Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talks About Instant Replays In WWE

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE officials are talking about doing an instant replay storyline. The idea would be to change things to where the referees can use instant replays to change calls made. The incident with CM Punk and referee Brad Maddox on Monday's RAW may have something to do with that.
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News On Dolph Ziggler/Randy Orton

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter,the Fans cheering for Dolph Ziggler and booing Randy Orton was something discussed internally with the idea of possibly turning one or the other.It was reported before that Orton wants to work as a heel but officials are keeping him a babyface because of roster depth issues.
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WWE Working With All Japan Pro Wrestling?


Tokyo Sports featured an article today claiming WWE and All Japan Pro Wrestling had forged an alliance and would be working together with John Laurinaitis being the person who put it together.
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Backstage Reaction To "We Want Nexus" Chant On Raw

As seen on Monday's RAW, there was a big "We Want Nexus" chant during the Justin Gabriel vs. Wade Barrett match. According to PWInsider, A lot of people were shocked backstage at that fan chant.
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News On Jerry Lawler's Return To WWE


WWE officials are hoping that Jerry Lawler will be back on RAW within a month to six weeks. At the same time, they want him to do what he needs to do to get healthy, that is what's most important right now. Lawler will not be appearing on RAW in person next week as the interview will be done via satellite from his home in Memphis.

As seen on Monday's RAW, WWE aired footage of Lawler being reunited with Dr. Sampson in Memphis after flying back from Montreal. The entire scene was directed by Vince McMahon. Vince was there as he left Monday's RAW in Connecticut in the afternoon and flew on the WWE jet to pick Lawler up in Montreal. After the scene was filmed at the airport, Vince and Dr. Sampson flew back to RAW in Connecticut.
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News On Jeff Hardy's TNA Future- Possible Return To WWE?

According to PWInsider, there are a lot of rumblings within TNA that Jeff Hardy is looking to return to WWE when his current contract expires in early 2013.

The feeling is that Hardy wants to return to WWE for one more big run.
TNA reportedly had Hardy win the Bound For Glory Series because they want to keep him happy. TNA really wants Hardy to stay as he is their biggest merchandise seller. The feeling is that TNA may put the World Heavyweight Title on Hardy to try and persuade him to re-sign.

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Big Show Returning Soon

Big Show disappeared from WWE TV after the SummerSlam pay-per-view in August but he is not injured and there is no kind of heat on him or anything like that. Show simply requested some time off and has been taking a mini-vacation. He was originally scheduled to return in a week or so but will be returning early to work this weekend's live events, likely because John Cena is injured
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Adam "Edge" Copeland Now On Twitter

WWE Hall Of Famer Edge is now on Twitter and can be followed @EdgeRatedR
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WWE Losing DVD Distributor

After 22 years of dedicating Silver Vision exclusively to WWE, the WWE and Clear Vision Ltd will part company on the 31st December 2012. (owned by Clear Vision Ltd) will continue to sell WWE DVDs, Blu-rays and WWE films after this date while stocks last, but we will not be able to offer new releases for sale on our site. SummerSlam 2012 and nWo: The Revolution will be the last new WWE releases we will be producing ourselves.

Clear Vision and its staff are saddened by this news as we have worked very hard over the years to bring the best possible service to all WWE fans and we would like to thank you all for your continued support over the years. is looking forward to a new future which will amalgamate all the products and some new programmes of its mother company, Clear Vision Ltd, on one site.

Please be assured this will not affect your current and future orders in any way and you will continue to receive the same great service.

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News On Randy Orton Possibly Turning Heel

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Sources close to Randy Orton note that he desperately wants to go heel and that may be happening before the year is over. The plan has been for Orton to turn once Sheamus was popular enough to carry SmackDown on his own.
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News On Maria Menounos/WrestleMania 29

According to PWInsider, WWE officials have been talking about bringing Maria Menounos back for a storyline and match at WrestleMania 29.
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Update On Ryback's Push

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Word is that Vince McMahon recently made the call to take Ryback's character to the next level. As seen on Raw, Ryback looks like he will be feuding with The Miz.
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*Spoiler* Results For WWE Smackdown 9/21/12


WWE Hall of Famer Edge comes out to address the Kane and Daniel Bryan Anger Management issues. Daniel Bryan confronts Edge. Kane then came out and hugged Edge, who was shocked. Damien Sandow came out, followed by Booker T who announces Sandow will wrestle Kane.

*Damien Sandow defeated WWE Tag Team champion Kane after Daniel Bryan accidentally distracted Kane.

*Backstage, the champions are arguing which leads to Dr. Shelby saying he will set up a match for Daniel Bryan later.

*Layla defeated Natayla.

*World champ Sheamus and Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler when Sheamus nailed the Brogue Kick on Ziggler for the win.

*Cody Rhodes defeated Daniel Bryan after Kane distracted him.

*Brodus Clay defeated Heath Slater.

*Kane and Bryan catch Sandow and Rhodes mocking their title reign and challenge them. They argue about who their opponents should be more afraid of.

*Santino Marella defeated WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro in a non-title match after Aksana slipped and hurt herself, distracting him. Cesaro told her they were finished in five different languages.

*WWE Tag Team Championships Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes via disqualification in a Lumberjack Match when Rhodes used a chair. This led to Kane and Bryan getting chairs and laying waste on everyone, including all the Lumberjacks.
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