Tuesday, July 3, 2012

News On WWE/TNA Lawsuit

Credit: PWInsider

WWE filed a motion on 6/28 with the Nashville Chancery Court requesting that TNA's lawsuit against them be dismissed.
WWE's argument requesting the dismissal noted:

*TNA's lawsuit did not feature any legitimate proof that WWE had attempted to entice contracted TNA talents, including the named Ric Flair, to come work for them and breach their TNA deals.

*That Flair, who was described as a signed TNA talent in the lawsuit, had actually been terminated by TNA prior to the lawsuit being filed.

*TNA's allegation that WWE had misappropriated their trade secrets falls under the scope of TN's Uniform Trade Acts Secret (TUTSA)and that TNA has "failed to state claims upon which relief must be granted" in their lawsuit. Since TNA's only claim of unfair competition is based on the allegation that WWE received material from Brian Wittenstein to allegedly coerce their wrestlers to come to WWE, it would fai to qualify to go further as a lawsuit under TUTSA.

*The same TUTSA requirements would prevent TNA's conspiracy claim against WWE.

*TNA's claim of conversion, under TUTSA would require that physical property alleged to have been stolen derives its value from the trade secrets it contains. Since the only physical property were spreadsheets and files Brian Wittenstein allegedly took when he left his employment at TNA, the actual property has no value and would be tossed out under TUTSA.

*TUTSA would prevent TNA's claim of torturous interference for WWE allegedly going after Ric Flair as TNA would need to prove an existing business relationship between Flair and TNA, prove that WWE moved forward despite that knowledge and that they intended to get Flair to breach his deal.

WWE requested that all of the allegations against them be dismissed noting, "it is not only appropriate as a matter of law but will simplify matters for discovery and trial."

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Update On Bruno Sammartino/WWE Hall Of Fame


Sal Corrente, who represents Bruno Sammartino, sent the following statement as a follow up to Sammartino's decision to turn down his WWE Hall of Fame induction invitation:

"It has come to our attention that someone has claimed that Bruno was unimpressed with Triple H. That is an absolutely false statement Bruno had no issue what so ever with Triple H. He liked Triple H and enjoyed their conversation but for reasons personal to Bruno he has decided not to accept the induction in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM IS THE REFUSAL A REFLECTION ON TRIPLE H or his presentation or conversations with Bruno."
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Live results for WWE Super Smackdown - The Great American Bash - 7/3/11

So another Live Smackdown is upon us, and it's time to get patriotic as the Great American Bash returns, with a main event 20 man Battle Royal, with the winner being the special GM for next week's Smackdown. So what will go down tonight? Stay tuned right here for the rundown.

The show starts with lots of people partying backstage. Teddy Long  introduces the show and says that you can be as messy as they want as Eve will be the cleaner for the night.

Santino comes to start the BBQ, only for Kane to appear so his raising of the arms and starts the BBQ himself! That was actually kinda funny.

The intro starts and Smackdown is officially underway. Apparently, Michael Cole's going to be having an interview with AJ later on tonight as well as the battle royal.

Ricardo Rodriguez is introduced which can only mean that Alberto Del Rio is making his way to the ring. We get a recap of Alberto from last night attacking Sin Cara before the match he was scheduled for even started. He says that there is soming more important than America, and that's him, getting his title shot and beating Sheamus at Money In The Bank. He also mentions that he came in the country legally and earned a lot of money both in Mexico and here. He now keeps going round the crowd and saying they're immigrants and deserve to be sent back to where they came from, demanding their papers. Ah, the good old JBL gimmick is back.

Sheamus makes his way out to stop Del Rio from causing any more offence to the fans. They brawl on the Titantron and work their way towards Del Rio's car. Ricardo opens the hood of the car and tells Del Rio to attack Sheamus using it. Sheamus is put between the hood and the car and is slammed between the two multiple times. The referees send Del Rio & Ricardo away as they tend to the hurt Sheamus.

Back from break and a recap of what just happened with Del Rio & Sheamus. Sheamus has apparently been busted open as he is taken backstage.

Khali & Layla are making their way out so it looks like the mixed tag match announced last week is first up.

Match 1 - Mixed Tag Match - The Great Khali & Layla Vs. Antonio Cesaro & Aksana
Quick little squash match with Layla geting the win with her finisher, the Layout.
WINNERS - The Great Khali & Layla

Cody is backstage laughing at Teddy Long's attire for the special night, mentioning that the board of directors have granted him another shot at participating in the Money In The Bank match. Teddy Long says he already knew that and has selected his opponent, someone who has already qualified for the match and someone that Cody hasn't beaten yet... the Intercontinental Champ, Christian.

Back from break, and it's another Raw 1000 memory, January 1999's show when Mankind/Mick Foley became WWF (now WWE) champion for the first time.

Cody is making his way out so his second chance at qualifying is next, as Christian makes his way out as well.

Match 2 - MITB Qualifying Match - Cody Rhodes Vs. Christian
Cody Rhodes had the upper hand as the match went to break. As we come back from break Christian manages to get his second wind. Match ends with Cody reversing a Killswitch attempt into Cross Rhodes to get the win and qualify for the Smackdown MITB match. Very good match
WINNER - Cody Rhodes

Back and the party, and Zack wants to hit the DJ turntables, but Heath Slater says he's tonight's entertainment, only for his singing to be met with chorus's of BOO's from the party-goers. Zack hits the music and it's Brodus Clay's theme, signalling Brodus & the Funkadactyls to dance crazily with everyone else as we go to break. It may be just me, but I preferred Heath Slater to what just happened.

