Sunday, September 9, 2012

Live Results for TNA No Surrender PPV 9/9/12

Hey guys, Ashley here this time to give you the rundown for all that goes down at the TNA No Surrender PPV happening tonight at the Impact Zone. Tonight will see the climax of the Bound For Glory Series, but which of the 4 guys will come out on top? Plus, will we find out more about the Aces and 8's when the 'Armbreaker' takes on Austin Aries? Keep it here to find out!

We begin with shots from earlier today of the four BFG Series finalists, followed by the opening video package.

The pyro goes off and we are underway! Jeff Hardy is coming out, so it looks like we're opening with the first BFG Series Semi-Final. Samoa Joe is making his way down to the ring next.

Match 1 - BFG Series Semi-Final - Jeff Hardy Vs. Samoa Joe
Finish comes with Hardy putting an armbreaker submission on Joe, but Joe manages to reverse it into a pin, only for Hardy to reverse that pin into a pin of his own and just manages to get the 3 count to progress to the final. Very good opening match.

WINNER - Jeff Hardy

We go backstage to Jeremy Borash, who interviews James Storm, who is clearly committed to winning the competition and getting to Bound For Glory next month.

Bully Ray's music hits, so next up is the second Semi-Final. After Ray has got to the ring, James Storm is on his way for the match as well.

Match 2 - BFG Series Semi-Final - Bully Ray Vs. James Storm
Lots of referee bumps here, which leads to Storm getting no ref count after he hits Ray with the Last Call. Bobby Roode then comes to the ring, knocks Storm out with a beer bottle and puts Bully Ray over Storm. The referee makes the 3 count and Storm's destiny is just a dream. Very good match here as well

WINNER - Bully Ray

Backstage with JB and Miss Tessmacher is being interviewed. The Knockouts Title match is next. Tara is out first, followed by Miss Tessmacher

Match 3 - Knockouts Title - Tara Vs. Miss Tessmacher (c)
Taryn Terrell is refereeing as ever for Knockouts matches. As ever, The end comes with Tara attempting the Widow's Peak only for Tessmacher to roll through into a pin attempt and Taryn counts 3 for Tesmacher to retain her title.

WINNER - Miss Tessmacher

Roode is backstage, Hogan is sending him to jail for interfering, only for Storm to come running in and viciously attack Roode. Hogan orders security to have both men removed from the building immediately.

Video promo now for Austin Aries against the Aces & 8's. Aries makes his way down to the ring, not dressed traditionally so it looks like it's a street fight style match. No referee either so it's just a slugfest it seems.

Match 4 - Austin Aries Vs. 'Armbreaker'
Straight out fight between the two guys. After 5-10 mins, the other Aces & 8's members come in to attack Aries, only for the TNA locker room to come out in force and take down the group and scare them off.


Hogan now comes down to ringside, ordering a lockdown of the site with security on every door. Jeff Hardy is sat up on the floor, seemingly injured. Medics come to ringside and take him backstage. We then see a replay of Hardy being lawndarted into the ring post with his shoulder. So will Hardy be well enough to compete later on tonight?

X-Division video package is airing, so the X-Division title is next, first with Sonjay Dutt coming out and then the champion Zema Ion.

Match 5 - X-Division Title - Sonjay Dutt Vs. Zema Ion (c)
During the match, we see police pulling up to the building. Excellent match between the two guys, lots of technical work. Finish comes with Zema reversing a pin from Sonjay into a bridge, followed by a variation of the Gory Bomb to get the win.

WINNER - Zema Ion

Hogan is talking with the cops, making it clear that he wants the entire site secured for the rest of the night, even asking for more cops and security. JB backstage showing Hardy getting checked on only for Magnus to interrupt JB, saying that if Hardy does go on to compete tonight, then he's a fool for doing so. Like how RVD is a fool for wanting a match with Magnus, which is up next. Magnus makes his way to the ring first followed by RVD

Match 6 - Magnus Vs. Rob Van Dam
Good match. RVD goes over by hitting his Five Star Frog Splash and the pinfall.

WINNER - Rob Van Dam

JB backstage and interviews Kazarian and Daniels with regards to their title match coming up. Some great promo work from both guys backstage. Video package airs with the background to the match. AJ & Angle are out first, followed by the champs Kazarian & Daniels.

Match 7 - Tag Team Titles - AJ Styles & Kurt Angle Vs. The World Tag Team Champions Of The World (Kazarian & Christopher Daniels) (c)
Excellent match with these 4 guys as you'd expect. After multiple big spots and pin attempts, the end comes with AJ attempting a Styles Clash, only for Daniels to throw the Appletini drink that he had earlier in his face, which allowed Kazarian to get the pinfall and retain the belts for his team.

WINNERS - Kazarian & Christopher Daniels

We get a recap now of the Semi-Finals from earlier tonight and the attack on Hardy by the Aces & 8's member as well as the police presence. Bully Ray cuts a very good promo regarding his shot at glory coming up. Police & security come out to make sure there's no foul play. Bully Ray is out first but Hardy doesn't appear.

Hogan then comes out when Hardy's music is played for a second time and says that Hardy clearly isn't fit to compete tonight and offers Ray the chance to have the match on Impact on Thursday against a healing Jeff rather than an injured one. Jeff Hardy's music hits once again and a clearly hurt Hardy is out to compete.

Match 8 - BFG Series Final - Bully Ray Vs. Jeff Hardy
Finish comes with both guys fighting on the top of the turnbuckle, then Ray was pushed down to the canvas and Hardy managed to hit the Swanton Bomb on Ray to get the win and a ticket to the main event of Bound For Glory next month.

WINNER - Jeff Hardy

Streamers & pyro go off to mark Hardy's victory as we fade to black.

So a very interesting PPV with some very good matches and some unexpected events and endings. What will the repercussions be for everyone? Find out on Impact every Thursday and the next PPV, Bound For Glory on October 14. Ashley OUT.
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Update On Kurt Angle Wrestling At No Surrender

Following reports that he was injured at a TNA live event, Kurt Angle tweeted:

Getting Ready for tag title Match tonight at No Surrender Ppv. My Injury Will Not Hinder My Ability to Wrestle. I Won't Let It!!!

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Former WWE Diva & TNA Knockout To Be A Guest This Week On Running The Ropes

Katarina Waters aka Winter (in TNA Wrestling) aka Katie Lea Burchill (in WWE) will be a guest on this weeks "Running The Ropes". Subjects that will be covered in the interview include Katrina recently leaving TNA, her thoughts on the Knockout's Division, her run in WWE & more. If you have a question for the former Knockouts champion, send it to and the best will be asked

The audio should be up Thursday evening/Friday morning. Be sure to "like" Running The Ropes over on Facebook at
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News On Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio At WrestleMania

As reported earlier in the week, there are talks of having Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio win the WWE tag titles so they can build to a WrestleMania 29 match between the two. There has been at least some talk of making Rey Mysterio the heel while Sin Cara works as the babyface. With that said, some believe it would be a very bad idea for Mysterio to turn heel.
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New ECW DVD In The Works

Joey Styles tweeted the following:

I just saw the unpublished 2013 WWE Home Video schedule. ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 will be released next Summer! #ECW #OMG!
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Possible Sign Of Cameron's WWE Future

Over on, WWE has removed Cameron from a signing with Brodus Clay and her fellow dancer Naomi at the Steiner Sports Store on September 22nd. This was recently changed as she was listed for this before her recent arrest.

Cameron will be able to return to work after September 14th following her 15 day suspension.
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