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Live Results for WWE Raw 7/9/12

Hey guys, it's time for another Monday Night Raw, this week coming from Denver. What will be the fallout from the AJ incident from last week's show? Will anyone else be added to the Money In The Bank ladder matches? And who's going to be the GM for tonight? Only way to find out is keep it here for all the updates.

We start with a recap of last week, with AJ's message to both Punk and Bryan, by putting them through a table.

AJ is making her way down to the ring. She says that she's in a tough position being the official for the match and not sure how she'll be able to cope. She asks for CM Punk to come out to help her. CM Punk's music hits and he's making his way to the ring. She clarifies to him that she's perfectly fine in the head and knows that Punk showed his true affections for her last week. She then starts to come onto him, saying that he fills her with passion and desire. She then gets down on one knee and asks Punk to marry her.

Daniel Bryan quickly runs out to stop anything happening, saying that Punk doesn't really love AJ at all. Bryan says that he still cares for AJ and that Punk only cares about himself. Punk says that Bryan doesn't know anything about him so he can shut up. Bryan then proclaims his love for AJ and asks her if she will marry him. Punk stops that, until... BLEEP BLEEP!!!

THE ANONYMOUS RAW GM IS BACK FOR TONIGHT! Michael Cole goes to a covered area, pulls the cover off and reveals the GM podium. The GM says that they think that AJ & Punk make a great couple, so they're setting up a mixed tag match for later, with AJ & Punk taking on Eve & Daniel Bryan. Bryan isn't happy with this.

It's announced that later on tonight, Big Show & Chris Jericho Vs. John Cena & Kane.

Smackdown recap from Tuesday, with Sheamus being attacked by Del Rio. Sheamus is making his way down to the ring.

Match 1 - Sheamus Vs. Jack Swagger
Squash match. Sheamus wins with White Noise followed by a Brogue Kick
WINNER - Sheamus

Alberto Del Rio sounds his car horn backstage, and says that this Sunday, he'll be the World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus is angered by this, so decides to Brogue Kick Swagger again.

Ryder & Santino are backstage, and Santino says he's heard that the Anonymous GM is present tonight. So he puts his deerstalker hat on, to become Santino Holmes and aims to discover who it is tonight.

Back from break and they show a tweet from the Rock, saying that he'll be present for Raw 1000 in 2 weeks.

A match has already started up without any intros for the guys.

Match 2 - Dolph Ziggler & Tensai Vs. Christian & Tyson Kidd
Very quick match. Sakamoto caused a ref distraction, Ziggler grabs Christian's leg so he can't do the Spear, leading to Tensai's back senton for the win.
WINNERS - Dolph Ziggler & Tensai

After the match, Kidd gets attacked by Tensai, including a vicious powerbomb onto the ring apron.

Michael Cole seems to have accidentally spilt his drink over Jerry Lawler, which signals BLEEP BLEEP. Cole goes to the podium, but refuses to read the message out. Lawler then goes over to the podium and says the GM's message that tonight there will be a Wrestlemania 27 rematch between Michael Cole & Jerry 'The King' Lawler. Cole is pissed, desperate for it to be changed. The GM messages in again, saying that they're going to let the WWE universe decide whether the match takes place by voting YES or NO on the WWE website.

Back from break and it sounds like the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay is making his way down to the ring with his funky entrance.

Match 3 - Brodus Clay Vs. Drew McIntyre
Quick squash match (quite literally) as Brodus gets the win with his body splash.
WINNER - Brodus Clay

Clay is dancing with the kids again.

Santino backstage with Jericho with a cool little mini-promo between the two of them. Big Show then comes in and Jericho says him and Show were a great tag team and that they can weaken Kane & Cena tonight, only for Show to stop him in mid sentence saying that he should just stay out of his way. The Cena/Kane Vs. Show/Jericho match is up next.

Raw 1000 moment - Feb 11 2002, when HHH found out about Stephanie laying about being pregnant and ruining their wedding.

Cena is making his way down to the ring, with the usual mixed response that he gets from the crowd. He cuts a promo on Money In The Bank, proclaiming that he will win the match on Sunday. Kane's pyro hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Lights go out, jacket goes on and Jericho is making his way out now, followed by Big Show. We get a recap of last week's incidents involving the 4 guys in this match.

Match 4 - John Cena & Kane Vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show
Really long match, going over 2 commercials. Match ends with Cena doing his set piece and hiting the AA on Jericho. Cena goes for the cover but Show interrupts the count and the match gets thrown out.

Big show attacks all the guys, then grabs some ladders and attacks the guys further with them, until Cena gets one and manages to knock Show out of the ring. Cena stands with the ladder raised above his head, prepared for Saturday.

Recap of the AJ/Punk/Bryan angle that happened earlier. We also get a reminder for the vote on whether Cole Vs. Lawler should take place later tonight.

