Monday, August 27, 2012

Talent Who Appeared At TNA's Destination X Appears On Raw

During Daniel Bryan/Kane's "Anger Management" on Raw, Kane put his hands on one of the extras for the segment.

The interesting thing about the extra is that he recently appeared on IMPACT Wrestling at their Destination X PPV.

The wrestler's indy name is Scorpio Sky who appeared on TNA as Mason Andrews.
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Live Results for WWE Raw 8/27/12

Hey guys, Ashley here filling in for Sean for this week's live Raw reports & results. Some interesting things are set to go down tonight. What will Triple H's response be at the top of the show? Will CM Punk explain his actions from last week? And most importantly, who will be beaten by Ryback? Keep it here for all the answers (well, hopefully all).

We start tonight with a recap of last week's 'respect' talk with John Cena, CM Punk and Jerry Lawler.

The pyro has gone off and we start with Jerry Lawler going from the commentary table to the ring. He says that he apologized to Punk for his comments from Raw 1000 and that he got kicked in the head for it. Lawler now says that HE wants an apology from CM Punk for his actions from last week. Punk makes his way down to the ring. He says that he did nothing wrong, he was disrespected by him. He does apologize, but says that his apology was for Lawler acting like a teenager for 15 years, his actions with Andy Kaufman and sorry that he lost at Mania to Cole among many other things.

Punk then asks him whether he wants to fight. Punk says that Lawler is only a commentator though and that the match would be an embarrassment. Lawler says he only wanted an apology, but Punk keeps goading him into a fight. As Punk walks up the ramp, Lawler says that he will think about it.

We're back from break and Jack Swagger is in the ring. Ryback's music hits and it looks like Swagger is this week's victim.

Match 1 - Jack Swagger Vs. Ryback
Jack Swagger tries to over-power Ryback, but Ryback wins as ever with his suplex finisher.
WINNER - Ryback

Cole announces that Triple H will be on later tonight to talk to the WWE Universe on his future, as well as John  Cena taking on The Miz also set for tonight.

Back from break and Natalya is in the ring. Layla is making her way out to the ring. Vickie Guerrero has entered and says that she has an announcement to make, but the match is underway.

Match 2 - Natalya Vs. Layla
Decent little match with Layla getting the win with a kick to the back of the head.
WINNER - Layla

Vickie tells everyone to clear the ring. She says that AJ's move to put Dolph's briefcase on the line was out of order and that the board of director's should remove her from her post, adding that she was the only one to speak her mind. AJ comes out and a CAT FIGHT ensues!

Now they're showing some of the great moments that Triple H has has over the past 15 years in WWE, first showing DX related stuff.

Now we're seeing a pre-recorded segment with Daniel Bryan's anger management classes. A kid walks in with a goat mask, who's in the school play that the group's therapist. Bryan is irate!

Punk taunts Lawler some more on Twitter, which leads to Lawler getting a mic. He says that Punk should be respectful of the history that has happened before him, like Andy Kaufman and the legends that fought in Memphis. He says that he's never backed down, so he'll accept Punk's challenge.

John Cena is now making his way down to the ring for his match. The Miz follows down to the ring. Josh Matthews has now joined the commentary.

Match 3 - John Cena Vs. The Miz
Good match between the two guys, with Cena getting the victory with the Attitude Adjustment
WINNER - John Cena

RawActive tweet thing has been put out with the options for the Punk Vs. Lawler match for the main event. The choices are a Tables Match, a No DQ match and a Cage Match.

They then show another video package with Triple H, this time focusing on his solo run as 13 time world champion.

Back from break, and confirmed for later tonight, it's Sheamus & Orton teaming up to take on Del Rio & Ziggler.

More Daniel Bryan anger management and Kane is in the meeting now, arriving late.

Heath Slater is in the ring. Santino makes his way down to the ring next.

Match 4 - Heath Slater Vs. Santino Marella
This match was so good that it had a dance-off in it... yes, it was bad. Santino went for the Cobra, only for Aksana to try and distract it from the stage. The Cobra strikes and Santino gets the win. Yawn.

WINNER - Santino Marella

Back from break and Brodus Clay is making his usual entrance, followed by Sin Cara. We have a tag match incoming. Damian Sandow came out and said that he had found a tag partner on his level, Cody Rhodes. Cody then disses both Brodus & Cara.

Match 5 - Brodus Clay & Sin Cara Vs. Damian Sandow & Cody Rhodes
Decent little match, Brodus getting the win for his team with Sin Cara and Sandow outside. Cody goes for the Beautiful Disaster only for Brodus to stop him and does his splash finish.
WINNER - Brodus Clay & Sin Cara

More anger management classes with Kane & Daniel Bryan. Kane goes