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Results For IMPACT Wrestling 7/26/12


After a recap of what happened in the last week, Sting made his way to the ring.  He said that thanks to Aces and Eights, Hulk Hogan had a shattered hip and was dealing with mesh and titanium plates in his back.  He said that he was their first target and Dixie Carter put him in charge while Hogan is away.  He said he was one man alone but he was calling them out.

Instead, out came TNA champion Austin Aries.  He said that they didn't just attack Sting and Hogan but also the champion and that means they were trying to make a statement.  He said he was making a statement right now, and that was the second one of them showed up tonight, he was attacking them.

Kurt Angle came out and said that they attacked him last week and tried to take everything away from him, so now he wants to kick their ass,

Bobby Roode came out.  He said that he wasn't there to fight nor was he there to back them up.  He was there to tell them who was behind all the attacks.  He said there was someone who has been in the TNA title scene for a year and is jealous of Roode as well as the others and that's James Storm and he is responsible.

Storm hit the scene and attacked Roode from behind.  They brawled into the ring as the other watched.  Angle grabbed Storm and held him as Roode escaped the ring.  Roode took the mic and said that the truth hurts because Storm is behind it.

They promoted the Bound for Glory on sale hard for tomorrow.

Backstage, Tara, Kurt Angle and Kid Kash were interviewed about the impending debut of Chavo Guerrero.

Bobby Roode was grabbed backstage. He asked why everyone was questioning him. He said that no one wants to believe him that it's James Storm, so he was leaving. He said that no one knows Storm better than him and he knows how Storm clicks. If people don't want to listen, he was leaving and headed out of the Impact Zone backstage area towards a parking lot.

Madison Rayne & Gail Kim vs. Tara & Mickie James

They showed a clip of Rayne being infatuated with Earl Hebner.  It was announced that all four will face each other in a Four Way with the winner getting a Knockouts title shot at Hardcore Justice.

Kim and Tara started out working over each other's arms.  Tara used a handstand to escape.  Tara avoided a charge into the corner and hiptossed her over.

James tagged in and nailed a dropkick to the face on Kim for a two count.   Kim drilled James with a series of kicks to the side but was taken down with a top wristlock.   James nailed a Thesz Press.  Kim whipped her into the ropes but James was kicked by Rayne from the outside.

This allowed Kim and Rayne to work over Kim in the corner.   James fired back.  Rayne missed a charge in the corner and Kim made the hot tag to Tara,  Tara nailed a pair of running clotheslines.  Tara drilled Rayne down with an inverted TKO for a two count before Kim made the save.

Rayne and Tara rolled through on Rayne, snapping her over.  They locked in a double crab.  Kim came off the top with a double missile dropkick.  They went back and forth until James used the Backlund Bridge to roll up Kim but the referee counted her shoulders down even though it was obviously not down for a three count.  James was shocked.

Your winner, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne!

Sting told Austin Aries that he needed someone to handle the X-Division and cut some of the talents.  He said Aries knew how to handle X-Division business better than anyone.  Cuts?  Half these guys just debuted!   And the WORLD CHAMPION has time to handle this when Sting, the GM doesn't?  Come on!  Aries finally agreed but told Sting that he would be back to handle the Aces and Eights.  He went into the X-Division locker room and told someone to get off his desk because they had business.

They played a video piece on Sam Shaw appearing in Gutcheck tonight.

Hernandez, Gunner and Bully Ray commented on Chavo Guerrero joining TNA.  They certainly are building Chavo up like a big acquisition.

Sam Shaw vs. Douglas Williams

The crowd was behind Shaw right away, chanting for him.  They had some nice exchanges early with Shaw showing some really good athletic moves.   Shaw used the Orton backbreaker into a neckbreaker for a two count.  He slammed Williams and went to the ropes.

Joey Ryan appeared in the crowd holding a 87% sign.  That distracted Shaw, allowing Williams to trip him.  Several officials came out and Ryan drilled Snow and ran out of the building with Snow and others in pursuit.

Williams worked over Shaw and drilled him with a number of shots.  Williams nailed a running lknee and slammed Shaw in the center of the ring.  He slapped Shaw and nailed the Rolling Chaos for the pin.

Your winner, Douglas Williams!

The story was that Shaw looked good and showed promise before Ryan distracted him.  From there, the veteran worked over Shaw and that was it for him.

Backstage, Austin Aries said that he knows the X-Division wrestlers were waiting for Sting but instead it's him.  Kenny King, Rashad Cameron and Sonjay Dutt all gave their reasons as to why they should get the title shot.  Dutt said that he would have won the belt if he hadn't dislocated his shoulder.  Cameron said he's been around six years and never won the belt.  King said that Dakota's been getting his ass kicked for weeks and doesn't deserve a title shot.  Aries finally decided that Cameron was cut.

They aired a Chavo Guerrero teaser.

