Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tensai Reprimanded For Tout Comments


Tensai posted a tout where he was driving with Sakamoto to tonight's Smackdown taping. He made a comment saying it is 'very dangerous to drive with a Japanese person'.

When contacted by The Score in Canada, WWE released a statement noting:

"While in character, Lord Tensai (Matt Bloom) clearly took his storyline too far and he will be reprimanded for his inappropriate comments."
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Backstage Mood At Raw

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the mood backstage at last night's RAW from Cincinnati was described as "extremely chaotic." Some felt that it was a sign of things to come for the rest of WWE's three-hour RAW's.
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News On The WWE Tag Tiles

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Many in WWE expect Titus O'Neil and Darren Young to capture the Tag Team Titles before SummerSlam or at the pay-per-view. No word yet if AW's blunder on RAW last night will effect their push.
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TMZ Picks Up AW/Kobe Bryant Comment

The WWE has issued an full apology after an on-air personality joked that one of the wrestlers was "like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado ... he's unstoppable."

It all went down during a live broadcast of "Monday Night Raw" ... when a manager named Abraham Washington -- who was wearing a live mic -- was ringside for a match involving a wrestler named Titus O'Neil ... and during the action, A.W. let the Kobe crack fly.

The comment is an obvious reference to Kobe's 2003 sexual assault case -- when he was accused of raping a woman in his hotel room in Eagle, Colorado. The accuser eventually reached a settlement with Kobe and dropped her case.

A rep for the WWE has issued a statement to TMZ ... telling us, "A.W. made an inappropriate comment and WWE immediately apologized."

The rep adds, "WWE has taken appropriate action in the matter."  It's unclear what kind of "action" the org. has decided to take.

Sources tell us A.W. "felt horrible" after he made the comment ... claimed he simply "got caught up in the moment" ... and realizes the comment could be hurtful to rape victims and their families.

A.W. immediately apologized to WWE honchos, including the McMahon family, and several wrestlers ... and has also vowed to refrain from making similar comments in the future.

10:20 PM PT -- Washington has issued an apology on Twitter ... calling his comments "inappropriate and insensitive."

He adds, "I went too far with that joke."

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter many people were furious backstage over the remark, as well as in disbelief.
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Backstage Talk Over The WWE Divas

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

After WWE nixed a Divas segment from RAW 1000, there was no Divas segment or match again on last night's episode. The topic of how much TV time the Divas have been getting lately was a hot topic backstage last night.
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