Monday, August 13, 2012

Live Raw results for 8/13/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its time for WWE Raw, and what will happen tonight on the go home show for Summerslam? With Brock Lesnar, HHH, and Shawn Micheals all in the same building, will things combust? And how about this supposed moment to change all of WWE? Will the dirt sheets be telling the truth? Stay tuned right here for all the answers and more. Also don't forget to join us over at for a live chat with myself and others during Raw.

1st match Singles match
CM Punk vs Big Show
Winner: CM Punk via DQ

During the match Daniel Bryan came out and attacked CM Punk. Bryan put Punk in the NO Lock, and as Big Show elbow dropped Punk, John Cena comes running down, and clothelines Big Show out of the ring, and then back body drops Daniel Bryan out. AJ Lee then comes out and announces a tag team main event, Daniel Bryan and Big Show vs CM Punk and John Cena.

Backstage we see JTG complaining to a diva, when AJ walks behind him as he mentions that being on the show is crazy. AJ stops and asks if she hates him, why he hates her. He then just said, he wants to compete, and AJ says get to the ring, I will find you someone.

2nd match Singles match
JTG vs Ryback
Winner: Ryback via pinfall after the backpack stunner

3rd match Singles match
R-Truth vs Heath Slater
Winner: R-Truth via pinfall after the lie detector

After the match Titus O'Neil and Darren Young come running down and attack R-Truth.

4th match Singles match
Sin Cara vs Tensai
Winner: Sin Cara via pinfall after a huge ddt

Pipers Pit with Chris Jericho as he was chosen by the WWE Universe. They start off by saying that the last time they saw each other was when Jericho got knocked out by Mickey Rourke. Piper starts pumping up Jericho before he is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler saying that Jericho should hang up his lighted jacket next to Pipers kilt. Jericho and Ziggler start talking to each other as Miz comes out, talking about how him and Ziggler aren't the best of friends, but Ziggler can be his guest on his show. He then tells Piper and Jericho to get out of his ring, but Jericho punches Miz and throws him out, and then clotheslines Ziggler out.

5th match Triple Threat Match
Miz vs Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho
Winner: Dolph Ziggler via pinfall after hitting the zig zag on Chris Jericho.

Backstage we see John Cena and CM Punk talking about how Punk isn't that guy. Tonight Punk will make sure he walks out the winner, but on Sunday, he will again be walking out the winner, and he will do anything to make that happen.

6th match Divas Tag Match
Layla/Kaitlyn vs Beth Phoenix/Eve
Winner(s): Layla and Kaitlyn via pinfall on Beth Phoenix

7th match Tag Team Match
Big Show/Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk/John Cena
Winner(s): CM Punk and John Cena via pinfall after Cena hit the AA on Daniel Bryan.

After the match Big Show tried to attack Cena, but was stopped by CM Punk via a title belt to the head. Cena stared at Punk and Punk left the ring.

8th match Singles match
Damien Sandow vs Christian
Winner: Damien Sandow via pinfall after a cross falling neckbreaker

During the match, Brodus Clay came out hobbling.

Backstage we see Shawn Micheals walking around, he turns a corner, and turns back around, only to see Brock Lesnar standing there. Micheals backs away and leaves as Brock smiles.

Out comes Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, Heyman has a mic and says that HHH wanted this match, but Lesnar wanted this fight. That on Sunday, HHH will not walk out of Summerslam. So Heyman has a contract that says that whatever happens on Sunday, no one can sue the other. (In all honesty, it is very hard to keep up with Heyman, he speaks very fast.) Shawn Micheals comes out, but does not say a word. Then out comes HHH. HHH signs the contract, and Lesnar and HHH stare down, but Lesnar does not sign the contract, and jumps out of the ring. Both Lesnar and Heyman walk up the ramp and leave as Micheals and HHH stare on.

Backstage we see Big Show being interviewed when we hear screeching tires, and a camera crew runs down to see Shawn Micheals trying to leave, but Paul Heyman has him blocked. HBK is yelling at Heyman when Lesnar pulls him out of the car, but knocks over the cameraman who drops his camera. We hear Heyman yelling at Micheals as we hear Brock beating down Micheals (we think).

We come back from commercial and see a destroyed car that Micheals was driving. Several wrestlers, referees and AJ Lee are standing there looking, when HHH walks up asking where is Shawn. AJ says that Brock took him, and thats it.