DID YOU KNOW - smackdown's in the dictionary? ... so are the words 'who' and 'cares'

Another MITB qualifying match is coming up, with Alex Riley already in the ring 'Jobber Alert'. Vickie is out to introduce Dolph Ziggler to the ring.

Match 3 - MITB Qualifying Match - Alex Riley Vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero)
Cool little match which was pretty even until Ziggler got the win with the ZigZag to qualify for the Smackdown MITB Match as well.
WINNER - Dolph Ziggler

We go to break with Cole saying that his interview with AJ is up next.

Back from break with a commercial with Raw 1000 and promoting Raw being 3 hours long from then on.

Michael Cole is in the ring, introducing AJ for her interview. Michael Cole says that she'll have her chance to explain all, especially the incident that closed Raw with Punk & Bryan falling through the table which we get a recap of. Cole says that the Board of Directors made a mistake in making her the Special Guest referee and that he doesn't know why she's going after Punk & Bryan, when she could be with Cole. Cue Daniel Bryan's music.

Daniel defends AJ, saying that Cole is being a sexist idiot. He then says that AJ will do a great job as referee for his match at the PPV and that she didn't mean to put him through the table. Cue CM Punk's music. Cole says it is his interview, but CM Punk tells him to get out of the ring. Punk is hurt from the table fall, but he isn't going to ignore that the table incident didn't happen. Punk says that he thinks that AJ isn't mentally in great shape. Bryan says that he cares about AJ, not Punk.

Both guys are about to come to blows, only for AJ to stop them. She then turns to Bryan and makes out with him in the ring. Punk leaves the ring, only for AJ to stop him and make out with him as well. She then runs up the ramp to the Titantron doing the 'Yes' gesture, with both guys looking on seemingly both smitten with her as we go to break. Great promo there.

Back from break, and Santino is making his way down to the ring for a 6 man tag team match. Santino introduces his partners, Sgt. Slaughter & 'Hacksaw Jim Duggan'. They are set to take on the team of Drew McIntyre, Hunico & Camacho.

Match 4 - 6 Man Tag - Santino Marella, Sgt. Slaughter & 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan Vs. Drew McIntyre, Hunico & Camacho
Quick little match that ends with Santino hitting the Cobra on Camacho for the win for his team.
WINNER - Santino Marella, Sgt. Slaughter & 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan

Back at the party with R-Truth and Little Jimmy present as well now, and Damien Sandow turns up saying that this celebration should stop. Zack Ryder says that if he isn't happy then he should just leave. Sandow then makes a cheap shot at Ryder only for Ryder to retalliate. He then grabs the punch bowl and tries to throw it at Sandow, only for it to go over Eve and her white dress. Teddy then proclaims this the greatest 4th of July party that WWE has ever had. Eve runs off crying s the party continues.

Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins are in the ring, saying that after Reks failed last week Hawkins thinks that he can take Ryback down. Yes, it's another Ryback squash match.

Match 5 - Handicap Match - Curt Hawkins Vs. Ryback
Squash Match. Ryback wins.

Recap of the attack earlier on Sheamus by Del Rio. The 20 man Battle Royal is up next.

Another Raw 1000 moment. Trump dropping money in the arena from January 2007. They then show some chick from Haunted Highway in the crowd. Don't know who she is and don't really care either.

Match 6 - 20 Man Battle Royal match - Winner becomes the SD GM for next week's show.
Del Rio is out first, followed by Kane, Jack Swagger and John Cena. Looks like most of the others will be entering over the commercial.

Back from break and Tensai is making his way down, followed by CM Punk & Big Show. Sheamus hasn't made it out after the earlier attack.

Order Of Elimination
- Justin Gabriel
- Brodus Clay
- Ezekiel Jackson
- The Great Khali
- Damian Sandow
- Santino Marella
- Cody Rhodes
- Kofi Kingston
- CM Punk
- Daniel Bryan
- Jack Swagger (eliminated in the break)
- Alberto Del Rio
- Tensai
- John Cena
- Christian
- Big Show
- Dolph Ziggler

Final two are Zack Ryder & Kane. Kane is looking to win, until Zack gets the better and Rough Rider's Kane out of the ring.

WINNER and Smackdown GM for next week - ZACK RYDER

Zack celebrates in the ring as the show goes off the air.

So that's all for Smackown this week. What will go down next week under the management of Ryder? I guess we'll have to find out next week. That's your recap, and ASHLEY OUT!!
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Maria Kanellis To Join Running The Ropes This Friday

Former WWE Diva & current First Lady Of Ring of Honor Maria Kanellis will be on this weeks "Running The Ropes" with Brian "Maveric" Bertrand & Chris Kelly to talk about Ring Of Honor's Best In The World iPPV & respond to comments by Mark Madden regarding her career & her boyfriend Mike Bennett.

Send any question you have for Maria to runningtheropes@yahoo.com

Be sure to "like" Running The Ropes on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/runningtheropes.radio
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