Saturday, July 7, 2012

LIVE coverage of UFC 148 Silva v Sonnen II

Anderson Silva def. Chael Sonnen via TKO (strikes) - Round 2, 1:55 to retain the UFC middleweight title.

Round 2 - Sonnen rushes forward again. Silva tries to move laterally, but Sonnen ties him up against the cage. Sonnen pressing in from the outside. Sonnen drops to pick the ankle. Silva stays upright, and he starts to punch. Brief striking battle, with Silva landing with his hands by his side. Spinning backfist misses from Sonnen, and he falls to the floor. Silva fires a knee inside. Close to illegal, but they fight on. Silva swarming, and the punches come non-stop. Sonnen against the cage covering up, but he doesn't defend it and that's the fight. More controversy.

Round 1 - Referee Yves Lavigne in the cage for the evening's main event. Sonnen rushes forward, avoids a few punches and takes the fight immediately to the floor. Chants of "U-S-A" fill the building. Silva tries to control the wrists underneath and keep Sonnen tight. The challenger lands a few right hands as Silva looks to move underneath. Silva in half-guard, pulling down on the head. Crowd is as loud as any in recent Las Vegas memory. Sonnen with a few knees to the body. Halfway mark. Sonnen has yet to do any damage, but just like in the first fight, he's spending a lot of time on top. Silva threatens with a triangle, but it's not there. Palm strikes from Sonnen. Silva holding tight, seemingly looking for a stand-up that's not coming. Sonnen with a few elbows from the top. He moves into full mount. Less than a minute. Sonnen controls until the bell, 10-8 Sonnen

Anderson Silva (c) v Chael Sonnen

Middleweight Championship of the world on the line

MAIN EVENT TIME Silva v Sonnen is up next.

Forrest interviewed Tito after the fight. Was very funny, two classy guys and Tito thanks everyone.

Official Decision - All 3 judges score the fight 29-28 to Forrest Griffin

I really hope that Tito has done enough.

Round 3 - It's Ortiz's final five minutes. Griffin is taking over this fight. Low kicks are rolling into punching combinations. Ortiz trying to roll an answer, and a big left counter does drop Griffin yet again. He pops right back up, but Ortiz drives in for a big takedown. He's in half-mount, and he keeps Griffin on the floor. Griffin tries to scramble away, but Ortiz remains tight to this foe Ortiz not scoring with any punches, but he's controlling the positioning. Griffin tries to lock in a kimura then switches to a triangle choke. Neither get beyond the initial stages. Griffin finally climbs up and back to his feet. Ortiz stays tight and looks at the clock. Griffin backs away and looks to strike. Ortiz is covering up against the fence. One minute remains. This fight is tighter than Ortiz's energy level would seem to indicate, and he lands a right hand. Griffin picks up the output with his punches. Ortiz is dead tired as he looks for a takedown. They swing away to close the final seconds. Gutsy finish for Ortiz,  the final round for Ortiz, 10-9, giving him the fight 29-28, but rounds one and two were very close. Griffin leaves the cage momentarily before coming back to boos from the crowd.

Round 2 - The two move forward looking to trade. Ortiz drops his opponent with a stiff right. Griffin pops back up, and they go toe-to-toe in the pocket. Fun stuff in the scramble as both guys landed shots. The pace slows a bit after the spirited exchange, but that brought the crowd to life. Griffin circling and mixing in kicks with his punches. Ortiz delivering in the pocket, but he looks very tired with his punches. Griffin scored with several low kicks, and the crowd is chanting both fighters' names. Halfway in. Griffin slips a punch and counters. Ortiz not backing down, but Griffin is the busier and more accurate fighter right now. Griffin lands a few shots from distance. He drops his hands, and Ortiz fires in with a straight. Griffin returns to the high kick, and he's outworking Ortiz right now. Ortiz spits out some blood, and he's tired. He shoots in to close the round, but Griffin sprawls and lands a few hammerfists. as much as i want Tito to win, i have to give the second for Griffin, 10-9.

Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti in charge of the evening's co-main event. Griffin with an early high kick and a jab. Ortiz lands a nice right hand. Griffin busier to open, moving and striking, mixing in high kicks. Ortiz grabs hold of him and pushes the action to the floor, setting up in guard and looking to punch away. Ortiz scores with several right hands. Griffin bucks and creates space, getting bak to his feet and resetting. Griffin landing nice jabs and right hands in striking exchanges, and Ortiz looks to be slowing just a bit. He shoots from distance, but Griffin sprawls and backs away. Griffin starting to take over on the feet. Ortiz not backing away, but he's missing a bit of zip. Griffin looks to be the busier fighter. Ortiz with one late takedown. First round to Tito 10-9

(Light-Heavyweight) Forrest Griffin v Tito Ortiz

Next up is the very last fight in the storied career of  The former "Huntington Beach Bad Boy", The man now known as "The People's Champion" Tito Ortiz as he faces Forrest Griffin in the 3rd and deciding match of there trilogy.

Official Decision - All 3 judges score the fight 30-27 to Cung Le

Cung Le's takedown's win the fight for him.

Round 3 - Le looks fresh enough to go. He kicks high, and it's blocked. He kicks low to the cup, but Cote doesn't want to stop. They fight on. Cote really pressing now. He clinches and avoids a trip attempt from Le. Traded shots in the clinch as they break away. Le's output dropping, bt he's staying safely away. Cote switching stances, but he can't find the range. Le showing great footwork as he moves away. Halfway in. Cote moves inside, but Le scores a trip. Cote won't stay on the floor, and when he rises, he shoots in for his own takedown. No dice, and Le pulls away. Pace slow, but both fighters throwing with power. Le digs to the body, and Cote answers with a flurry up top. However, Le moves inside and takes the fight to the floor in the final minute, in what should seal the deal. Fight ends with Le on top, and the final round is his 10-9, awarding him the fight 29-28.

Round 2 - They meet again in the center. Le lands a low kick and a straight counter. Cote gets in tight but can't capitalize. Le just misses with an impressive high kick, and his hopping side kick comes forward. Cote scores with a combination, his best of the fight so far. Cote lands again with a right, and Le is cut over his left eye. Cote also seems to be bleeding from his head somewhere, and it's running down the side of his face. Cote starting to move forward with more success, but Le landing with counter. Both men bloodied Le spin kicks to the body. Big right hand from Le. Cote walks forward with a combination. He's trying to make it dirty, but he's not staying on top. Cote scoring more frequently, but Le still seems to have gas in the tank. Knee scores for Le, but Cote lands a big right. Le ties up the action, but Cote lands punches inside. Cote kicks at the end, and it's a close frame of back-and-forth action. Cote 10 -9

Round 1 - Referee Josh Rosenthal in the cage for what could be a very fun fight. Cote with an early kick, and Le grabs it and tosses him to the floor. He doesn't follow, and Cote stands. Le has a high kick blocked but lands to the legs. Le finding some success early and saying away from Cote's punches. Le firing off kicks and keeping Cote away two minutes in. Cote ducked for a takedown, but Le backs away. Le is in a groove to start. Cote is not offering the pressure he had hoped for. Nice left from Le. Cote's best weapon thus far has actually been the low kick as he struggles to find distance with his punches. Le answers with a nice kick to the ribs that scores. Crowd behind Le, who lands a side kick and evades Cote's rush forward. Round ends, Le 10-9.

(Middleweight)  Cung Le v Patrick Côté

You wait for one & two come along at once, Cote & Cung Le up next

Round 1 - Referee Mario Yamasaki oversees this welterweight contest. Maia rushes forward and immediately shoots in. Kim tries to punch as he defends, but Maia steps over to the back. Kim initially remains upright, but Maia trips him forward, and Kim is hurt. He turns over to defend, but Maia just steps up and walks away. Perhaps a broken rib as Maia's arms were wrapped around the body as they fell. Odd finish. Demian Maia def. Dong Hyun Kim via TKO (injury) - Round 1, 0:47.

(Welterweight) Dong Hyun Kim v Demian Maia

It's taken 7 fights but we finally have a finish, some massive fights still to come.

Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti in the cage. McKenzie rushes forward and eats a right to the body. McKenzie with a big reach advantage, but Mendes looks comfortable early. He catches a kick and drives a huge shot to the body, and McKenzie crumples. Mendes pounces with hammerfists, and that's the fight. Mendes hurt McKenzie with that first punch. Chad Mendes def. Cody McKenzie via TKO (punches) - Round 1, 0:31.

(Featherweight) Chad Mendes v Cody McKenzie

Official Decision - 30-27, 29-28 & 30-27 The judges all go for Mike Easton

Mike Easton pushed a pace & landed some big blows so i am gonna go with him as the winner.

Round 3 - Easton now really picking up the pace here to close, and he scores with a hook. Menjivar thinks takedown, but Easton easily pulls away. Low kick from Easton. Easton continues to chop the legs, and Menjivar's left thigh is showing wear. Menjivar had moments in the second, but he looks frustrated right now. Easton is pushing forward, and he lands hard to the body. Menjivar misses a spinning backfist. Boos come again. Menjivar looks for a spinning strike, and Easton ducks it and scores a takedown. Menjivar sets up a closed guard. Easton pushes in, though Menjivar eventually makes some room and comes back to the feet. Easton slips on a knee but crawl right back up. Easton the offensive force. Menjivar hooks to the body, but Easton lands over the top. Easton in control to close. Menjivar not taking massive damage, but he's also not offering a counter. Fight ends to boos. Easton, 10-9, awarding him the fight 29-28.

Round 2 - Easton takes the center again. Menjivar more active with his hands early, and he scores. Another spinning low kick. Easton tries to grab a clinch, but it's not there. Menjivar really picking up the volume. Easton walking forward, but the crowd wants the pace to pick up even further. Easton has a high kick slapped away. Easton trying to throw power hooks, but he's coming up short. Menjivar continues to stay away, but he's slowing down on the counters at this point. He does land a high kick, but neither fighter really controlling. Easton walking forward throughout, but he's struggling to really capitalize. Menjivar digs the body. Easton continues to push until the end, firing off a flying knee to close. Crowd boos at the close. The early work from Menjivar makes the diffrence for me, 10-9, but it was again close.

Round 1 - Referee Josh Rosenthal in the cage as the action shifts to pay-per-view. Easton bouncing in the center. Low kicks traded. Easton ducks a high kick. Menjivar firing straight punches n the pocket, staying just out of Easton's range. Easton kicks a little low, but the fight moves on. Big punches traded in the pocket by both. Easton finishes with a low kick in his combination. Easton land sa high kick that sees Menjivar stagger a bit, but he's OK. Menjivar with a spinning low kick. He follows with a second one. Easton gives chase as Menjivar backs away. Easton busier, and he's blocking most of Menjivar's kicking attacks. Missed Superman from Easton. Easton wants a late takedown, but it won't come. Easton takes the first, 10-9, though the action was tight for most.

(Bantamweight) Ivan Menjivar v Mike Easton

Time for the first match on the main card.

Mike Goldberg & Joe Rogan welcome us to the show and hype up Ortiz v Griffin & our main event Silva v Sonnen

That end's your prelims, we move onto PPV as UFC 148 Silva v Sonnen II continues.

Official Decision - All 3 judges score the fight 30-27 to Melvin Guillard

This one was very tight, Guillard just edged for me though.

Round 3 - More chants of "Brazil" before the hometown crowd answers with "U-S-A." In the cage, both fighters are still looking to really hit their rhythm. Camoes still walking forward, but he's bot landing. Guillard leaping in with jabs. Camoes holding the center for much of the action, but Guillard is staying away from any real damage. Camoes' spinning attempts have been his undoing in the first two rounds. Camoes chops the leg, but Guillard pushes back with a slick flurry. Camoes drops down and snags an ankle, but Guillard just pulls away to reset. Camoes misses a punch and looks exhausted. He shoots again on a leg, and this time it works. He's running out of time, but he looks for the submission on the leg. It won't come before the bell, and the fight ends there. Workmanlike performance from Guillard, who never really looked spectacular but did what it took to get back in the win column. Guillard picks up the last round 10-9.