We cut to Lawler and Cole talking, when we see Lesnar walking in with Shawn over his shoulders and Heyman still screaming at him. Lesnar throws him in the ring, and F-5's him in the ring. Brock puts Micheals in the kimerua lock and HHH runs out, but Heyman stops him, and tells him if he continues, Lesnar will break his arm. HHH runs into the ring, and Lesnar breaks the arm and runs. EMTs come running out as Lesnar and Heyman are on the ramp, with HHH over Micheals telling him hes sorry, but Micheals tells HHH to get away. Lesnar comes back out onto the ramp, as HHH jumps back up and rips his shirt off as the cameras fade to black.

And there goes Raw, wow is all I can say, and thats just to prepare for the huge HHH vs Lesnar match on Sunday. So I will see you guys on Sunday for Summerslam.
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Confirmed WWE DVD's for 2012

WWEDVDNews has confirmed that WWE will be releasing a DVD about the nWo on Tuesday, November 6th of this year. The main feature of the release will be a documentary on the group's history. They have also confirmed that WWE will release an Attitude Era DVD on Tuesday, November 20th of this year.

Both releases are confirmed for Blu-ray also.

Here's the updated confirmed release dates for 2012:

* Money in the Bank 2012 - August 14th
* 50 Greatest Finishing Moves - August 21st
* Superstar Collection: Randy Orton - September 4th
* Superstar Collection: Kofi Kingston - September 4th
* Once In A Lifetime: Rock vs. Cena - September 11th
* SummerSlam 2012 - September 18th
* CM Punk: Best in the World - October 9th
* Superstar Collection: Shawn Michaels - October 16th
* Superstar Collection: Rey Mysterio - October 16th
* Night of Champions 2012 - October 16th
* Brock Lesnar: Here Comes The Pain Collector's Edition - October 30th
* New World Order – November 6th
* The Attitude Era – November 20th
* Hell in a Cell 2012 – November 27th
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Three Matches and More Announced for This Week's TNA Impact Wrestling

TNA has announced the following for Thursday's Impact Wrestling:

* New Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne will appear

* An update on Aces & 8s

* The fallout from Hardcore Justice

* The final week of Bound For Glory Series matches with Samoa Joe vs. Magnus, AJ Styles vs. Daniels and Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy
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Updated TNA Bound For Glory Series Standings After Hardcore Justice

Coming out of last night's TNA Hardcore Justice pay-per-view where Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, and Bully Ray all picked up 20 points, here's the updated Bound For Glory Series standings:

1.. James Storm - 66 points
2. Rob Van Dam - 55 points
3. Samoa Joe - 54 points
4. Bully Ray - 48 points
4. Kurt Angle - 48 points
5. Mr. Anderson - 40 points
6. AJ Styles - 36 points
7. Jeff Hardy - 35 points
8. Daniels - 33 points
9. Magnus - 21 points
10. The Pope - 7 points
11. Robbie E. - 5 points
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News for Tonight's WWE RAW

Tonight's WWE RAW takes place from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Confirmed for tonight's show is an appearance with Shawn Michaels as the hype for Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H at SummerSlam continues.

Tonight's show will open with WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Big Show in a non-title match. WWE will be bringing back the Social Media Ambassador gimmick tonight as MTV's DJ Pauly D will play the role. The American Airlines Center is advertising John Cena vs. Big Show in a No DQ match as the main event. Tonight's RAW is the final RAW before SummerSlam so we should get a final card including the YouTube pre-show match.

WWE is focusing on the following points for tonight's RAW:

* Will Alberto Del Rio sneak his way back into the #1 contender's spot?

* How will Daniel Bryan battle back against Kane?

* Will Social Media Ambassador DJ Pauly D fist pump with Zack Ryder?

* Brock Lesnar's final opportunity to "see" Shawn Michaels before the Triple H match at SummerSlam

* How will CM Punk react to Big Show's recent actions?
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Backstage News on SmackDown's Antonio Cesaro

WWE officials are said to be on the fence about SmackDown Superstar Antonio Cesaro, formerly known as Claudio Castagnoli on the independents. He's considered by some to be a "now or never" talent and the hope is that he will have a breakout moment here soon.
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