Friday, July 13, 2012

Hulk Hogan Set For Surgery Again

According to PWInsider, Hulk Hogan is to undergo another back surgery again which is why TNA ran the angle last night where the Aces and Eights group laid him out.
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Backstage Reaction To NXT Taping

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE officials are reportedly very happy with the NXT tapings at Full Sail University so far. The feeling is that they have something really special going. One WWE employee who attended the last tapings was very impressed with the way everything ran
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Former WWE Talent Returns At NXT Taping

Former WWE Superstar Scotty 2 Hotty returned to WWE last night at the NXT tapings as he defeated Heath Slater.
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*Spoiler* Results For WWE NXT


WWE NXT Taping - Full Sail, Orlando Florida - July 12, 2012

Dark Match:

Alex Riley vs Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana
Riley won with the TKO.

Episode 1:

The taping started with a video of Dusty Rhodes announcing an 8 man "Gold Rush Tournament" to crown the first NXT Champion

The 8 participants were:
Richie Steamboat
Bo Dallas
Seth Rollins
Leo Kruger
Michael McGillicutty
Drew McIntyre
Jinder Mahal
Justin Gabriel

- 1st Round Tournament Match - Richie Steamboat vs Leo Kruger
Steamboat won with the Sling Blade.

- Big-E Langston vs Adam Mercer
This was a quick squash.
Langston won with the Big Ending.

- Audrey Marie vs Raquel Diaz
As Diaz walked down the ramp, she cut a promo saying she was starting an "Exfoliating Ugliness” tour tonight.
Diaz won with the Gory Bomb. Afterwards she put makeup on Audrey in the corner.

- Hunico and Camacho vs Mike Dalton and Jason Jordan
Dalton won with a quick pinfall off of a hurricana.

- 1st Round Tournament Match - Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins won with the Blackout.
McIntyre was in control of Rollins for most of the match, as he worked on Rollin’s arm.

Episode 2:

- 1st Round Tournament Match - Michael McGillicutty vs Justin Gabriel
McGillicutty won with the McGillicutter.

- CJ Parker vs Kassius Ohno
Ohno won with a Rolling Elbow to the back of Parker’s head.

- 1st Round Tournament Match - Bo Dallas vs Jinder Mahal
Mahal won with the Camel clutch.

Episode 3:

- Tamina Sunka and Paige vs Kaitlyn and Caylee Turner
Paige won with a small package on Turner.

- Heath Slater vs Scotty 2 Hotty
Scotty 2 Hotty won with the worm.
Before the match, Heath Slater cut a promo laying out an open challenge to anyone in the back.

- The Ascension vs The Usos
The Usos won via DQ when O'Brian pushed Jay off the top rope.
The ref called for a DQ because Cameron was the legal man. Ascension jumped Jimmy afterwards before leaving.

- 2nd Round Tournament Match - Jinder Mahal vs Richie Steamboat
Mahal won with the Camel Clutch.

- 2nd Round Tournament Match - Seth Rollins vs Michael McGillicutty
Rollins won with a running powerbomb corner, followed by the Blackout.

After the match, Jinder Mahal came down to confront Rollins. Dusty Rhodes came out and announced Rollins vs Mahal to crown the first champion will be held on July 26 at the next tapings.

Dark Match Main Event:

Cody Rhodes vs Kane
Kane won with the Chokeslam.
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