They showed several Bellator fighters in attendance.

Chavo Guerrero, wearing street clothes, came to the ring.  He celebrated with some fans around ringside.  There was a big "Chavo" chant.  Guerrero said that he wanted to say hello to the "Guerrero people.:  He got a big pop.  He said that he knows where he should have been the last few years.  Guerrero said he was very humbled to be allowed to be in their ring and thanked the fans.   He said that one thing the Guerrero family has always done and that's conquer and to be a champion.  He said that in every company, country and continent they have ever been in, they have done that, except TNA.  He said that when he walked in the locker room, he sees hunger with hungry wrestlers who want to steal the show every night.  He said that he sees the eyes of the best and that's why he's here.  He said that Chavo Guerrero is here to beat the best.  He said that timing is everything and that's something that Guerreros have always had.  He said that everyone needed to remember this date because it's Guerrero time and it's time for him to be a champion in TNA.  He tried to thank everyone.

Kid Kash and Gunner came out.  Kash questioned him being considered a wrestling legend.  He mocked all the family members for being wrestlers and asked what generation he was.  He questioned the Guerreros being wrestling royalty and asked him if he thought they had to bow down to him.  He asked Guerrero where his family was.  Guerrero said they were the fans.  Kash said he didn't care about the government-supported idiots in the crowd and asked where Chavo and Mando and the others were.  He asked if they were too old or too drunk.

Chavo nailed Kash but was double teamed by Gunner and Kash.  Hernandez hit the ring for the save.   He clotheslined Gunner out of the ring.  Guerrero dropkicked Kash out of the ring.  Hernandez and Guerrero embraced.
Kurt Angle asked James Storm if there was anything to Bobby Roode's allegations.  Storm said that Angle should know firsthand that when Storm has an issue, he goes to the person firsthand and wasn't scared of an asswhipping.  Angle asked him if Storm had their backs if Aces and Eights attacked tonight.  Storm said that he does.  Angle walked off but the camera remained on Storm,. who looked serious as if he was teasing that he wasn't being honest.

The Gutcheck judges tried to talk about Sam Shaw.  Al Snow was mad that he didn't see any of the match because of Joey Ryan and screamed that Ryan had his attention now.  They commented that Ryan wanted his attention and he can't give him what he wanted.  Taz and Prichard said nice things about Shaw while Snow was upset.  They  said they needed to go out and make a decision.

We saw a video recap of the AJ-Claire storyline.

Bound for Glory Series: AJ Styles vs. James Storm

They showed Claire sitting at ringside.

Styles and Storm had some nice counter wrestling early.  Storm drilled Styles with a right hand and smashed him into the turnbuckles.   Storm worked over Styles and covered him, then went into a side headlock.   Styles fired back but was cut off and covered by Storm.

Storm backdropped Styles and locked in a rear chinlock.   Styles fired back and leapfrogged Storm but was nailed with a right hand.  Styles came back with a shot and covered Storm.  They battled back and forth   Storm went for a waistlock.  Styles ran into the corner to escape, smashing Storm into the buckles.

Styles scored several near falls and locked on a rear chinlock.   They battled back and forth with strike.  Storm shoulderblocked Styles into the corner and clotheslines Styles.  Storm nailed a forearm smash for another two count.

Styles came back with a nice back suplex for a two count.   He went for a flying forearm in the corner but Storm moved out of the way.  He placed Styles on the top turnbuckle but was drilled with several Styles elbows.  Storm nailed Styles and went for the Whirlybird and nailed it.  Storm covered Styles who kicked out at the last second.

Storm went to the top for a Blockbuster but Styles nailed him with a right.  Storm went for a DDT but was caught with a suplex into the buckles.  Styles covered him for a two count.

Styles nailed a flying forerm, springboarding into the ring, for a two count.   AJ went for the Styles Clash but Storm turned it into an overhead sidewalk slam.  Storm was down and out but crawled over for another two count.

Storm DDT'd Styles on the apron and covered Styles for another two count.  Storm goes for the Last Call superkick but Styles avoided it and nailed the Pele Kick.

Aces and Eights hit the ring and attack Styles.  Security charged down but they were taken out.  They beat down Styles, but not Storm, and then ran out of the ring.

After a commercial break, an interviewer asked James Storm why everyone was attacked but him.  Storm asked if he was accusing James.  Storm grabbed the interviewer (TNA Producer Jason Hervey) and called him a son of a bitch.  He said he doesn't need anyone's help to kick another man's ass.  Storm stormed off.

The TNA Gutcheck judging segment began.  Sam Shaw came to the ring.  Shaw said that even though he came up a bit short, he has the drive and determination to be one of the best.  He asked them to say yes to him.

Al Snow said that unfortunately due to a jackass, he didn't get a chance to see his match.  He said that nothing would make him happier than to stick it up Joey Ryan's ass and say yes, but he has to say no.

