Monday, July 30, 2012

Randy Orton Returns To WWE

Randy Orton returned to WWE following his 60 suspension tonight during Raw
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Update On Kelly Kelly's WWE Future


For those who have asked, Kelly Kelly was backstage at Raw 1000 last week but was not used.

Sources within WWE indicate that she has not signed a new, longer-term deal at this point. There were forces within the company pushing to lock Kelly up for an additional five years
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Live Raw results for 7/30/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its time for another Raw, and tonight, CM Punk has said that he will answer for what he did last week. What will he say? Will the Rock make a appearance? Stay right here to find out. Also, don't forget that Raw does start at 8 pm EDT, so be here in 30 mins for the start, and don't forget to join us over at for a live chat during Raw with myself, and others of the SNS Family.

Update: Apparently Raw will be starting at its regular time, but was unsure due to a fire in the arena.

They start with a recap of last week, then out comes CM Punk to talk about last week, who then quotes King from last week, saying that Punk turned his back on the WWE Universe. Punk then goes and sits on the announcers table and starts talking to Jerry Lawler. Punk then starts talking about Rock, how the Rock is just a single person, he is not the WWE Universe. Rock showed Punk no respect, and Punk showed it right back. Where is Rock response? When Cena and the Rock were fighting you couldn't shut him up, but now the Rock is silent, and that means something. Out comes Big Show, who talks about how Punk is still champion because of Show. Cena vowed that Show wouldn't win the MITB, Show vowed Cena wouldn't win his title back. John Cena comes running out, and attacks Big Show as Punk looks on. Show runs out of the ring, and AJ comes out and announces that tonight Cena will face Big Show for a shot at the title at Summerslam.

1st match Singles match
Santino Marella vs Alberto Del Rio
Winner: Alberto Del Rio via submission after putting the rolling cross armbreaker on Santino.

Alberto Del Rio says that he will not compete unless the match is for the World Title. So ADR will not compete until Summerslam.

We come back from commercial to see Brodus Clay in the ring, before Vickie Guerrero interrupts him to start dancing herself, before Damien Sandow comes out and beats down Brodus Clay.

Backstage we see Daniel Bryan storm into AJ Lee's office, saying how she embarrassed he was last week. AJ mentions the men in white suits, and tells Daniel Bryan that he has a match tonight with Sheamus. Bryan asks if its for the title, and Sheamus starts chanting no.

3rd match Street Fight
Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus
Winner: Sheamus via pinfall after a brogue kick

We come back from commercial to see Daniel Bryan laying in the ring yelling for a doctor, before they cut back to a video feed from earlier in the day. Daniel Bryan is still laying in the ring, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth  come out, and Daniel Bryan begins talking to Little Jimmy. Bryan then kicks Little Jimmy out of the ring as R-Truth jumps out and starts consoling Little Jimmy. The men in white jumpsuits then come down and surround R-Truth, until AJ comes out and tells them its not R-Truth they need to take, its Daniel Bryan. AJ then informs Bryan that he will be undergoing a psychiatric evaluation for a safer work environment.

4th match Singles match
Kofi Kingston vs Titus O'Neil
Winner: Titus O'Neil via pinfall after a distraction from AW

In the ring is Heath Slater, who talks about doing a open challenge to any current WWE superstar.

5th match Singles Match
Heath Slater vs Randy Orton
Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall after a RKO

6th match Tag Team Match
Chris Jericho/Christian vs Cody Rhodes/Dolph Ziggler
Winner(s): Chris Jericho and Christian via pinfall after the codebreaker on the Miz

After the match, Dolph Ziggler smashed Jericho over the back of the head with the briefcase.

7th match Singles match
Tyson Kidd vs Tensai
Winner: Tensai via pinfall
Winner: Tyson Kidd via reverse decision

After the match, Tensai continued the assault on Tyson, until the ref reverses the decision

Backstage we see Daniel Bryan in a room with a docto