Round 2 - Cautious pace to open. Guillard looking to load up on his big punches, and he stands in the pocket. Camoes holding the center, but he's a little behind in the striking department. Guillard punching and moving now. Camoes drops down to a leg. Guillard rolls through the takedown attempt. Camoes stays tight to the leg and drops him gain, but Guillard simply pulls away and resets. Two minutes remain. Crowd wants the action to open up. Camoes obliges, firing away, but Guillard slips everything. Still, it lets Camoes get into a clinch and bring the fight to the floor. Guillard works up, and Camoes slips again on a spinning strike. That allows Guillard to land a bit of punishment to close yet again, earning him the round 10-9

Round 1 - Referee Yves Lavigne in the octagon for the night's final preliminary matchup. Camoes rushes forward with punches to open, but Guillard pulls quickly away. Camoes ducks, and Guillard staggers him with a big left. Camoes presses in with capoeira kicks but misses. Guillard continues to pull away, but Camoes continues to push in and nearly grabs a leg. Tense moments for Guillard, but he pulls away. Camoes falls to the floor, seemingly off-balance. Guillard catche sa kick to the body and tries to punish in return. Camoes tries to drag the action to the floor, but Guillard pulls away, surprisingly scoring his own takedown. Guillard on top, and he lands a right hand. Camoes traps his leg and hits a nice sweep, stepping into mount when Guillard tries to scramble. Less than a minute remaining, and the Brazilian contingent comes alive in the arena. Camoes nearly takes the back, but Guillard scrambles free and to his fee. Camoes slips again on the restart and Guillard pounds away with hammerfists. Fun action to finish, and Camoes 10-9

Prelim on FX - (Lightweight) Melvin Guillard v Fabrício Camões

Official Decision - All 3 judges score the fight 30-27 to Khabib Nurmagomedov

I like that way the Russian set the pace so i think he just about deserves the win.

Round 3 - Nurmagomedov takes the center again, and he looks ready to unleash. But Tibau is simply evading well and fighting a smart fight, even if it's not the most thrilling. Nurmagomedov works inside again and drives in against the fence. Nurmagomedov trying desperately for a takedown, but Tibau stays upright. Two minutes in, and Tibau powers again for a takedown. He briefly moves to the back, but Nurmagomedov pulls away. Uppercut just misses for Nurmagomedov, and he moves again into a clinch. Nurmagomedov warned for grabbing the fence, and Tibau pulls away. Nurmagomedov winging wild punches that miss. Tibau economical, but is he scoring points? One minute left. Tibau scores with a jab. Nurmagomedov ends in a crazy flurry, but Tibau evades it all. Third round again tight, and there's still little to award Tibau in terms of offense.Last round to Tibau 10-9.

Round 2 - Nurmagomedov takes the center to open. Tibau kicks and then fires a straight left. Tibau dips for a takedown, and he's got a little cut over the right eye. Nurmagomedov wastes no time, clinching up again and diving for the takedown. Tibau defends and scores as they break. Halfway in. Moderate pace, and the two styles are proving problematic. Tibau drives forward and just powers him to the floor, but Nurmagomedov posts and returns to his feet. Nurmagomedov immediately starts firing punches. His aggression is impressive. Tibau shows great takedown defense, but he needs to score some points, as well. Yamasaki calls for action. One minute left on the restart. Tibau slipping and countering. Nurmagomedov coming up a little short on his punches, and Tibau countering well. Close round again, but Nurmagomedov 10-9.

Round 1 - Referee Mario Yamasaki in the cage for this lightweight contest. Southpaw Tibau stalks forward from the center. Nurmagomedov misses a right hand, and the "Brazil" chants are back. Tibau looks the bigger man in the cage, and he misses a charging left. Tibau controlling the center. Nurmagomedov circling o the outside and misses a high kick. Nurmagomedov ducks in and grabs a leg, but Tibau defends well against the cage. Halfway in. Nurmagomedov continues to push in, searching for the takedown. Tibau scores with a knee to the body. Nurmagomedov unrelenting with his pressure, but not much action, so Yamasaki calls for a restart. Nurmagomedov continues to push forward with wild strikes, but he's missing most of them, and Tibau answers with a counter. Nurmagomedov looks again for a takedown, but it's not there. First round comes to a close.  Nurmagomedov 10-9.