Bruce Prichard said that he didn't think that thus far he and Snow haven't disagreed.  However, Prichard said that tonight he thought Shaw did a hell of a job, so it was a yes.

Shaw told Taz that he wanted to show the same determination that Taz had in 1999 when he was trying to break into the big leagues.  Yeah, because being ECW World champ on PPV wasn't the big leagues?  He said that he wanted the chance to learn and compete with the best.

Taz praised his athleticism and work but told him he took his eye off the ball.  Still, the answer was yes.

So, Sam Shaw is the latest member of the roster.

We went back to Austin Aries who asked the remaining stars why they wanted to compete tonight.  Dutt said that he was the only man who dislocated his shoulder twice and still almost won.  King said that he was your man.  Darsow said that he wasn't flashy and pretty but he gets the job done.  Aries said that sometimes the Division is about flash and being pretty.  He said that Dakota might be a little too emotional about the Jesse Sorensen situation so he was cutting him.  Darsow stormed off.  Aries told him to tell his father hello and that he hoped his repo business was doing well.

Zema Ion came to the ring.

Backstage, Austin Aries told Sonjay Dutt that the doctors weren't sure about his shoulders and that he's been here six years, so they were giving the title shot to Kenny King.

TNA X-Division champion Zema Ion vs. Kenny King.

King told Ion that his reign was over.  They locked up and King backed him into the corner.  There was a clean break and Ion began spraying himself with hairspray.

The champ takes King down, but is sidestepped and dropkicked by King.  King whipped Ion into the corner and nailed a forearm.  He runs Ion's throat into the ropes, then nailed a springboard bodypress for a two count.

King went to the top but was shoved over the top to the floor.  Ion nailed a flip dive to the floor.   He tossed King back into the ring and nailed a missile dropkick.  Ion drilled his knees across King's back for a two count.

Ion locked in an armbar but King worked his way back to his feet.  Ion drilled him   Ion whipped King hard into the turnbuckles.  Ion whipped King into the opposite corner but King turned it into a sunset flip off the ropes for a two count.

Ion cut off King but was drilled with a series of forearms.  King nailed a dropkick and a clothesline.  King nailed an inverted atomic drop and an enziguiri for a two count.   King backdropped Ion over the top onto the apron.  Ion nailed King but was caught with a dive after he jawjacked with the audience.

King had Ion on the ropes but Bobby Roode showed up and ran him into the ringpost.  He tossed King back into the ring where Ion hit a moonsault and scored the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division champ, Zema Ion!

Good match until the interference.

Roode said that he was the it factor and he takes chances away. Austin Aries hit the scene and they brawled.

Backstage, Bully Ray said that he wasn't concerned about Aces and Eights. He said they would be shmucks to mess with him and he doesn't need to beat them to get the points. He said that Kurt Angle is the best wrestler in the world but Ray is the one man who can run right through him. He promised he was getting those points.

They showed clips of Austin Aries winning the TNA title at Destination X.  Taz and Mike Tenay pushed the Hardcore Justice main event.

They announced Aries and King vs. Roode and Ion for next week's main event.

Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle: Bound for Glory Series

They circled each other before locking up.   They had a clean break before locking up again.  Angle grabbed a waistlock.  Ray reversed but Angle reversed it again and went for the Olympic Slam.  Ray slipped out.

They locked up again, this time with a knucklelock.   They locked up but Ray drilled him across the back.  He went for a sitdown Bubba slam but Angle slipped out and grabbed the leg for an attempted ankle lock.  Ray grabbed the ropes.

Angle began working over Ray's arm.  Ray fired back with a shot to the back of the head and nailed a piledriver.  Ray covered him but Angle grapped the rope.  They went to commercial.

When we returned, Ray was still in control and covered Angle for another two count.  We went to commercial again.  When they returned again, Angle made a comeback and drilled Ray with an overhead belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Ray came back with a Bubba Bomb for another two count.

Ray grabbed Angle for an exploder but Angle drilled him with a series of elbows befiore getting hit with a series of German suplexes.   Angle locked in the anklelock.   Ray finally rolled through and drilled Angle with a series of stiff chops across the chest.

Ray slammed Angle for a two count.   Ray measured Angle for a running kick but Angle avoided it and nailed the Angleslam for another two count.   Angle went to the top but missed a moonsault.

Rey went for the Bubba Cutter but Angle shoved him off.   Ray kicked Angle with a big boot for a two count.  Angle nailed an Olympic Slam and scored the pin, gaining seven points.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

Aces and Eights hi the ring and attacked Angle.  Ray rolled out of the ring.   Sting, Austin Aries and AJ Styles ht the ring for the save.  Everyone brawled.  James Storm hit the scene, to ring music and chased off Aces and Eights.  They left the ring as soon as they saw him.  The others began arguing with Storm as to why they walked away.

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