Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TNA Wrestler Joins OVW Staff

Dixie Carter tweeted the following:

Doug Williams has been brought in as a trainer for OVW. Can't wait for our developmental talent to benefit from his tremendous knowledge!
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Rey Mysterio Suffers Concussion At SummerSlam has learned that Rey Mysterio suffered a concussion at the hands of The Miz this past Sunday at SummerSlam. (RESULTS)

According to one backstage source, WWE personnel “suspected [a concussion] because he hit his head.” The following day, precautionary impact testing was conducted and “showed that [Mysterio] is below baseline, which means he sustained some sort of concussion,” the source explained. has confirmed that the San Diego native is not medically cleared to compete at this time. Mysterio did not appear on last Monday’s Raw, and has been removed from all events at least through this coming weekend.

During The Awesome One’s successful Intercontinental Title defense at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles last Sunday, the champion executed a brutal sit-down powerbomb. The maneuver snapped Mysterio’s head against the canvas, which likely caused the trauma and no doubt paved the way for The Miz’s victory. The self-proclaimed “Most Must-See Champion in WWE History” has had his awesomeness questioned in recent months, but The Miz reasserted himself with this dominance over the 619 specialist.

According to WWE physician Michael Sampson, Mysterio “had the first [test] on Monday, which showed us that he was below baseline. The physical exam was normal, but neuropsych testing was below normal. That’s the beauty of neuropsych testing,” he explained. “Based on reaction time and memory, we can measure on a computer, and he was below his baseline. That saves [Mysterio] from causing further injury from the concussion."

It was also confirmed that Mysterio will not return to in-ring action until he is at baseline and passes an exertion test. To be determined at baseline, Mysterio must pass the aforementioned impact/neuropsych test later in the week. Only then will he be permitted to undergo exertion testing.’s source estimated that the former WWE Champion “will probably be taking [the impact test today] if he’s still symptom-free, or later on this week.”

Stay with for further updates on Mysterio’s condition.
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News On Charlie Sheen Working With WWE

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter
According to those in WWE, the situation with Charlie Sheen is that around the time he agreed to be the Social Media Ambassador for RAW 1000, he also verbally agreed to work the SummerSlam pay-per-view since it was happening in Los Angeles.

About two weeks later, Sheen backed out due to scheduling issues. We now know that he had a big family birthday party that had been planned for months. While the SummerSlam deal fell through, officials are hoping that Sheen will agree to appear more for them in the next few months.

For those wondering, Sheen was never scheduled to wrestle a match. On the night of RAW 1000, WWE's plan was for the first major angle with Sheen to be shot at SummerSlam, not have the angle end. The idea was that Bryan would challenge Sheen to show up on RAW each week and when he appeared at SummerSlam, that would have got WWE the "crazy" media coverage they wanted.
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News On Names For WWE's Hall Of Fame 2013

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As reported before, names considered for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame include Mick Foley, Bob Backlund, Kevin Nash and The Ultimate Warrior. Another name rumored for induction is JBL. Foley is considered a lock for induction and Bob Backlund had refused in the past but he recently returned for the angle with Heath Slater so he likely would be more willing to be inducted. Regarding Warrior, the 2013 Royal Rumble is in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona so if they can work out a deal for him to be inducted then it likely would be announced there.
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News On Claire Lynch Leaving TNA

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As reported before, Julia Reilly, who portrays the Claire Lynch character on TNA Wrestling programming, is believed to have parted ways with the wrestling organization. Wrestlers heard that Reilly became alarmed with her identity being revealed online as well as disclosure that she moonlights as the Olive Oyl character in the Popeye ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida where Impact Wrestling is filmed. A photo surfaced online of Reilly donning an Olive Oyl costume and posing with Popeye.

Reilly is an Orlando, Florida-based actress who has appeared in informercials and television commercials. Shortly after her name came out, she went to great lengths to protect her identity online as she removed the contents of her official website and YouTube channel, and deleted her LinkedIn account. Wrestlers were told she had parted ways with the organization, but not given a reason why. Her ongoing storyline with AJ Styles is expected to conclude on Thursday's episode of Impact Wrestling with a paternity test segment.

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News On WWE Tag Titles

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Titus O'Neil and Darren Young are expected to win the WWE Tag Team Titles soon. Many people in WWE thought the title change would happen at SummerSlam and apparently that was the plan at one point. The tag team was told a while back that they were in line for a run with the titles.
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Tyler Rex Leaves WWE

After his profile was moved to the Alumni section of, it was rumored that Tyler Rex had been released.

Rex tweeted the following:

I just want to say thank you to WWE, Inc. for allowing me to be part of an incredible entertainment experience. On Monday, I asked for my release and the company was gracious enough to grant my request. 

I realized recently that being a Superstar means sacrificing certain things, including time with my family. As a new father, my heart broke every time I had to leave to go on the road. I didn't ever want to miss another moment with my daughter, so I made the decision to be a full time dad and hang up my boots. 

I will miss everyone in the locker room tremendously as they have all become a second family to me. I want to thank my coaches and teachers that really helped me along the way: Fit Finlay, Arn Anderson, Edge, Christian, Kane, Jericho, Dr. Tom, Norman Smiley, and Billy Kidman.

