Sunday, September 2, 2012

WWE Diva Suspended


WWE Diva Cameron (real name Ariane Andrew) has been suspended by WWE as part of the fallout of her 8/24 DUI arrest.

Andrew had been on tour in Australia as WWE learned of the arrest while the Raw crew was en route on the tour. She was pulled prior to the third and final date.

There was a lot of heat on her for the company finding out about the arrest from online reports, as opposed to her informing them of the issue. Another factor was the embarrassment of being part of the first act featured on the new WWE children's series, Saturday Morning Slam.
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Big Angle Planned For Raw

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, some big angle is being planned for Monday's Raw in CM Punk's home town.
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Update On Kelly Kelly's WWE Future

According to PWInsider, Kelly Kelly is on good terms with WWE but has yet to sign a new contract.
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WWE Diva Sent Home From WWE's Australian Tour

According to PWInsider, Cameron was sent home from WWE's tour of Australia following the news of her arrest getting out.
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