Monday, July 2, 2012

DDP Returns To WWE

After Heath Slater defeated Doink, DDP returned to WWE and hit Slater with a Diamond Cutter.
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Shannon Moore Leaves TNA

Shannon Moore tweeted the following:

Shannon Moore ‏@TheShannonBrand

Just want to let you all know I asked for my release from TNA and they granted me my release. Wanted you all to hear it from me. Thanks all
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WWE Release Talent That Creative Didnt Know Had A Contract


Armando Estrada released the following statement

Espérate ... Espérate ... Espérate ...

Everybody, listen to me!

I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone in the wrestling world know that on 6/27/12, I was released from my contract with WWE.

What's that you say??? OH, you didn't know (Road Dogg) I was under contract to WWE? Apparently, a lot of people (including members of creative) were not privy to that information. I have been "working" with World Wrestling Entertainment for almost 18 months. I was only used once during that time period, making a brief cameo as Tyson Kidd's manager in May of last year. I was told I did a great job and to be patient. I have been patient for quite some time now while sitting at home "waiting for the call".
It's not fun, trust me. Numerous creative ideas/scenarios were submitted during my tenure and unfortunately nothing materialized for me. And although my talents were not utilized this time around, should I decide to return to WWE in the future, I firmly believe that door will be open. Timing is everything, not just in showbiz, but in life. Thank you to everyone in WWE!

For those promoters that would like to utilize my talents, believe me when I say, I am the MOST ENTERTAINING individual to step foot into the wrestling industry in the last decade (toot-toot)! If you would like to book me for wrestling shows, autograph signings/appearances, please do so at (serious inquiries only). I will show up on time, in shape, and ready to perform for your audience.

You can also follow me on Twitter @RealArmandoHaHa. Thanks for your time....Oh yeah, 1 last thing. My name es ARMANDO ALEJANDRO ESTRRRADA and I will be making an #Impact soon.........HA-HA! "
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Live Raw results for 7/2/2012

Whatsup boys and girls, its only 2 days away from the 4th of July, and tonight we got a huge Raw on hand. Teddy Long is in charge this week for Raw and Smackdown, and theres some rumors that a former WCW champ might be in the building, will he make it go BANG? Stay tuned right here to find out. Also don't forget to join us over at for a live chat with myself and the rest of the SNS family during Raw. See yall there.

Out first is John Cena, who talks about last weeks attack from The Big Show. Cena says that yes, he has never been in a Money in the Bank ladder match. Cena says he has to get ready for anything, talking about how Show will be going home empty handed. All of a sudden we hear a bunch of YES's. Out comes Daniel Bryan, who says that he didn't even know Cena was out there, but Cena isn't relevant to Bryan, but only if he gets his hands on the briefcase, because he will be the first person to lose the title from cashing it in. Cena says that there is probably 1 person who disagrees with him. Out comes CM Punk who says that he knows of probably a lot more people who disagree with Cena. Punk starts a YES chant himself. Out comes Chris Jericho telling Bryan that he is used to people stealing his catchphrases. Jericho talks about no one being able to stop him from winning the briefcase, out comes Kane, who looks at Jericho and just says otherwise. Big Shows music hits, and Bryan attacks Cena from behind which leads to a huge brawl, which ends with Big Show standing over everyone in the ring, and walks out as Kane, Jericho, Cena, Bryan, and Punk are all laid out.

1st match 8 man tag match
Prime Time Playas/David Otunga/Cody Rhodes vs Kofi Kingston/R-Truth/Santino Marella/Christian
Winner(s): Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Santino Marella, and Christian via pinfall after Santino hit the COBRA on David Otunga
Note: The face team are all champions, during the match AW took the Prime Time Playas and walked away from the match, then Christian left also. Brodus Clay then came out to stop David Otunga from leaving.

2nd match Singles Match (Teddy Longs Surprise Match)
Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara
Winner: Does Not Start
Note: Match does not start due to ADR attacking Sin Cara during his entrance

We see a flashback to Heyman and HHH, then we cut to Paul Heyman via satellite talking about that at the 1000th episode of Raw in 3 weeks.

3rd match Mixed Tag Match
Vickie Guerrero/Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus/AJ Lee
Winner(s): Sheamus and AJ Lee via pinfall after AJ hits the shining wizard on Vickie.

4th match Singles match
Heath Slater vs ?

4th match Singles Match
Heath Slater vs Doink
Winner: Heath Slater via pinfall

After the match, Diamond Dallas Page comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. Heath and DDP shake hands and hug for a second before DDP pulls him back in and hits the Diamon Cutter on Slater.

5th match No DQ match
Kane vs Big Show
Winner: Big Show via pinfall after a chokeslam on a steel chair

Backstage we see Teddy Long welcoming back Eve who then walks down and begins down talking AJ. AJ tells Eve she needs to pay attention to see how to get real attention, because shes going to show everyone.

6th match Singles Match
Tyson Kidd vs Tensai
Winner: Tyson Kidd via pinfall after a surprise rollup

After the match Tensai beats the daylights out of Sakamoto.

Backstage we see Tyson Kidd being interviewed by Josh Matthews, when all of a sudden Tensai attacks Tyson from behind and leaves him laying.

