Friday, August 10, 2012

Booker T Announces Alberto Del Rio's Punishment For His Actions On Smackdown

WWE posted a video (Which can be found here) where Booker T announced that as punishment for his actions on Friday Night Smackdown, Alberto Del Rio has lost his title shot at Summerslam
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Shawn Michaels Announced For Monday's Raw

WWE announced Friday via Twitter that Shawn Michaels will appear on Monday's episode of Raw, the final episode before SummerSlam. Brock Lesnar issued a threatening warning to HBK on Monday's show that he would see him before SummerSlam. Michaels will be in Triple H's corner when he faces Lesnar at the pay-per-view event. Triple H is also advertised to appear at Raw, which will take place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.
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WWE Says A.W. Was Terminated Due To "Offensive and Inappropriate Comments"

WWE announced Friday they have come to terms on the release of A.W. (a/k/a Abraham Washington) as of August 10, 2012, weeks after the boisterous personality made a rape joke on the July 30 episode of Raw. According to a company spokesman, A.W., whose real name is Brian Jossie, was terminated due to his continued use of offensive and inappropriate remarks in public settings following the ordeal.

A representative for WWE told Friday evening, "Unfortunately, Brian Jossie, playing the character of A.W. was terminated because he continued to exhibit poor judgment by making offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media."

Jossie angrily spoke out against WWE via Twitter following the announcement, stating they "turned its back" on him.

"It was the #WWE that made me bold and now it has turned it's back on me," he said. "Just be normal shut up and be a yes man so you can collect your check and feel like your special. #SELLOUTS!! I remember a time when the WWE didn't care about breaking the mold but now everyone is so afraid of their own shadow. #RemeberTheFans. Thank you WWE for creating me and then killing me because I only portrayed what I grew up watching... The #WWE!!"
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Buggy Nova's FCW Name Revealed

The wrestler formerly known as Buggy Nova is now referencing herself as Skyler Moon on Twitter—her new handle is @SkYlerMoon_WWE. After signing a developmental contract with WWE in June, the young upstart appeared as Natalie, her real name, at Florida Championship Wrestling events.
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CM Punk Talks About Being WWE Champion, Jon Jones Controversy & "Combos" Commercial

WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on 670 The Score in Chicago on Friday and talked about a number of topics, including this thoughts on the state of the industry, every wrestling crowd being different, whether he's had h