Prelim on FX - (Lightweight) Gleison Tibau v Khabib Nurmagomedov

Official Decision- 2 judges score the fight 30-27 & 1 with a score of 29-28, still all award the win to Constantinos Philippou

Just had more effective striking and worked harder, thats why for me Philippou wins.

Round 3 - Fukuda going to need something special in round three. He shoots in again, but Philippou proves he is still up the challenge. Philippou simply outboxing his opponent while staving off any and all takedown attempts. Fake Superman into a jab lands for Philippou followed by a slick combination. Philippou moving well and striking. Fukuda grabs another single leg, but Philippou pulls away with no problem. Halfway into the final round. Right scores for Philippou, and he's cruising right now. Crowd wants him to engage, but Philippou comfortable circling. Fukuda lands a nice kick to the body, but he also pokes Philippou in the eye, and he falls to the canvas in obvious pain. Philippou is struggling to open his eyes as doctors continue to evaluate his condition. Philippou is not in good shape, but he's going to fight, and the crowd loves it. Fukuda kicks him int eh groin on the restart. Philippou is angry and looking to brawl. This turned into a streetfight. Fukuda shoots in, and Philippou looks to snag the neck. He can't, so the action stalls against the cage. Philippou breaks free with less than a minute. Some of the vinegar is gone, but he's still looking to strike. Few striking exchanges to finish, and that's the fight. Philippou, 10-9 in the round and 30-27 for the fight.

Round 2 - Fukuda moving well, but Philippou starting to work the hands a little more freely. Fukuda slips a right and looks for a takedown, but Philippou is up for the challenge. He remains upright and defends against the cage. Fukuda separates and lands a few solid strikes before backing away and landing a low kick. Two minutes in, and still nothing too spectacular, though Philippou quickly decides to change that with a solid flurry. Fukuda shoots in again, and Philippou stuffs him with ease. Fukuda having success with kicks to the body now. Philippou still answering with nice shots up top. There's a brief break from a Fukuda inside leg kick, though it was tough to see where it landed. Philippou moves forward on the restart and misses a spinning backfist. Philippou now countering the low kicks well, as two straight rights land. Exchange of blows to finish. Another close one, but Philippou, 10-9.

Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti calls this middleweight fight. Philippou looking to use his hands early, but southpaw Fukuda working low kicks to start. It's a little tentative to start. Fukuda drops a level and shoots in, bringing Philippou to a knee. Philippou fires a few short rights where he can and works back to his feet. Fukuda stays in tight against the cage before Philippou pushes him away. Philippou still looking to box. Fukuda has a marked up left eye, but tough to say where it came from, as not too many clean punches have scored. Philippou now finding a home for the right. Combination work as the left starts Philippou's work. Philippou has a high kick bocked, and he fakes a takedown. Fukuda return to the low kicks. Not a ton of success from either fighter, and the fans boo at the end of the round. Philippou, 10-9.

Prelim on FX - (Middleweight) Constantinos Philippou v Riki Fukuda

Official Decision- All 3 judges score the fight 29-28 to Shane Roller

Roller's grappling was the difference in this fight.

Round 3 - Alessio opens with a furious flurry that sees several shots land. Roller covers up against the cage and slows it down before Alessio backs away to reset. That lets Roller walk forward, and he drives in for a takedown. Half-mount for Roller, who went from defense to offense n a flash. Alessio turns to his side, and Roller looks happy to stay heavy on top and fire in a few elbows. Alessio feels a little space and stands up. Roller stays tight to the waist, and he eventually drags Alessio back to the floor. Roller moves immediately to the back of a kneeling Roller, working in one hook on the left side. Alessio looking to create any kind of room, but Roller is firm on the back and not going anywhere. Roller briefly looks for the choke, but Alessio defends and rolls. However, it just allows Roller to grab a better position on the back. Roller look for and arm-triangle from the back. It's not there, and Alessio actually pops free and flurries from his feet at the end. Roller misses a few upkicks, and the round ends there. Alessio had moments, but Roller enjoyed control for far too long. Round 10-9 & the fight 29-28 to Shane Roller