7th match Tag Match
CM Punk/John Cena vs Chris Jericho/Daniel Bryan
Winner(s): No Decision

During the match Cena and Jericho fought up the ramp and backstage. As Punk and Bryan fight, AJ comes out and prances around ringside. Bryan and Punk still fighting, do not see AJ, so she goes to one side of the ring, pulls out a table, and begins climbing to the top turnbuckle. Daniel Bryan runs over and stands in front of the table, telling her not to jump. Punk then steps in front of AJ and begins talking to her. AJ then kisses Bryan and pushes him off the ropes and onto Bryan who catches Punk and they both go through as AJ watches on. The cameras fade to black as AJ starts doing the YES chants as the crowd joins in with her.

Well that was Raw, and it was a pretty good show. Don't forget to join us right back here tomorrow for the live Great American Bash Smackdown. See you guys next Monday for Raw.
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Hulk Hogan Comments On Angelina Love Leaving TNA

Following the release of Angelina Love, Hulk Hogan wrote the following on Twitter:

it's not our decision,who works at TNA is a decision that comes from the TNA office in Nashville, HH
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Bruno Sammartino Turns Down WWE Hall Of Fame


The following statement was sent in by Sal Corrente on behalf of Sammartino:

We understand that word has broken on the Internet regarding "The Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino being inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Since word has broken publicly, I can confirm that we have been contacted. I have been asked by Bruno Sammartino to announce that he will NOT be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013."The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

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WWE Returns To Corpus Christi In January; Tickets Available After Smackdown Tomorrow‏

WWE will be holding a Raw house show at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas on January 13th, 2013. The pre-sale begins tomorrow (July 3rd) at 10 PM immediately after Super Smackdown Live. Go to for info about upcoming shows.
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News On Cody Rhodes/Money In The Bannk

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there were talks recently of having Cody Rhodes win the Money In The Bank match. Cody failed to qualify for the match on Smackdown but there is angle over on where he is protesting not being in the match.
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WWE Reaches Out To DDP & Tammy Sytch For Raw Appearances

According to PWInsider,Tammy Sytch and Diamond Dallas Page are among those who WWE have reached out to in the last week about making appearances building to or for the 1000th Raw
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News On Names The Hall Of Fame Class Of 2013

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE officials want Bruno Sammartino to be the headliner for the 2013 Hall of Fame class from the New York City area. WWE has already contacted Sammartino about being inducted with his answer currently being unknown. So far this year, only one other name has been rumored for the 2013 Hall of Fame - Rena "Sable" Lesnar. The former WWE Women's Champion was rumored around WrestleMania time this year when it became clear that Brock Lesnar, her husband, would be performing at WrestleMania 29.
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New On Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs CM Punk At WrestleMania 29

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE officials continue to toss around ideas for CM Punk's opponent at WrestleMania 29 in 2013. While Punk still wants the match against WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin, it may not happen. With WrestleMania 29 several months away, plans can and will change between now and then but WWE wants to have the top matches already in place.Regarding a Punk vs. Austin match happening at WrestleMania 29, the latest word is that it's "more likely a no than a yes."
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News On Dolph Ziggler's Future Plans

Despite his recent short comings in title matches, Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that there are some big plans for Dolph Ziggler this year.
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Video: Taeler Hendrix Comments On TNA Gut Check

Taeler Hendrix posted the following on Youtube
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FCW/NXT Possibly Injured

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bray Wyatt (formerly Husky Harris) may have been injured at the FCW live event in Melbourne, Florida. Wyatt was to be examined and word should come out about his injury early this week, as far as how much time away he will miss. According to a source, Wyatt may just end up with a badly separated shoulder.
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Kurt Angle Says He Might Retire In WWE

Kurt Angle tweeted the following:

I Know Everyone Wants Me to Go Back to Wwe. Not Yet. My Job Is to Build Tna. Once they Are Built, I May Retire In Wwe. Maybe. Tna is 1st tho
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News From Extreme Rising In Philadelphia Including Backstage Fight


Last night's Extreme Rising event in Philadelphia drew in the area of 800-900 fans, which the promotion was very happy with considering the negative fallout of the last show.
The next scheduled events will be the weekend of 9/21 in Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, Ohio. If those go well, the plan is to return to the Northeast in November.

Perry Saturn suffered a stinger early on in his match with Papadon and couldn't feel his left arm for awhile, so they had to work around that.

There was a short backstage fight before the show between New Jack and Balls Mahoney. There's been heat between the two for awhile and they actually had an argument at the April event that nearly came to blows. The story making the rounds was that when Mahoney entered the locker room, Jack went after him and drilled him hard with a punch, upset about something Mahoney said in a recent DVD interview. The two were separated and kept apart from each other the rest of the night.

Shane Douglas was feverishly taking notes with thoughts on the show all night and was out among the people, thanking them for their support and listening to feedback.

Lots of CZW staff and wrestlers at the show as Rising utilized CZW's ring and equipment.

Backstage visiting were Nick Berk and Boogalou. The promotion was much stricter this time with backstage access.

There are plans to bring in more Luchadors, including Super Crazy, once work visas can be arranged. There's no timeline but it's in the cards.
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Hulk Hogan Comments On IMPACT Zone

A follow of Hulk Hogan tweeted the following to Hulk:

You guys have really stepped up your game. Great job. Only problem is the small 'arena' comes off as minor league. Major turnoff."

Hogan replied: "Yo brother you hit the nail on the head ,that is always the main topic when we talk to Dixie or Spike TV,still trying. HH
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New TNA Post Show Coming To SNS Radio Network

The Trey Dawg posted the following on Facebook:

You have asked for it and now you shall have it. Starting THIS THURSDAY NIGHT Following the TNA Impact Post Show The Trey Dawg Presents TNA TALK LIVE!