Punk backstage with Eve. Eve says that Punk should say 'I Do' or else Punk may not have his title for much longer, adding that he's been overlooked in recent months by Lesnar, HHH, Rock & Cena and now AJ.

Santino backstage and he's found the phone that the anonymous Raw GM uses. Khali picks it up, but he says that he isn't the GM. Santino continues his investigation. And it seems like real life Indian policeman Khali just stole somebody's mobile phone.

Money In The Bank qualifying match is up next featuring Sin Cara.

Pre-Show match is revealed and it's going to be Kofi Kingston & R-Truth Vs. Hunico & Camacho for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Back from break, and the qualifying match is underway, with Sin Cara's opponent being Heath Slater.

Match 5 - MITB Qualifying Match - Sin Cara Vs. Heath Slater
Quick little match with Sin Cara getting the win and progressing to Sunday's Smackdown MITB Match.
WINNER - Sin Cara

Heath Slater says that it isn't fair, and that he's a future champion. He challenges anyone to take him on. Cue Bob Backlund's music and he makes his way out. He looks in incredble shape and can even still do the duck walk. He can also take a bump, as Heath gives him a cheap shot. Backlund, however, then manages to lock in the Cross Face Chicken Wing and make Slater tap out. Was very impressed by Backlund's performance tonight.

Michael Cole then says the poll result is being revealed.
YES - 75%
NO - 25%

So by a margin of 3:1, the Cole Vs. Lawler match is on. Cole hurls abuse at the fans.

Back from break, and Cole and Lawler are in the ring, with Booker T and Josh Matthews on commentary.

Match 6 - Michael Cole Vs. Jerry Lawler
Quick squash match, with Booker T interfering letting Lawler get the win.
WINNER - Jerry Lawler

Raw GM chimes in saying that due to interference, the decision is overturned and Michael Cole wins. Santino comes out and says he's looked everywhere except for under the ring. GM says they're not under the ring.  Santino gets dragged underneath, but Lawler manages to get him out with Hornswoggle in tow. Yes, Hornswoggle was the anonymous GM all along. What a letdown. Then again, I should have expected a letdown.

Smackdown rewind with Zack Ryder winning the Battle Royal match to become GM for this week's Smackdown.

Eve is coming out, meaning our main event is coming right up, followed by Daniel Bryan. Next up is AJ, followed by the champ, CM Punk.

Match 7 - Eve & Daniel Bryan Vs. AJ & CM Punk
Good little quick match. The deciding factor comes with Eve wanting to tag in Bryan, but he refuses and steps away. Eve then gets rolled up by AJ for the win.

Bryan says he wants to get married tonight and that she should make the right choice. Punk says that he doesn't care if his choice costs him the title on Sunday, but he won't marry AJ. He says that he cares about her though, and that she deserves to hear the truth, not spin like Bryan would give her. Aj walks over to Punk and SLAPS HIM. Punk looks a little unhappy. Bryan then asks AJ to come to him, which she does, only for AJ to slap him as well. Bryan is shocked. AJ then smiles, does the YES chant and then leaves the ring and stops at the top of the ramp to do the Yes chant again as Raw goes off the air.

So a mixed bag of a show tonight, the go-home for Raw before Sunday's Money In The Bank PPV. What will be the fallout be from the PPV? Who will be the champs? Who will be holding the briefcases? And which legend will Heath Slater face next? Find out with next week's Raw results. ASHLEY OUT
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TV Rating For IMPACT Wrestling 7/5/12


The 7/5 edition of Impact did a 0.99 with 1,485,000 viewers.
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Backstage News From TNA Destination X


Many in TNA were very happy today about Sunday night’s Destination X PPV, particularly the main event and the Last Man Standing match.

The reason TNA didn’t bring any Luchadors in for the X-Divison tournament is because TNA does not have a working agreement with AAA and AAA has a deal with Steven Ship of Lucha Libre USA that prevents AAA from running shows or having their talent appear in the U.S.The reason TNA didn’t bring any Luchadors in for the X-Divison tournament is because TNA does not have a working agreement with AAA and AAA has a deal with Steven Ship of Lucha Libre USA that prevents AAA from running shows or having their talent appear in the U.S.

Karen Jarrett ‏was backstage at the PPV.
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British Wrestler Joining WWE

According to PWInsider, WWE has signed British wrestler PAC to a contract. He is expected to join FCW soon.
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Sonjay Dutt Suffers Slight Injured At TNA PPV

According to PWInsider, Sonjay Dutt suffered either a dislocated elbow or shoulder at Destination X. He went to the back, had it popped it back into place and returned to the Ultimate X match
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*Spoiler* Former WWE Champion Returning To Raw Tonight

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE Legend Bob Backlund is expected to be the Legend who returns on tonight's WWE RAW Supershow. If Backlund is indeed the Legend for this week, he will likely do a match or angle with Heath Slater.

Backlund was visiting his mother at her rest home in Minnesota this weekend a