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Live Raw results for 9/3/2012

Whatsup guys and girl, its time for another Raw, and unfortunately for me, im sick, but good thing I got plenty of sleep, because tonight is going to be rocking on Raw. Rumors are flying that Paul Heyman is going to be there, are these rumors true? Stay tuned right here to find out. And don't forget to join us over at for a live chat during Raw, where I will definitely be. See you guys and gals there.

We come to Michael Cole sitting alone at the table, they then show a video of why, with Jerry Lawler backstage fighting with CM Punk, and Punk left Lawler laying.

Sheamus comes out and says that the party never ends in "Chicargo", but Sheamus says that the party will end for Alberto Del Rio, but CM Punk interrupts him. Punk says that they can't relate to Sheamus, but they can relate to CM Punk as hes from there. Punk says that it wasn't him attacking Lawler, it was Lawler jumping Punk from behind. Punk looks at the crowd and asks if he turned his back on them, and they yell no. Sheamus stops Punk from continuing, but says that he talks about how the Rock committed the crime of interrupting him, but at least the Rock did it in the ring. Sheamus invites Punk into the ring so they can talk face to face. Punk says that he is the world champion while Punk is the WWE Champion and theres a pecking order, so Sheamus just needs to shut his mouth. AJ Lee then comes out, and says that Night of Champions is 2 weeks away, so tonight the two competitors for the 2 titles will face as Alberto Del Rio faces John Cena, and then a champion vs champion match as CM Punk faces Sheamus.

1st match Singles match
Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner: Dolph Ziggler via pinfall after a rollup reversal by both men 2 times, which saw Ziggler finally getting the rollup with a handfull of tights.

The Miz comes out during the end of the match and joins Micheal Cole on commentary.

We now have a Anger Management segment with Daniel Bryan and Kane.

2nd match Tag Team Match
Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio vs Tensai/Cody Rhodes
Winner(s): Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio via pinfall after a senton splash off the top rope on to Cody Rhodes.

We have another Anger Management segment with Bryan and Kane, where Daniel Bryan does the trust fall, and Kane catches him, but as Harold falls, both men let him fall, and Bryan looks at Kane and says, I think I finally understand you Kane.

3rd match Champion vs Champion Singles match
(World Heavyweight Champion) vs (WWE Champion)
Sheamus vs CM Punk

Punk has a mic and says that most of his city took the day off to come see him, so he is going to do the same thing, and walks out.

Backstage we see AJ Lee trying to stop Punk from leaving, but he says he has personal days, and gets in the car and leaves. Matt Striker walks up and AJ tells him to go to the ring and tell Sheamus to stay in there, she will find him a opponent.

3rd match Singles match
Jack Swagger vs Sheamus
Winner: Sheamus via submission after putting Swagger in the "Irish" cloverleaf.

After the match, Alberto Del Rio tries to attack Sheamus but Sheamus gets the upper hand and hits the celtic cross on Alberto Del Rio and then hits the brogue kick on Ricardo Rodriguez only because ADR was pushed out of the way.

4th match Divas match
Eve Torres vs Kaitlyn
Winner: Eve Torres via pinfall after the neckbreaker

5th match Singles Match
Ryback vs Jinder Mahal
Winner: Ryback via pinfall after the backpack stunner

Earlier in the night WWE asked people to tweet WWESingle, WWETag, or WWEHug to decide what Kane and Daniel Bryan would do, either face in a singles match, a tag match or hug it out.

Out comes Daniel Bryan and Kane who await the twitter poll.
Result: WWE Hug it out

So Kane and Daniel Bryan have to hug it out in the middle of the ring. Both men very reluctant, as the referee tries to make them hug. Daniel Bryan hugs Kane, but Kane does not hug him back. Kane then hugs him, but Bryan doesn't hug. Apparently they must hug at the same moment. And finally both men hug it out in the middle of the ring, and then a handshake. The friendship did not last long as both men started attacking each other, which ends when Kane tries to jump off the top rope onto Bryan who is laying with a chair around his neck, but Bryan hits Kane with a chair and runs.

6th match US Title Match Singles match
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Santino Marella
Winner: Antonio Cesaro via pinfall
Title: Antonio Cesaro retains

7th match Singles match
Zack Ryder vs Heath Slater
Winner: Zack Ryder via pinfall after the rough ryder

Vickie Guerrero then interrupts and says that she has a serious problem with AJ and she is not leaving the ring until AJ comes out so that she can give her a piece of her mind. And we now have a sit in with Vickie sitting in the ring.

Come back from commercial and Vickie is still sitting there. Vickie then starts arguing with a empty chair, and AJ then comes out. AJ says that she just got off the phone with the board of directors, and was told that she can not put her hands on any wrestler, manager, or anyone else. She then apologizes to Vickie, but Vickie gets into her face and demands a apology to her. AJ does this, but Vickie says that it was pathetic and she wants her to do it again and mean something. AJ then says she apologizes, and is slapped by Vickie, but as she comes back up to attack Vickie, Vickie stops her. Vickie tells her she can't touch her, and Vickie goes to walk up, stops, turns back around and slaps her again. Vickie then leaves laughing, leaving AJ in the ring. AJ loses it in the ring.

8th match Falls Count Anywhere Singles match
John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
Winner: Alberto Del Rio via pinfall in the back after CM Punk returned and kicked Cena in the back of the head.

After the match, CM Punk gave Cena a GTS but instead of using his knee, he used the hood of his car. CM Punk stands up and holds his title up, and gets in the car, but before it drives off, the drivers window rolls down, and out pops Paul Heymans head, and looks down at Cena, and they drive off, as the camera fades to black.

And there was Raw, wow, what a ending, Paul Heyman driving CM Punk, how bout that? Well see you guys later on.
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Jerry Lawler tweeted the following:

On my way to Chicago. F