Round 2 - Both fighters again looking to trade as we open the second. Alessio digs to the body as he moves forward. As he presses in, Roller snags a guillotine and falls to his back to finish. It looks tight, but Alessio rolls over and works free. They stay tight in a clinch in the cage, and Roller elevates his opponent and brings the fight to the floor. Half-mount for Roller, who looks to strike before setting up an arm-triangle from the top. Not there, so Roller returns to the ground and pound. Alessio turns and works to a knee, leaving Roller to look for back control. He tries to secure the neck but just misses. Roller has stepped over with one leg, but Alessio using the cage well to prevent total control. Roller controls the wrist, leaving the action at a standstill. As he looks to escape, Roller transitions beautifully to a more dominant position. Alessio turns in to prevent a choke attempt, but Roller happily accepts the mount before another spin sees him on the back. Round ends there, and it's clearly to Roller. 10-9 Roller

Round 1 - Referee Josh Rosenthal in charge as we go live on FX. The lightweights meet in the center, and both feel the range out with crisp jabs. Neither overcommitting early, but both firing crisp punches to start. Roller lands an overhand right and just misses a left. Alessio looks bothered, but he quickly recovers. Alessio answer with a few punches, but they're largely blocked. Roller adds in a low kick to his combination, but it lands straight on the cup. Alessio takes a brief rest after the direct hit, but he's OK to continue. Alessio pushes forward on the restart. Roller continues to cover well, but he comes up short when he tries to shoot in for a takedown. Roller continue to move forward, with Alessio looking to answer. Alessio avoids another advance and nearly secures a Thai clinch, but Roller pulls away. Alessio controlling from the outside. Nothing there, and they break apart. Pace picks up in the final minute, and Roller hits the deck in a traded flurry. Alessio looks to finish, but the round ends. 10-9 Alessio

Prelim on FX - (Lightweight) John Alessio v Shane Roller

Preliminary Card on FX is up next those fights start in about 10 mins

Official Decision- All 3 judges score the fight 29-28 to Rafaello Oliveira

Oliveira wins the fight purely because of the control he had after his takedown's. Not a great fight.

Round 3 - Oliveira stays on the end of Izquierdo’s punches and slow leg kicks through the first 45 seconds, then opts to come inside and bring the fight down again. He eats a knee from Izquierdo as he goes down to his rangy opponent’s open guard. Izquierdo throws elbows underneath while Oliveira peppers with frustrating punches to the body. Throwing up his legs for a triangle, Izquierdo misses the submission and gives up position, allowing Oliveira to pass to the right side and work a kimura on the left arm. Oliveira can’t finish and gets pushed away by Izquierdo with about two minutes remaining. The Brazilian drives on a single-leg immediately and takes down Izquierdo again, this time at the base of the fence. North-south position for Oliveira, and he opts to pass to Izquierdo’s right side. He finally gets the crucifix he’s been looking for by trapping Izquierdo’s right arm, and Oliveira begins dropping punches on the Floridian’s unprotected face. Izquierdo extracts his arm, almost pops out the backdoor but gets caught with his head and arms pinned by his opponent. Oliveira finishes the fight on top. Another 10-9 to Oliveira and he takes it 29-28 on my card

Round 2 -  Izquierdo gets right back to work with his plucking left hands, though he can’t capitalize when Oliveira slips on a high kick try. Oliveira eats a hard knee and decides to bring the fight to the floor moments later, putting Izquierdo on his back away from the fence. Oliveira is squirting blood from his forehead as he leans from right to left in side control. Oliveira nearly gets caught in a reverse triangle as he passes from the right to left side, but pops his head out quickly. Another armlock attempt on the far side yields nothing for Oliveira, and a few seconds later, ref Mario Yamasaki calls a break to have the Brazilian’s cut inspected. Oliveira is cleared to continue and they resume on the ground with 1:50 left in the middle round. Izquierdo’s offense has stopped from the bottom as he squirms and tries to extract himself from the position. Oliveira keeps trying to trap the arm in the final minute; he can’t, so