I also want to thank my boys. You know who you are. Especially though, a huge thank you to Hawkins. You were like a brother to me the last year and I'll miss you and will always love you bro. I wish you the best and thanks for understanding that I had to go be a dad. When she's older, and able to realize what happened, I know Mia will thank you as well.

Thanks to all the dedicated fans of #ReksAndHawkins and to The #RekkingCrew. I would never have survived without you.

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*Spoiler* Result For WWE Smackdown 8/24/12


Smackdown opened with Randy Orton discussing what happened on Raw. He said he wants a World title shot and challenges anyone who has a problem with that to come out and face him. WWE World champion Sheamus hits the ring. He comes out and agrees with Orton that Alberto Del Rio is a complainer. He wants Orton to get a title match as well. GM Booker T comes out and asks the crowd if they want the match. Alberto and Ricardo come out complaining about what happened at Summerslam and Raw. Del Rio says he wants a rematch with Sheamus and calls Sheamus a cheater. He claims there is a conspiracy against him. Booker agrees to give him a rematch but against Orton, with the winner then getting a title shot at Sheamus. Orton vs. Alberto tonight is the main event.

*Teddy Long is doing commentary with Michael Cole as Josh Mathews is still out from what happened with Kane at Summerslam.

*Ryback cuts a promo swearing revenge on Mahal before their match. The fans chant "Feed Me More." Ryback vs. Mahal. Ryback with the ground and pound offense as USA chant breaks out. Ryback rallies from Mahal offense. He uses a powerslam and the muscle buster for the win.

*Kaitlyn comes out for commentary. WWE Divas champ Layla defeated Alicia Fox. Back and forth match. Fox kicks Layla's bad knee, knocking her off the second rope. She uses a one legged Boston Crab. Layla comes back and nailed the Chick Kick for the win. After the match, Kaitlyn and Layla enter the ring and have a staredown. They shake hands. Eve Torres comes out and raises both their hands as they are confused.

*Live in the venue, they honor the National Guardsmen in attendance.

*There is a backstage vignette where Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero run afoul of Sheamus. He challenges Ziggler to cash in his briefcase tonight and Ziggler backs off. However, Teddy Long informs him they will indeed wrestle tonight.

*Raw rebound looking at the CM Punk-Jerry Lawler situation.

*WWE World champion Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler by DQ when Ziggler smashes him with the briefcase. Early on, there is a feeling out process and Sheamus is in control as Ziggler bails. Sheamus goes to the outside and is nailed. Ziggler controls the match and nails a spike DDT. Sheamus rallies and goes for the Brogue Kick but is nailed with the case. Ziggler nails him again and teases cashing in but the referee takes too long and Sheamus recovers so Ziggler splits.

*Santino Marella cut a promo talking about losing the United States title and recapping the last 166 days. He then starts talking to the Cobra asking him if they are still on the same page. WWE United States champion Antonio Cesaro and Aksana come out. Cesaro calls himself a winner in several languages. Santino attacks him but Aksana distracts the Cobra. Yes, that's what happened, allowing Cesaro to lay out Santino.

*Backstage, Alberto is yelling at Ricardo.

*Wade Barrett video piece.

*WWE '13 commercial.

*WWE Tag Team champipns Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Epico and Primo. Challengers get upper hands on Kofi. He plays Ricky Morton before making hot tag to R-Truth. Ron goes for his finisher. All four brawl. Truth finally gets the pin. Champs and the Prime Time Players, who were at ringside, jaw back and forth.

*Backstage, Matt Striker interviews Kofi and Truth. Primetime Players show up and badmouth Little Jimmy. Usos, Epico and Primo get involved and all four brawl.

*Video feature on Brock breaking Lesnar's arm.

*Backstage, Booker T and Teddy Long go over the Tag Team situation trying to decide who deserves the next title shot. Eve Torres shows up with a listing of won/loss records and shows Booker she has organized his schedule. Booker praises her and she blows off Teddy.

*Alberto Del Rio defeated Randy Orton. Sheamus is at ringside to commentate. Orton chants early as he took advantage. Del Rio returns fire with kicks and a neckbreaker. Orton nails an RKO, which sends Alberto to the floor. He nails Orton on the floor and works over his arm. Del Rio works over Orton, who makes a comeback. Alberto goes for the cross armbreaker but Orton stays oin offense with another near fall. Orton nails a DDT and goes for the Predator Stomp. He goes for the RKO but Del Rio avoids it and locks on the cross armbreaker and Orton taps. Del Rio shoves down Ricardo, who is trying to celebrate and throws a shoe at Sheamus. They brawl and Sheamus is KO'd with a shoe. Dolph hits the scene with the briefcase but Orton nails him with an RKO and runs off Alberto, who sneers at Orton and Sheamus to close the show.


*John Cena pinned Big Show in a No DQ match. Show stalled a lot early. They battle on the outside. Show tosses Cena into the ring and stomps him. The usual Show offense before Cena tries to rally out. Cena goes for a slam but fails. Show takes the mic and trashes Cena. Show uses a bearhug and misses a Vader Bomb. Cena rallies with all his big moves but Show clotheslines him. He goes for the Knockout punch but Cena ducks and nails the Attitude Adjustment for the pin.

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