Saturday, August 18, 2012

Full Roster For WWE13


Modern Era WWE

Alberto Del Rio
Big Show
Booker T
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
CM Punk
Chris Jericho
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
The Great Khali
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
John Cena (Doctor Of Thugganomics)
John Laurinaitis
Justin Gabriel
Kevin Nash
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
The Miz
Randy Orton
John Cena
Rey Mysterio
The Rock
Santino Marella
Sin Cara
Ted DiBiase
Triple H
The Undertaker
Jinder Mahal
Wade Barrett
Zack Ryder
Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Kelly Kelly
Nikki Bella

Attitude Era

Road Warrior Animal
Big Boss Man
Billy Gunn
Bradshaw (APA)
Bret Hart
British Bulldog
Cactus Jack
Chris Jericho (Y2J)
Christian (Edge & Christian)
Dude Love
Eddie Guerrero
Edge (Edge & Christian)
Faarooq (APA)
The Godfather
Road Warrior Hawk
Hunter Heart Helmsley
Ken Shamrock
Mark Henry (Nation of Domination)
Mr. McMahon
"The Big Show" Paul Wight
Road Dogg Jesse James
The Rock
Shane McMahon
Shawn Michaels (D-Generation X)
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Triple H (D-Generation X)
The Undertaker (The Lord of Darkness)
Lita (Attitude Era)
Stephanie McMahon (The Billion Dollar Princess)
Trish Stratus

Downloadable Characters:
Mike Tyson
Damien Sandow
AJ Lee
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AW Responds To CM Punk's Comments

After CM Punk said the firing of the former AW was justified, AW tweeted the following:

I see @CMPunk has become a bit vocal in saying I should have been fired for an (Alleged) rape joke. Well then why wasn't Big Show fired?"He wasn't fired because he draws more money than I do. With @WWE it's not about Morals... It's about Money
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News On Possible Names For Hall Of Fame 2013


Internally, WWE has started discussing some names for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame inductions in April 2013 at Madison Square Garden.
The primary names being discussed thus far have connections to New York City and the Garden itself:

*Mick Foley, who is from New York and has long talked and written about the importance of the Garden in his career.

*Kevin Nash, who won his first WWF title in the Garden.

*Bob Backlund, who turned down an invitation in 2004 and wrestled and headlined in the Garden for many, many years.

There has also been discussion of honoring Randy Savage this year, although whether they have even approached the Poffo family is unknown

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News On Location For WWE SummerSlam 2013


The word making its way around WWE HQ yesterday was that next year's Summerslam would be held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
MSG was the original plan for Summerslam this year, but building renovations prevented that and the show was moved to Los Angeles, where it has been held the last several years.
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