Saturday, June 30, 2012

TV Rating For TNA Impact Wrestling 6/28/12


The 6/28 edition of Impact did a 0.97 rating with 1,262,000 viewers.
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Ring Of Honor Title Change

Credit: PWInsider

Adam Cole just won the ROH TV title from Roderick Strong during the ongoing TV Taping in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Results For Extreme Rising

The evening opened with the introduction of the play by play announcer Robby Mireno.  A fan was razzing him, so Mireno called him a candidate for Megan's Law.  He said he was here for the Extreme Reunion in Philadelphia and the crowd chanted "Philly sucks."  Mireno ripped on NYC, bringing out Joel Gertner, who got a big reaction from the 200 or so fans in attendance.

Gertner entered the ring.  He did his usual lewd introduction of himself.

Papadon vs. Sabu

Papadon came out and berated the fans as he walked to the ring.   He demanded Stephen DeAngelis hold the ropes open for him as he entered the ring and had DeAngelis read a card declaring him the greatest unsigned talent today.

There was a huge, F**k him uo Sabu, F**k him up" chant at the bell.  Sabu charged but was nailed low.  Papadon chopped him in the corner and drilled him with a hard right.

Sabu was whipped into the corner but kicked off Papadon during a charge and nailed a tornado DDT.  Papadon rolled to the outside, where he was nailed with a plancha to the floor.  Sabu grabbed a chair and threw it in Papadon's face.  Sabu did it again after the crowd chanted for it.

Sabu pulled a table over but was nailed by Papadon.  Papadon began screaming at him and drilled him with a right, then whipped him into the railing.  He went to hit a move off the ropes but Sabu grabbed his leg and slammed him facefirst on the apron.

Sabu whipped him into the rail and tossed him back into the ring.  He nailed a slingshot legdrop and locked on a camel clutch.  Sabu nailed him with a chair, then hit Air Sabu off a chair into the corner for a two count.   Sabu nailed an Arabian Facebuster.  Papadon came back with a series of kicks to the chest.  The crowd was all over him chanting, "You suck d***."

Papadon nailed a running clothesline to Sabu and worked him over.  Papadon went for the table but was attacked by Sabu.  They went back and forth.  Papadon nailed a trilogy of punches and a hard kick.   He suplexed Sabu and placed him atop the table.  He went to the top but Sabu caught him and powerslammed him over the top and the table.  Sabu legdropped off the table for a two count.

Sabu set up for Air Sabu but Papadon ducked out of the way.  Papadon nailed a Facewash.   He covered Sabu for a two count.   Sabu mounted a comeback with a series of rights.  Papadon nailed a TKO into his knee, then nailed a fisherman's buster on a chair for a two count.  Sabu rolled to the outside as Papadon argued with the referee.

Sabu grabbed a chair.  The crowd chanted that Sabu was going to kill him.  They dueled with chairs in the ring.  Sabu won that exchange.  Sabu slammed him into the table facefirst and hit an Arabian Facebuster through the table.  Sabu legdropped him and covered Papadon.

Your winner, Sabu!

As Papadon was walked out, Sabu threw another chair at him.  Sabu received a huge standing ovation.

Good match to open the show.  The crowd is super hot and into everything so far.  Papadon had an awesome accounting for himself and Sabu looked good.

They introduced Taya Parker, who won the Rock of Love season where the hot girls were on the bus.  She walked around the ring and returned to the back.

The Full Blooded Italians vs. The Blue Meanie & Balls Mahoney

Meanie took the mic and said he looked far and wide for a partner and needed one with some Balls.  They were announced as Team Blue Balls,  The crowd chanted their team name.

Balls brought a chair into the ring and the FBI wanted nothing to do with that.  So, Balls tagged out and handed Meanie the chair.  In the end, Balls and Guido started out.  Balls took him down with a reverse waistlock. Balls and Guido began working over each other's arms.  Guido tried to kick Balls but was caught and sent into the corner.  He went up and over and armdragged Balls,  They went back and forth until Balls drilled him with a series of punches.

Meanie tagged in but Guido was able to tag in Mamaluke.  They criss crossed and Meanie screamed for him to stop, then drilled him with a punch.   They cross crossed again and this time Mamaluke screamed for him to stop but was punched in the face.  Guido hit the ring but was backdropped over.  The FBI were whipped into the corner, where Meanie squashed him  with an Avlalanche.

The FBI doubled on Meanie, nailing a dropkick at the same time for a two count.  They continued working over Meanie and nailed the Paisano elbow.   Guido covered Meanie for a two count.  They continued working over Meanie until he came back with a double clothesline and made the tag to Balls.

Balls peppered them with punches and nailed Guido with a chair.  He hit Mamaluke with the Nutcracker Suite.  Meanie tagged in and was going to use the chair but Thomas Rodman