first hour, 3.99 million viewers the second hour and a low 3.60 million viewers in the third hour. The full rating isn't out yet but it should be somewhere between a 2.5 and 2.7.
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Mickie James Taking Time Off TNA

Mickie James tweeted:

"Walking into the Docs to finally get my ribs X-rayed... Been working through the pain 2 weeks too long! Lucky I'm T... U... Triple F... =O."

"Thanks gang for all your thoughts... Nothing's broken thank God! Just deeply bruised,"

"Been working through it so not allowing them to heal. So I've decided this week to take a few weeks off to rest & heal properly so I will be 100%! Also lots to think about! Be blessed... Love~MJ

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News On Ryback's Staredown with CM Punk

As seen at on RAW from Albany,CM Punk was confronted by Ryback after Punk attacked Mick Foley backstage.PWInsider reports that the staredown between the two was just a tease for fans, just something to think about for the future.The plan is for John Cena to still wrestle Punk at next month's Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Speculation last night was that WWE did the Ryback vs. Punk tease as a back-up plan in case Cena can't compete but that hasn't been confirmed yet.
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News On Daniel Bryan/Kane's Segments

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Most everyone within WWE is a big fan of the current program with Kane and Daniel Bryan. Vince McMahon is said to be a big fan of the comedy segments.
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News On Kofi Kingston Vs Dolph Ziggler

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE held Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston at last night's RAW because they are considering doing another singles run with Kofi. The match received rave reviews from everyone watching backstage.
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Photo: Sin Cara Demasked During Raw

During Raw, Alberto Del Rio accidentally demasked Sin Cara. Below is a photo:

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Kevin Nash Comments On Scott Hall's Son

Kevin Nash tweeted the following:

Scott's hip is bad from carrying me all those years.Cody's turn to carry uncle Kev.Outsiders always carry each other.Up stairs,in bars,ring
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Michael Cole Comments On Raw

Jim Ross tweeted the following: Wow what a night! Wonderful to see @JerryLawler looking so good! An honor to interview him. #LongLiveTheKing A privilege to call #Raw with hof @jrsbbq it was so much fun. Thanks boomer sooner!
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Upcoming WWE Attitude Era DVD Under Fire


World Wrestling Entertainment’s “attitude era” has gotten plenty of unwanted attention since Linda McMahon, whose family owns the Stamford-based wrestling empire, became interested in politics.

McMahon has run on her experience as a “job creator” and used her wrestling fortune to fund her campaigns.

Although WWE programming is today family-friendly and rated either PG or G, her critics love alerting voters to the period about a decade ago when the company’s scripts contained plenty of sex, violence and other material that could turn off some voters.

In fact WWE earlier this month announced it was removing clips of some of the more controversial material from the Internet to “protect its brand” from being tarnished during campaign season.

So a couple readers found it interesting that in late November – just a few weeks after the election – WWE is releasing an “Attitude Era” Blu-ray.

The implication? The company, still run by Linda’s husband, Vince, is protective of its brand when it helps Linda’s political career, but happy to profit off of those raunchier programs any other time.

Except that according to WWE spokesman Brian Flinn, the Blu-ray will be rated PG and consistent with how the company has marketed itself for the past several years.

Here’s the description from Amazon.com: In the late-90s, WWE was struggling for ratings survival while a cultural shift in the viewing audience’s taste was occurring. Saying your prayers and taking your vitamins had lost its luster among the rebellious masses who preferred “flipping the bird” and “laying the smackdown.” Enter Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Mankind and the notorious crop of edgy and fearless Superstars who ushered in The Attitude Era. Now in this 3-Disc DVD set, fans can own all the infamous moments from this controversial and revolutionary era that redefined sports e